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Purpose of Human Birth

Realize Soul and Lord
Dear soul,
Welcome to Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai!  You have taken birth as human in India where Innumerable saints are living. You should be virtuous soul to take birth as human being. You have taken birth without any defects in the body, don’t you have to know the reason for this birth and fulfill that?
Contemplate! Why we have taken this birth? Why we are living as human in this world? How we should live this life!?  Where were we before our birth? What is our origin? How did we come to this world? Our parents and grandparents gave birth to kids, lived their life in this world and then died and left this world?  World was there before our birth.  It was there before our parents took birth, before our grandparents too. Our ancestors lived in this world too. Is it not?
After our death our son, our grandson, great grandsons are going to live?!  We live our life as if we are in a running race. In this race, at the most we might live for a 120 years!  But we humans live almost like an animal by getting addicted to bad habits and eating non-vegetarian food!? People who are living in a wrong way can survive only for 70 years; it’s very difficult to cross that age.
Bible says “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”  Hindu Vedas also says the same truth!? All Human beings are taking birth based the previous birth’s good and bad deeds. The karmic accumulation of previous birth(s) decides our current life! This is the truth! This is what our scriptures say!  Man who has taken birth with both good and bad karma. A man with karmic accumulation is a sinful person! What bible says is the truth! All saints in our country said the same!  Man is sinful – He forgot his athma and lives the life with body mind limitation. Lives like animal by only eating, sleeping and reproducing. He ignores the great power with-in that manages all functions in the body.  He identifies himself wrongly with his body and mind.
The karma which is root cause for birth and death, varies from being to being! The birth taken and the life he lives is based on karma!  No one can receive other’s karma!  It is we who decide how to live our life! Our children and relatives are the athmas to which we had karmic relation in the previous births!? Once the karmic relation gets over then they leave you and go! Really there is no relation between son and a father! This is real life! Karma is also called fate. Our ancestors referred to karma as fate. Karma comes with the soul upon birth and goes with the soul upon death. All the relationships between human beings are maintained by the society for better living this world.
We took this birth with the grace of God!  The real father and mother of all living beings in this world is the almighty God! He is called as Ammaiyappan(Mother-Father).  The physical body is given to us by our parents.  Soul-Athma is given by God! In this birth  God has given us this chance as human to realize our self-athma.  Realize soul and God. This is possible only in human birth.
All human are unique because of our karmic accumulation. God can be classified as male and female physically but as a soul-athma all human beings are the same!  All human souls of this world are similar to almighty God.  People varied by karma but by jeevan-soul all are the same! The difference is only due to karma. God is one! He is Param-athma!  He is also jeevathma who lives in all living beings of this world.
Oh people of this world, although we are different by karmic accumulations, as per the soul we are all the same!  Don’t we need to realize that we are one by soul-athma? How long will our soul be suffering due to mind which acts as per our karma? When soul will be liberated? Don’t we need to know our self-athma?  Don’t we need to work to destroy the karmic accumulation which is the obstacle to know self-soul? In this world we learnt each and everything from others.  From our birth we have learnt from our mother, father, relatives, neighbor, friends, books and teachers.  We have blindly followed whatever they said and we still continue to follow the same! When we took this birth we only knew how to cry. Don’t we need do penance on the lotus feet of God?  Lotus feet of God is our eyes.  While doing penance (Thiruvadi Davam after obtaining Thiruvadi initiation from a gnana sarguru) tears will flow and drench the whole body. Only committed penance will help you to clear all the karmic accumulation and see the soul (yourself) and God.  We know only to cry and should obtain Gnana (divine wisdom) by crying (tears should flow like river by penance). See how God has created us excellently?
Soul takes care of our body and mind.  All complex activity in our body (digestion, blood, nerves, brain, and heart) happens only when soul/athma is present in our body. Don’t we need to realize the God who gave soul to us, who is dwells as soul in our body? This is the purpose of our life! We took birth in this world to not to take any more births ( to stop the birth-death-birth chain).  Pay attention to athma suffers from pain of birth, pain of mind and pain of death. We should not die in this birth to avoid next birth.  We should live a deathless life!  We have to become Siranjeevee!  All siddhas, saints, gnanis and religions accepted that God is one and he is vast grace divine light! Soul is tiny divine light which present in our body. This is the truth! God is omnipresent, he who is glittering in all atoms, is present in our center of head as soul-athma (divine light).  This is the truth told by all Vedas!!  God who is present in the center of our head he blesses us by expressing himself in our two eyes!  Bible says “Eye is the lamp of the body”.  The secret revealed by Kathopanishad is that lord is as smokeless divine light in our body and is expressing or displaying himself as divine light in our eyes!
I reveal this secret, sathya hidden by many people with the grace of great Gnana Siddha Thiru Arut prakasa vallalar! Let each and everyone in this world attain Gnana (realize the soul and god)! Let everyone attain the birth right! Let everyone in this world reach lotus feet of God! These are the goals of vallalar! Vallalar is inviting all the people in this world to attain deathless life!
We have learnt each and everything from others. So don’t we need a person who can help in spirituality? To attain gnana (know self and God), to attain self-realization we need someone to teach and guide us! He is called “GURU”!  For the people of this world to attain gnana there are four Vedas, Bible, Quran, Thiru-madniram and Thiru-arutpa. There are also so many other books on spirituality! All the books show way (guides us) to know the one God who is in the form of divine light.
We should be ready to listen when there is a Guru to teach spirituality to us! Gnana guru is the one who helps us understand  and realize this!  Gnana Sarguru is the one who lights the lamp of the divine light and removes the darkness/ignorance.  Come to Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai to lamp the divine light in you. With the grace of Ramalinga swamigal Thiru Arut Prakasa Vallalar, this humble being understood that instead of giving food to thousand people if we show the way for one soul’s liberation it’s considered as ultimate service.  This humble being donates this knowledge to all people in this world. The greatest service is to help the seeker of God instead of giving food for so many people. The greatest service is to help a person in attaining self-realization! This humble being is helping all souls to know themselves!
Equality (Samarasam) taught by vallalar is that people of this world are children of the God. People should unite without discrimination of caste, religion, language!  Accept and embrace all kinds of people without any differences and try to merge with God vast grace light (from where we/soul came).   Practice makes a man perfect!  Penance will help you to know soul/self and God. This is Samarasa Sanmargam.
Four Vedas preaches this Samarasa Sanmaargam
Bible preaches this Samarasa Sanmaargam
Quran preaches this Samarasa Sanmaargam
Thirumandiram Thiruvaasagam Thiru arutpa  is says the same.
All the scriptures preaches us to live in this world by knowing our self and God.

