Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Who are real courageous people?

“Maniye - maniyin oliye - olirum mani punaintha
Aniye- aniyum anikku alage - anukaathavarukku
Piniye - pinikku marunthe - amarar peruvirunthe
Paniyen oruvarai- nin pathma paatham panitha pinne”

Abirami pattar recited to this humble being from Abirami Anthathi song! Abiraami pattar perumaan blessed and graced this humble being!

No one has written the meaning of the word maniye correctly! They have translated maniye as ruby, which is incorrect!

Maniye – pupil of eye, maniyin oliye – light present in the pupil of eye, olirum mani punaintha aniye – eye that has the pupil with light, aniyum anikku alage – beauty for the eyes, light in the pupil of eye, if one has not accessed this will get disease of birth and death, medicine for the disease is the light present in the pupil. Feast for the immortal. After surrendering to the holy feet (Thiruvadi) I won’t surrender to anyone, this is the meaning of the song.

This is the truth. This one song is enough to obtain gnanam. Abiraami patter says medicine for disease ie light in the pupil of our eyes is medicine for birth death disease. Same was told by Vallalar this is good medicine, medicine that offers pleasure, medicine in the form of grace, Arutperunjothi medicine.

Abiraami patter says after surrender to the holy feet(thriuvadi) of god he won’t surrender to anyone. Same is told by Holy saint thirunaavukkarasar. “Naamaarkkum kudiyallom namanai anjoom naragathil idarpadom” firmly told this. . The meaning of which is “I am not governed by any one and will not even fear the Lord of Death”.

All gnanis conveyed the same message! All People like us to obtain gnana all gnanis preached same message! They said good message!

“Kannin maniyai karuthin thelivai
Vinnil nindru vilangum meyyinai
Enni enni iravum pagalum
Nannukindravar naan tholum deivame”

This is the truth sung by Thayumana swamigal! Describes god as light present in the pupil of eyes, almighty god who is in the space as truth, one who do thavam all times day and night is the god I pray, told by Thayumana swamigal.

Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj

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