Monday, January 19, 2015

Prophet - recognize God as Light.

To recognize the supreme light, people need to recognise themselves.
They have to know who they are and how they are situated in relation to Ultimate Reality.

"Whoso recognizes himself recognizes his Lord."

In order to recognize God as Light, they need to recognize themselves as light.

In a famous prayer, the Prophet said,
O God, place in my heart a light, in my hearing a light, in my eyesight a light, on my right hand a light, on my left hand a light, before me a light, behind me a light, above me a light, below me a light, and make me into a light.

In this prayer, the Prophet is asking God to show him the light that he possesses in himself because he was created by the Supreme Light. Only when we find light in ourselves can we recognize God as Light.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sitting silently, doing nothing

How this is possible?

If one close the mind, then we give more power to mind.

We should not close the eyes. It should be Open.

Surrender mind to one location. Focus it to Lotus feet of God.

Where is lotus feet?

Its our eyes where the divine light of athma is expressed.

Its only place where its direclty connected to athma.

So obtain Thiruvadi initiation.

Slip out of the mind

Buddha is far closer to the truth: you simply drop all chattering of the mind, you
slip out of the mind like a snake slipping out of the old skin.

How to slip out of mind? what is the root cause of mind?
Mind works based on the karma ego maya. Our accumulations due to our

 If you act with your mind(doing yoga, doing pranyama) how will you slip out of
What should we do?
Surrender to Lotus Feet of God. Where is lotus feet of Lord?
Eyes are called Lotus feet or Thiruvadi. Surrender mind there. Its location of the mind.
Obtain thiruvadi deeksha and surrnder.

Where is lotus feet?