To obtain Thiruvadi initiation contact members of Thanga jothi gnana sabai:
English    : +919663310326, +919916495495, +919448702624, +917829023451,+917760782776
Kannada  : +919916027172, +919740046180

God is one. God is experienced as Artuperunjothi –
Divine light with abundant grace.
We are children of God. We are brothers and sisters.
Do not differentiate people by caste, religion, language and race.
Don't kill animals in the name of God.
Don't eat Non vegetarian food.
Feeding food to the hungry is real worship.
Teach people how to live deathless life .
Open your pupil of eyes-lotus feet of lord through a GnanaSarguru.
Don't hide knowledge about God, teach every one.
Live a disciplined life, follow indiriya, jeeva, karana and aanma ozhukkam.
Look at your self-athma and others with compassion.

Thiru artuprakasha vallalar  Ramalinga adigal.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Quotes of Gnana sarguru sivaselvarj

Sathya gnana sabai is the temple of self realization established by vallalar.
Sirsabai and Porsabai in either side of sathya gnana sabai  is our eyes.
Real guru is one who explain the secret  where all our five senses subdue(adakkam)

Where is athma located? its present at the center of head as divine flame.
Don't we need to know the path to realize the Athma.

To do penance/Thavam one need not leave the family and goto forest.
No need to roam the world by wearing kaavi (Saffron) dress with beard and utraksha .
Marriage is not the obstacle for mukthi. You can start you peance now in your current status.

God is within you. Dont search him in outside temples, mountains and lakes.
One who does penance should eat only veg food. Should not starve for food.
He should eat minimal required food.

Siva destroys the tiripura means the Penance on Lotus feet.
Kaama (Lust)- Maaya (illusion) - ego are the three shits are the Thiripura.a

Why we fondle(konju-tamil) as kanne?
Male lovers calls his better half as Kanne?
Husband calls wife as Kanne?  (I think first three line can be removed as it is more relevant in Tamil)

We fall in the feet of elders and keep the hand in eyes?
In temple aradhana we pray the aarthi and keep hand in our eyes?
Bettle leaf and paaku in temple?
Coconut given for God has three eyes?
- eyes are lotus feet/padakamala of God

God is beyond the Body and mind.
Silence/mouna is the language of God.
One who destroyed the form of mind can realize and reach the God-ArutperumJothi.
Medicine for the birth-death disease is Divine light present in the eyes.
How to do Davam-meditation? It is not chating of mantras, not doing pooja
Not  doing yagna(yagam), Not doing pranayama or other yoga.
Its not troubling the body by any means. Davam/Penance means keeping our mind always in the divine consiousness/sensation got in the pupil of the eye through Deekshai from a Guru and doing nothing.

