Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blessed with the sight of the soul

In our eyes, right eye is sun, left eye is moon, If one does penance on these two eyes, light in both eyes will expand and travel inside , reaches the Agni kalai-Soul. This is merging of three divine lights. Jothi patham! Thiruvadi!!

    For the disciple being in this state and doing penance, light gradually spreads in 72000 Naadi and nerves present all over the body!! Body will be purified! Won’t get any disease! Body will be strengthened! Mind will be matured! Will get god’s grace! He will get blessings from all saints.You will be blessed with the sight of the soul. Jothi tharisanam.

    Seven screens will be cleared, soul will glitter!  Soul will navigate up and reach the top of head, called Sahasrara.(Sathya gnana sabai represents seven screens)

    Once it reaches the top of head(sahasrara) intelligence will be brightened! (Para veli) Outer space can be seen! Then you can roam in empty space (vetta veli). Bliss, bliss, only bliss!

    This is what told in sanathana dharma!
    This is a common way for all people!
    Welcome people of this world!
    Live in the path of light!
    You can live the life with eternal wisdom!
    Since very long time, people of India lived by following the sanathana dharma.
Gnana sarguru siva selvaraj

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