Thursday, February 14, 2013

Self realization - Thiruvadi deekshai

Who is taking care of this body day and night. We eat the food. All other actions are taken by some powerful thing in our body. we never pay attention to for 100 years we live in this world. We don't have experience beyond body and mind.

We think we are doing our activities. But who is giving energy and who is converting food to energy. Without that energy no action can be done. Who is converting food to Blood, bones, nerves ...? Oh! we have a powerful great machine inside but we always think something else is great. We miss a important aspect in our life.

We give so much trouble with body and mind. We never respected or paid attention to great power sitting inside. Our soul suffers due karma/accumulations. Its also suffer with body and mind.

You are not body, you are not mind. you are soul/uyir. We never  pay attention to our self. we fully engage with our body and mind.

We suffer in our life with our accumulation/karma.  How to over come and know self/soul?

On total we have 1000 karma(for number sake) While taking birth we came with 100 good and 100 bad karmas. Promising god that i will clear all these karma and know my self. After coming to earth we are drowned by karma. We are not able to overcome karma with intelligence. Normal human make karma from 200 to 400 and goes back.

Since intelligence we have is less, we need to find a better intelligence to handle this. If we don't know physics we ask teacher, don't know samabar we ask mother. Same way we need to find an intelligence to overcome from the obstacle.

That intelligence is called Guru.

We need to understand few things before we start the inner journey.

These messages are told by Siddhas  and enlightened masters.

1. God is one and god is divine light - vast grace ligt - Arutperunjothi
2. Soul/Self/Uyir - is a tiny divine light.
3. Soul is located in the center of our head.
4. Its situated in meeting point of our five senses.
5. Holy feet/Thiruvadi of god is our pupil of eyes.  - Entry to inner travel.
6. Pupil of eyes is blocked(suksuma-non physical state) in the form of seven screens.
7. Karma  wraps over our soul. This has to be cleared with penance.
8   Deekshai is to open the blockage.
9   Do penance after deekshai, destroy karma/ego/maya with pure heat.
10. Obtain amirtha from vaalai - mother of all souls. 
11. 72000 naadi open with pure heat.
12   1008 petal lotus opens.
13   See Thanga jothi(golden divine light)  in seventh chakra..
14  Get blessings from all enlightened masters.

Penance is called as Thavam/meditation. One has to surrender to guru.  Obtain Thiruvadi preaching and Thiruvadi davam from guru.  Guru initiates through our eyes with the divine light.  This knowledge was kept as secret. 

With grace of guru, this knowledge of siddhas comes to open light. Every one in this world is eligible for enlightenment. 

A good seeker should not get struck at a wrong place. Need to obtain real Gnana.  This is the message of guru. 

Thiru Arut Prakasha Ramalinga Adigal(VALLALAR) is there to guide the disciple who took the thiruvadi 

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

What does penance means?

Penance means  Davam(tamil) is open eye meditation to get rid of obstacles for self realization. Its also called as Thiruvadi davam.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Overcome fate with intelligence!!

Fate - is the  prarabdha karma that comes with soul on birth. The birth was taken
due to karma. It was not our choice. It was not the choice of father or mother.
The purpose of the birth is to use the intelligence and overcome the fate and know self.

How to know self? How to clear the karma? God has given chance for human.
He sent human with 100(just for representation) good karma and 100 bad karma.
These 200 karmas decides the way of living. Human has to use his intelligence to
clear these karma.  But a normal human does not have the intelligence.
So he needs help of a GURU to clear the karma. One should surrender to guru and
get Thiruvadi initiation from guru. (Thiru - God; adi - feet)  Its also called as holy feet of god.

Human should not use his mind and accumulate more and more karma. But most of the
time human born with 200 karma returns from this world with 400 karma. Depends on the accumulation he/she gets next birth.

To clear the prarabdha karma, one should stop adding new karma. How this will happen?
Once Thiruvadi initation is taken from guru, he/she comes under the supervision of the
guru in suksuma state. All the karma accumulated after the Thiruvadi initation belongs to guru.
With the grace of guru new karma are taken care.

Then we need to focus on prarabdha karma. One has to do penance to clear existing karmas/accumulation. Guru Thiru arutprakasha vallalar always be with you. Guru will help you to progress on difficult situations.

The penance is SUMMA IRU. Do nothing with the mind. Place the mind in the Pupil of eyes.
Eyes are called as holy feet of god. The light present in the eyes should travel inward and
reach the soul.  He gets to see the soul. Divine light spreads all over the body. It clears all 72000 naadi and nerves. Pure heat generated will clear the brain.1008 petal lotus blooms in the head. 10th gate opens. There is no more coupling between body and soul.

Soul can travel all over universe. The end result of this penance is deathless life. The whole body becomes divine light.  This is the state of many siddhas. This is the state attained by Saint Thiru arut prakasha vallalar.

Vallalar says there is no sadhana/exercise/practice by mind to attain gnana. If one uses mind then accumulation/karma will keep adding. So there is no practice for Gnana. Summa Iru is the only way. Thiruvadi penance is the only way.

Saint Agasthiyar said Chanting matra, Breathing exercises are required to enhance mind. One should do penance and do open eye meditation to attain gnana.

Since we do nothing with mind, role of guru is significant. Guru can help the disciple on total surrender.

Sheikh Thambi Pavalar about Vallalar


                  Sanadana dharma is the life and culture of people in India! Sanathana dharma is imbibed in the people of India!  Maturity to accept all kinds of people, broad minded people are seen this land. Hospitality is expressed to people who migrate to this land.

           It’s because of the Sanathana dharma Indians have the intelligence to accept goodness in any place. People in India live in union without differentiating themselves by caste, religion and language. This is because of the saints (one who realized god) lived in this country and followed equality, socialism and sanmaargam,

             “God is one! Human race is one!”