Bakthi yoga, Karma yoga, Raja Yoga are steps to obtain Gnana.
To obtain Gnana one should know sanathana dharma (Should Live a Compassionate, Virtuous and moral life).

Saivites praised God as Siva
vasinavites praised God as narayana
Like this Muslims, chiritstinas sikhs and jains praised with different names of ONE God - Divine Jyothi.
Gnana is to  realize this one God that is as Divine light.

There is a way  to live a blissful-prosperous life and realize God.
Do meditaion where the mind subdues easily.  Its our eyes where karmic accumulation present as veil.
Our mind orginates from the karmic veils present in Sukshuma in the eyes. Peance is not to allow the mind go out of eyes and make it to stay there. Mind subdue in its orgin easily. "Summa iru" (Doing Nothing and Just being in the divine light of the eyes) is the peance.  
Divine light present in our eyes is the Kundalini sakthi. This the divine secret.

Meditation at Pada kamala should not be done with eyes closed.
Our two eyes should be purified and opened along with the third eye.
Seek a gnan sarguru to obtain Thiruvadi upadesa/preaching.
Obtain deeksha and do penance with eyes open. To cross the samsara sakara stay with eyes open and with consciousness in the eyes.

In 24hrs of the day, we think about many things not related to us.
But we dont spend time to know athma which is resonsible for functioning of Body.
Then that day becomes useless.

Without Guru Grace one can never obtain Grace of God.
Disciple has to follow the Words of Guru as Veda.
Surrendering to Guru, Doing service to Guru is easy way for mukthi.

God is one -  This is accepted/preached  by all the relegions, siddhas/enlightened masters
God is one and he is experianced as of Jothi. He is within us a Athma.
Without him nothing happens in this world. This is the truth accepted everyone.
God - Vast grace light -  Omnipotent God is present in our body as tiny jothi.
This is the truth that needs to be realized by all human beings in this world.

You have father and mother in this world. Have you ever thought a Guru?
Only through Guru you can see and realize the God. Guru is para brahma.

From childhood you learned everything from others. They are not Guru.
Guru explains Who You Are?  He initiates(deeksha) you to realize  you self.
Search for a Guru who can Give Deeksha in Pada kamala.

God is not hidden from us.
Our karmic accumulation seperates us from God.
If we do penance/meditation on Lotus feet(pada kamala)
we can get rid of our karma then God will express from within.
Then we can live in bliss.

"The purusha, who is of the size of a thumb, resides in the body.
The purusha who is the size of a thumb is a light (jyoti) without smoke."
 Katha Upanishad (1.12-13)
In Katha Upanishad (1.12-13) answer by Lord Yama (God of Death) to Nachiketa is "God is present in our body in the place which can be measured in our thumbs.
In that place God is present in the form of smokeless divine flame!?"

Two things have to be noted here.
1 he is in human body
2 he resides within us as smokeless divine flame.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Holy feet??

True Meaning of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini in Gnanam means the following: Kundalini = Kundu + Oli + Nee. In Tamil Kundu means ball. Oli means Light. Nee means You. So Kundalini the word gives the meaning like this "The light in the ball is you". So we the Soul is what represented by Kundalini. Where is the light in the ball? The Soul which is in the center of our head is accessible and expressing itself as the light in our eye ball. This divine light that is expressed in the pupil of our eyes is what called as Kundalini.
Yogam means union. Kundalini Yoga means uniting our mind in the light in the pupil of our eyes. This is the true meaning of Kundalini Yoga.

Yoga Sastram tells that the Kunadlini is in the end of spinal cord. We donot want that. TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar has clearly told that Pranayam or any other breathing practice will not lead one to to the Supreme Lord. Yoga and Pranayam were not recommeded in this age.
TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar also tells

"Any Spiritual practice will give a vision of small light, many get struck with arrogance and ego and remain in the same state on getting these visions".

Siddhar Tirumoolar also warns about yoga practices in his song in TiruManthiram which is as below:
“Even if one does yoga for 8000 years he cannot see and realize the divinity in the eyes.
Only if you see within yourself with the divine light of eyes you can realize that the SupremeLord is mixed in you” – Saint Tirumoolar

To explain furthur, all the saints of the world have described the Supreme Lord as Light. One who tries to attain the Supreme Light using the air will not succed.

