Thursday, February 14, 2013

Self realization - Thiruvadi deekshai

Who is taking care of this body day and night. We eat the food. All other actions are taken by some powerful thing in our body. we never pay attention to for 100 years we live in this world. We don't have experience beyond body and mind.

We think we are doing our activities. But who is giving energy and who is converting food to energy. Without that energy no action can be done. Who is converting food to Blood, bones, nerves ...? Oh! we have a powerful great machine inside but we always think something else is great. We miss a important aspect in our life.

We give so much trouble with body and mind. We never respected or paid attention to great power sitting inside. Our soul suffers due karma/accumulations. Its also suffer with body and mind.

You are not body, you are not mind. you are soul/uyir. We never  pay attention to our self. we fully engage with our body and mind.

We suffer in our life with our accumulation/karma.  How to over come and know self/soul?

On total we have 1000 karma(for number sake) While taking birth we came with 100 good and 100 bad karmas. Promising god that i will clear all these karma and know my self. After coming to earth we are drowned by karma. We are not able to overcome karma with intelligence. Normal human make karma from 200 to 400 and goes back.

Since intelligence we have is less, we need to find a better intelligence to handle this. If we don't know physics we ask teacher, don't know samabar we ask mother. Same way we need to find an intelligence to overcome from the obstacle.

That intelligence is called Guru.

We need to understand few things before we start the inner journey.

These messages are told by Siddhas  and enlightened masters.

1. God is one and god is divine light - vast grace ligt - Arutperunjothi
2. Soul/Self/Uyir - is a tiny divine light.
3. Soul is located in the center of our head.
4. Its situated in meeting point of our five senses.
5. Holy feet/Thiruvadi of god is our pupil of eyes.  - Entry to inner travel.
6. Pupil of eyes is blocked(suksuma-non physical state) in the form of seven screens.
7. Karma  wraps over our soul. This has to be cleared with penance.
8   Deekshai is to open the blockage.
9   Do penance after deekshai, destroy karma/ego/maya with pure heat.
10. Obtain amirtha from vaalai - mother of all souls. 
11. 72000 naadi open with pure heat.
12   1008 petal lotus opens.
13   See Thanga jothi(golden divine light)  in seventh chakra..
14  Get blessings from all enlightened masters.

Penance is called as Thavam/meditation. One has to surrender to guru.  Obtain Thiruvadi preaching and Thiruvadi davam from guru.  Guru initiates through our eyes with the divine light.  This knowledge was kept as secret. 

With grace of guru, this knowledge of siddhas comes to open light. Every one in this world is eligible for enlightenment. 

A good seeker should not get struck at a wrong place. Need to obtain real Gnana.  This is the message of guru. 

Thiru Arut Prakasha Ramalinga Adigal(VALLALAR) is there to guide the disciple who took the thiruvadi 

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Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai 
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