Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Overcome fate with intelligence!!

Fate - is the  prarabdha karma that comes with soul on birth. The birth was taken
due to karma. It was not our choice. It was not the choice of father or mother.
The purpose of the birth is to use the intelligence and overcome the fate and know self.

How to know self? How to clear the karma? God has given chance for human.
He sent human with 100(just for representation) good karma and 100 bad karma.
These 200 karmas decides the way of living. Human has to use his intelligence to
clear these karma.  But a normal human does not have the intelligence.
So he needs help of a GURU to clear the karma. One should surrender to guru and
get Thiruvadi initiation from guru. (Thiru - God; adi - feet)  Its also called as holy feet of god.

Human should not use his mind and accumulate more and more karma. But most of the
time human born with 200 karma returns from this world with 400 karma. Depends on the accumulation he/she gets next birth.

To clear the prarabdha karma, one should stop adding new karma. How this will happen?
Once Thiruvadi initation is taken from guru, he/she comes under the supervision of the
guru in suksuma state. All the karma accumulated after the Thiruvadi initation belongs to guru.
With the grace of guru new karma are taken care.

Then we need to focus on prarabdha karma. One has to do penance to clear existing karmas/accumulation. Guru Thiru arutprakasha vallalar always be with you. Guru will help you to progress on difficult situations.

The penance is SUMMA IRU. Do nothing with the mind. Place the mind in the Pupil of eyes.
Eyes are called as holy feet of god. The light present in the eyes should travel inward and
reach the soul.  He gets to see the soul. Divine light spreads all over the body. It clears all 72000 naadi and nerves. Pure heat generated will clear the brain.1008 petal lotus blooms in the head. 10th gate opens. There is no more coupling between body and soul.

Soul can travel all over universe. The end result of this penance is deathless life. The whole body becomes divine light.  This is the state of many siddhas. This is the state attained by Saint Thiru arut prakasha vallalar.

Vallalar says there is no sadhana/exercise/practice by mind to attain gnana. If one uses mind then accumulation/karma will keep adding. So there is no practice for Gnana. Summa Iru is the only way. Thiruvadi penance is the only way.

Saint Agasthiyar said Chanting matra, Breathing exercises are required to enhance mind. One should do penance and do open eye meditation to attain gnana.

Since we do nothing with mind, role of guru is significant. Guru can help the disciple on total surrender.

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