The Soul light is accessible from the Eyes and hence eyes are called as holyfeet of god. (TiruVadi). Capturing the holy feet (divine light in the pupil of the eyes) with the divine consiousness got in the eye via Tiruvadi Deekshai will lead one to self realization and God Realization

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Lotus feet - Great masters

Shri Adi Sankaracharya’s Guru Ashtakam

Even if you have a pretty body, a beautiful wife,
Great fame and mountain like money,
If your mind is not attached to the Lotus feet of Guru
What is the use? What is the use? And What is the use?

Even if you have a wife, wealth, children grand children.
House , relations and are born in a great family,
If your mind is not attached to the Lotus feet of Guru
What is the use? What is the use? And What is the use?

Even if you have a wife, wealth, children grand children.
House , relations and are born in a great family,
If your mind is not attached to the Lotus feet of Guru
What is the use? What is the use? And What is the use?

Even if you are an expert in six angas and the four Vedas,
And an expert in writing good prose and poems,
If your mind is not attached to the Lotus feet of Guru
What is the use? What is the use? And What is the use?

Even if you are considered great abroad, rich in your own place,
And greatly regarded in virtues and life,
If your mind is not attached to the Lotus feet of Guru
What is the use? What is the use? And What is the use?

Even if you are a king of a great region,
And is served by kings and great kings,
If your mind is not attached to the Lotus feet of Guru
What is the use? What is the use? And What is the use?

Even if your fame has spread all over,
And the entire world is with you because of charity and fame,
If your mind does not bow at the Guru’s feet,
What is the use? What is the use? And What is the use?

Even if your mind stays away in the forest,
Or in the house, Or In duties or in great thoughts
If your mind is not attached to the Lotus feet of Guru
What is the use? What is the use? And What is the use?

Even if you have priceless jewel collection,
Even if you have an embracing passionate wife,
If your mind is not attached to the Lotus feet of Guru
What is the use? What is the use? And What is the use?

That blessed one who reads this octet to the Guru,
Be he a saint, king, bachelor or householder
If your mind is not attached to the Lotus feet of Guru
He would get the great gift of attainment of Brahman.

Katha Upanishad
The Purusha, of the size of a thumb, is like a flame without smoke. The Lord of the past and the future, He is the same today and tomorrow. This, verily, is That.

The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.  ` Matthew 6:22

Eyes are windows to the soul - William Shakespeare

Lotus feet of God is home of my mind – Guru Granth sahib
Surrender fully unto lotus feet of God that is the only business of the perfect human – Srimad bagavatham 1.5.20

That who submit his mind to Govinda, washes all the sins by
Meditating on the lotus feet of Godvinda – Adi shankara

O My Lord Narayana! You are full of unlimited Grace. I
Sincerely take refuge at you lotus feet – Adi shankara

All five elements are present in the lotus feet of God eyes.
-         Gnana Sarguru sivaselvaraj,

I offer my respectful obeisances unto my spiritual master, who with the torchlight of knowledge has opened my eyes, which were blinded by the darkness of ignorance. – Prabhupada

The mind can dis-entangle itself from worldliness, if through her grace, she makes it turn toward herself,
Only then does it become devoted to the lotus feet of Divine mother. One must propitiate the divine mother, the primal energy, in order to obtain God’s grace. God himself is mahamaya, who deludes the world with her illusion and conjures up the magic of creation preservation and destruction, she has spread this veil of ignorance before our eyes.  ~ Sri Ramakrishna

The big difference between a scholar and holy man. The mind of mere scholar is fixed on ‘woman and gold’. The saadhu’s mind is on the Lotus feet of Hari – Sri Ramakrishna.

Love for the Lotus feet of God is alone real, and all else illusory. – Sri Ramakrishna

For a true sikh, Lotus feet of the beleoved satguru is a heaven of Bliss, spiritual
Peace and joy and abode eternal. Immersed in the fathomless depth of this
Ocean of Bliss, one loses one’s “I’ ego and separate individuality and identity and
Experiances a taste of eternity in one’s own luminous soul. – Sri guru sranth sahib

Placing the attention on the lotus feet with a reverential attitude can dispel mundane preoccupations of ego, such as desires born out of vanity, pride and
Greed. Suffering, affliction pain fear and discontent fade away as body and mind
Become purified through attaching mind to the lotus feet. The illusion of separation from divine fades away. ~ Anonymous

Taking refuge at Gurus lotus feet, the devotee can receive innumerable spiritual
Benefits, just as he might attain through making pilgrimages, fasting, doing charitable acts, performing austerities and engaging in yogic disciplines. – anonymous.

