Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sheikh Thambi Pavalar about Vallalar


                  Sanadana dharma is the life and culture of people in India! Sanathana dharma is imbibed in the people of India!  Maturity to accept all kinds of people, broad minded people are seen this land. Hospitality is expressed to people who migrate to this land.

           It’s because of the Sanathana dharma Indians have the intelligence to accept goodness in any place. People in India live in union without differentiating themselves by caste, religion and language. This is because of the saints (one who realized god) lived in this country and followed equality, socialism and sanmaargam,

             “God is one! Human race is one!”

            “Let all living beings live in bliss!”

             Is there a better principle then this?!

             A Muslim is becoming a president only in our country, due to 90 percent of people in India are living in the way of sanathana dharma. A Sikh is able become prime minister of India!

           People of any religion and caste are made to work on higher designation in government office is the culture of Indian people, who follows sanadana dharma! India is incomparable and elite/excellent country in this world, our culture is the main reason for that! It’s Sanathana dharma.

We can feel very proud to be an “Indian”!

In this world, Indian is the eminent person!

Sathavathani Sheikh Thambi Pavalar a great incomparable human lived in the way of sanathana dharma. Sathavathani Sheikh Thambi Pavalar lived in Edalakudi, Nagarcoil-kanniyakumari district.

Though he was Muslim by birth, due to taking birth in India, he learnt and realized sanathana dharma.  He was known as Sathavathani. (who has a grasped on hundred different aspects of knowledge at a moment)

Saivites abbot were heads of mutts in his periods, they blamed and defamed Thiru Arutpa written by incomparable saint Thiru Arutprakasha Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal.

Sheikh Thambi Pavalar had read Thiruarutpa. He understood the excellence and pride of the Thiruarutpa.  He was not in the state of religion; he was in the state of the god.  So he talked in many stages in Tamil Nadu about Thiruarutpa sung by Thiru Arutprakasha Vallalar Ramalinga swamigal. He told that all songs were sung with grace of god, all his songs were in elegant and devotional Tamil. He taught a lesson to the saivites in Tamilnadu.

A notable Muslim understood the greatness of Thiru Arutprakasha Vallalar Ramalinga swamigal. It’s shame that shaivites did not understand that.

Sathavathani Sheikh Thambi Pavalar a great person followed sanathana dharma.

I feel proud for taking birth in India the land of virtue, in the land of gnanam Tamilnadu, in nagercoil where Sathavathani took birth.

In India Sanathana dharma is the one which was in past, is present and will be in future. Future is for the people who live in the way of Sanathana dharma.

 “People of this world turn your mind” turn the mind that roams outside to inward, in the Holy feet-Thiruvadi of god.

 “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

 “Try to get the grace of param porul” Live!

Love as a weapon!

Intelligence as shield!

Come here to win the world!

It’s enough being ignorant and destroyed!

Let’s unite and live by loving the souls.

We took birth to live!

Welcome! Realize it! Live long!

Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj -





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