            “Let all living beings live in bliss!”

             Is there a better principle then this?!

             A Muslim is becoming a president only in our country, due to 90 percent of people in India are living in the way of sanathana dharma. A Sikh is able become prime minister of India!

           People of any religion and caste are made to work on higher designation in government office is the culture of Indian people, who follows sanadana dharma! India is incomparable and elite/excellent country in this world, our culture is the main reason for that! It’s Sanathana dharma.

We can feel very proud to be an “Indian”!

In this world, Indian is the eminent person!

Sathavathani Sheikh Thambi Pavalar a great incomparable human lived in the way of sanathana dharma. Sathavathani Sheikh Thambi Pavalar lived in Edalakudi, Nagarcoil-kanniyakumari district.

Though he was Muslim by birth, due to taking birth in India, he learnt and realized sanathana dharma.  He was known as Sathavathani. (who has a grasped on hundred different aspects of knowledge at a moment)

Saivites abbot were heads of mutts in his periods, they blamed and defamed Thiru Arutpa written by incomparable saint Thiru Arutprakasha Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal.

Sheikh Thambi Pavalar had read Thiruarutpa. He understood the excellence and pride of the Thiruarutpa.  He was not in the state of religion; he was in the state of the god.  So he talked in many stages in Tamil Nadu about Thiruarutpa sung by Thiru Arutprakasha Vallalar Ramalinga swamigal. He told that all songs were sung with grace of god, all his songs were in elegant and devotional Tamil. He taught a lesson to the saivites in Tamilnadu.

A notable Muslim understood the greatness of Thiru Arutprakasha Vallalar Ramalinga swamigal. It’s shame that shaivites did not understand that.

Sathavathani Sheikh Thambi Pavalar a great person followed sanathana dharma.

I feel proud for taking birth in India the land of virtue, in the land of gnanam Tamilnadu, in nagercoil where Sathavathani took birth.

In India Sanathana dharma is the one which was in past, is present and will be in future. Future is for the people who live in the way of Sanathana dharma.

 “People of this world turn your mind” turn the mind that roams outside to inward, in the Holy feet-Thiruvadi of god.

 “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

 “Try to get the grace of param porul” Live!

Love as a weapon!

Intelligence as shield!

Come here to win the world!

It’s enough being ignorant and destroyed!

Let’s unite and live by loving the souls.

We took birth to live!

Welcome! Realize it! Live long!

Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj -





Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blessed with the sight of the soul

In our eyes, right eye is sun, left eye is moon, If one does penance on these two eyes, light in both eyes will expand and travel inside , reaches the Agni kalai-Soul. This is merging of three divine lights. Jothi patham! Thiruvadi!!

    For the disciple being in this state and doing penance, light gradually spreads in 72000 Naadi and nerves present all over the body!! Body will be purified! Won’t get any disease! Body will be strengthened! Mind will be matured! Will get god’s grace! He will get blessings from all saints.You will be blessed with the sight of the soul. Jothi tharisanam.

    Seven screens will be cleared, soul will glitter!  Soul will navigate up and reach the top of head, called Sahasrara.(Sathya gnana sabai represents seven screens)

    Once it reaches the top of head(sahasrara) intelligence will be brightened! (Para veli) Outer space can be seen! Then you can roam in empty space (vetta veli). Bliss, bliss, only bliss!

    This is what told in sanathana dharma!
    This is a common way for all people!
    Welcome people of this world!
    Live in the path of light!
    You can live the life with eternal wisdom!
    Since very long time, people of India lived by following the sanathana dharma.
Gnana sarguru siva selvaraj

Who are real courageous people?

“Maniye - maniyin oliye - olirum mani punaintha
Aniye- aniyum anikku alage - anukaathavarukku
Piniye - pinikku marunthe - amarar peruvirunthe
Paniyen oruvarai- nin pathma paatham panitha pinne”

Abirami pattar recited to this humble being from Abirami Anthathi song! Abiraami pattar perumaan blessed and graced this humble being!

No one has written the meaning of the word maniye correctly! They have translated maniye as ruby, which is incorrect!

Maniye – pupil of eye, maniyin oliye – light present in the pupil of eye, olirum mani punaintha aniye – eye that has the pupil with light, aniyum anikku alage – beauty for the eyes, light in the pupil of eye, if one has not accessed this will get disease of birth and death, medicine for the disease is the light present in the pupil. Feast for the immortal. After surrendering to the holy feet (Thiruvadi) I won’t surrender to anyone, this is the meaning of the song.

This is the truth. This one song is enough to obtain gnanam. Abiraami patter says medicine for disease ie light in the pupil of our eyes is medicine for birth death disease. Same was told by Vallalar this is good medicine, medicine that offers pleasure, medicine in the form of grace, Arutperunjothi medicine.

Abiraami patter says after surrender to the holy feet(thriuvadi) of god he won’t surrender to anyone. Same is told by Holy saint thirunaavukkarasar. “Naamaarkkum kudiyallom namanai anjoom naragathil idarpadom” firmly told this. . The meaning of which is “I am not governed by any one and will not even fear the Lord of Death”.

All gnanis conveyed the same message! All People like us to obtain gnana all gnanis preached same message! They said good message!

“Kannin maniyai karuthin thelivai
Vinnil nindru vilangum meyyinai
Enni enni iravum pagalum
Nannukindravar naan tholum deivame”

This is the truth sung by Thayumana swamigal! Describes god as light present in the pupil of eyes, almighty god who is in the space as truth, one who do thavam all times day and night is the god I pray, told by Thayumana swamigal.

Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj

Where is lotus feet?