The whole idea of the Mahabharatha culminates in the ultimate instructions of the bhagavath gita, that one should relinquish all other engagements an should engage oneself solely and fully in surrendering unto the lotus feet of Lord.

To destroy the form of the mind, enquire into the ego, the delusion, and enter the heart. This indeed is the worship to the lotus feet of Guru’s Holy form who abides
In the still silence that is beyond the mind- Ramanar

Like a cataract upon the eye, the ego- view plays trick on us, masquerading as being – consciousness even as it moves about in the insentient body. To prevent its formation and growth is worship to the graceful Twin lotus feet of the Guru  who exists and shines as the transcendental firmament.  Ramanar

If you want to attain liberation and redeem yourself by cutting asunder with the sword of true knowledge that false ignorance that has strongly bound you in the  form of an individual self, let your mind spring up immediately with surging love and without wasting a moment of your life, meditate constantly upon the Golden Lotus feet of the reality who, in the form of the guru, has taken you into his fold.

Great devotees are valled adiyars because they lie at the Lotus feet of Lord. In Sanskrit too we have similar term Acarya pada Govindpada Bagavathpada
Foot is called pada in Sanskrit, its known as ADI in tamil – Maha periyava.

Once the devotees mind, captivated by the Good qualities of the Lords, dwell on his Lotus feet, all their sins are absolved ar they will not see even in dream, yema and his lieutenants armed with roaps in their hands. – Srimad bhagavatham

Hearing singing or chanting remembering and thinking about your auspicious names and forms, engaged in various activities, but at the same time the mind
Thinking of lotus feet, such person will never again be subjected to the cycle of births and deaths. - Srimad bhagavatham

Nayana Deeksha is deeksha by the eye i.e by the guru looking on the disciple and communicating spiritual light. – Anonymous.

Surrender yourself to the lotus feet of the Guru with your senses and mind disciplined, and free from the shackles of samsara you will behold the Lord -
Bhaja Govindam.

O my mind,worship the lotus feet of the indestructible One! Mira says offer mind to those Lotus feet – Mirabai.

Mira’s Lord is the Mountain-Holder the suave lover. I sacrifice myself in devotion to his Lotus feet.  – Mirabai.

They are supreme ascetics who keep their Guru’s feet in their conscience. – Sadavsiva brahmendra

Madhvas and Gaudiyas share many of the same philosophical points. Both
Need to surrender to the Lotus feet of the Guru.

Even by the sightest rememberance of Krishna’s Lotus feet, all your sins may be burned up. Then through wholehearted devotion everything else will be attained.
~Jagadguru Madhavacharya

Lamps burn in every house,
O Blind one! And you cannot see them. One day your eyes shall
Suddenly be opened, and you shall see; and fetters of death will fall from you.
-          Kabir sahib.

80% contact with the world is through eyes. You move into the world almost only through eyes; They say 80% = osho

There are thousands and thousands of stories.. just by look one can become enlightened. They donot appear rational to us. How is this possible? This is possible! Even a look from the master into your eyes will change your total being,
But it can change only if your eyes are vacant, valley-like. – Osho

Remove the 7 veils to have athma jothi darsan. – Vallalar

Lift the veil that obscures the heart and there you will find what you are looking for – Kabir

Just between these two eyes is the third eye, the wisdom eye. The energy falling back from eyes hits third eye. – Osho

Blind man is 80% non-alive, he lives 20% - osho

You never look at each others eyes. You can touch the body there is not so offensive – but never look into each others eyes because that will be too much. Too near. You will penetrate the real man.– Osho

Through eyes 80% of the energy moves out. You are moving into the world through eyes. – osho

Focus your consciousness on his lotus feet and the inverted louts heart shall blossom forth. – Guru Granth sahib

One who enshrines his Lotus feet, meet the beloved lord; the divine light is revealed to him. – Guru Granth sahib

Your eyes show the strength of your soul – Paulo Coelho

I pray to you and worship at your golden lotus feet in complete faith – Thiyagaraja

O mother Tualsi! Deign to come and protect me; I have placed faith in only your holy feet.  Thiyagaraja

A single jump from the eyes can lead you to the source. That is not possible anywhere else from the body. From elsewhere you will have to travel long the distance is great. But from eyes a single step is enough to enter into yourself. – osho

Eyes are meeting point of you and your body. No where else in the body meeting is so deep. Human body and you are so separated, a great distance is there. But at the point of eyes you are the nearest to your body and body nearest to you. That is why eye can be used for the inner journey. – Osho.

Where is lotus feet?