Sunday, April 28, 2013

Only open eye meditation will lead to Gnana.

                           Only open eye penance will lead to Gnana.

                              Enter through Eye – See the God.

Paramathma is perfect and omnipresent. There no place without him. He spreads all over!  He is also called as param porul! He is God! He is almighty! Without God even an atom cannot move! He is a vast grace light! There is only one God, told by all saints-siddhas lived in this world.

God present in each and every atom of this Universe and the surrounding universal space.  He is divine light. He should be in our body, is it not?  Yes, He is in our body! He is in our body as soul/spirit/athma/uyir!  Paramatha expressed as tiny divine light as Jeevathma! All these are told by our saints who took birth in this world.

All human are of same height. Don’t be surprised! For all humans, body is measured in span of eight with their own hand.  All human’s height is 8 spans in their own hand.  Paramathma is present in the center of our head as soul - tiny divine light! 

Non-perishable divine light glitters, exist below the top of the head and above the inner tongue (uvula).  Is this not a feature of the almighty God?

 Soul is present in the center of head.  The divine light is expressed in our eyes through two naadis! One soul (divine light) is expressed in our pupil eyes as two (soul < two eyes)!

Pupil of our eyes is in spherical shape like earth. Similar to earth, pupil of eyes also has fire (divine light) inside.  There is a tiny hole in the center of the eye’s pupil. The hole in the center of our eyes is closed with a membrane!!

The tiny hole in the center of the pupil is closed by a membrane is three layered shits. Our saint vallalar explained this in great detail as seven layered screen.  Our athma/soul is hidden from us with this seven layered screen.  This seven layer screen is formed with KARMA-EGO-MAYA. If we clear this seven layered screen by the penance (davam), we can get the dharsan(vision) of our soul which is the paramathma! 

Where is our jeevan? What is its form? It’s intelligence to question and realize completely in the way shown by the saints.

The only way to reach the jeevan present in the center of our head is our eyes. Eyes have access to the jeevan.  It’s possible only through our eyes. This the truth preached by all saints of this world!

If eyes are lamp of the body, we can reach god – vast grace light by inducing the soul light using the light present in the pupil of eye. Is it not?

We have to increase the inner divine light! Eesan present within us will bless-grace us!  Our two eyes are sun and moon!  Our eyes are represented as number eight and two!  They are also called as Shiva and Sakthi! All these are code word for eyes. It’s called as pari-paasai. Once who shares this pari-paasai with everyone will obtain gnana.  One who shares this will know himself and god. 

To save people from death!  To ponder the code words of the saints! To make that knowledge of soul clear! To help people realize their soul!  Preach the knowledge of soul and god without any doubt. First one should become human than become divine. This is the grace shown by saints to people of this world.    

Saints emerged in different parts of this world, told that ‘God is one’ in their own languages. They told that God is divine light! He is omnipresent! God is almighty! God is glitters in human head as soul and express in two eyes! 

With the divine light expressed in the pupil of eyes, using the jeeva sakthi we have to reach the inner divine light. To clear the seven layered screen present in between eyes and soul, we have to increase pure heat. Pure heat will melt all seven screens.    Pure heat is generated by penance(thiruvadi davam) . Surrendering mind to God, surrender the mind to divine light in the eyes. The divine light in the pupil of eyes will traverse inside and reach the soul.  Then only we will have the dharsan(vision) of God.  This happens after guru’s preaching , initiation and continuous penance (meditation). Looseness is formed in the eyes! 

Looseness is increased in the eyes, tears drops from pupil of eyes like a waterfall.  On continuous effort of thiruvadi davam tears will drench the whole body.  This is called Ganges holy bath! With great determination one has to continue the penance in his eyes!  On continuous penance the inner divine light will multiply. It will melt the seven screens!  Once the obstacle is cleared, we’ll have dharsan(vision) of soul! 

For every human to overcome the death in the life, vallalar built the temple and clear seven screens in sathya gnana sabai.  Once seven screens are cleared within, you will get vision of golden divine light! Surrender to guru to know yourself and god, to obtain gnana.  One who explains about divine light in the pupil of eyes, feeds the feeling in the eyes is Gnana Sarguru! This is the only way to know self and god(gnana)!

Gnana is to obtain complete 100% intelligence! Clarity! One has to understand-realize – experience completely that I am soul – divine!  This is gnana!

Only way to liberate your soul from suffering due to many births – deaths is penance, to progress in the path of gnana one has to do penance.  Clearing the three shits, seven screens formed due to the karmic accumulation is the achievement in gnana! 

The needle tip opening in the Pupil of our eyes is blocked by a membrane.  This has to be cleared.  The inner divine light has to be multiplied; converting the defective body to the divine light body is achievement in gnana.

The saint vadalur ramalingar told the same gnana preached by all the saints lived in different periods. Sharing of this divine knowledge (Gnana Dhana) is greater service than feeding food for thousands of people!! The greater service to human is to help a soul to know him-self!  Donation of  gnana is greater than any forms dhana(donation)!

Is there a better service than helping people to overcome the death and showing the way to bring an end to birth-death cycle?  This is called Gnana Dhanaa! 

Vallalar shows way to live the deathless life! With grace of vallalar this humble being (Gnana sarguru Siva selvaraj) showing the way (Gnana Dhaana) in the pupil of eyes to see/realize the divine light. You are welcome! Obtain initiation for Gnana! Do the donation of gnana for people this world!

 Let all living beings live in a happy life!
 To obtain Thiruvadi Deekshai , surrender to guru!
One who eats non vegetarian food is an animal!
Respect saints! Live a discipline life!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Purpose of Human Birth

Purpose of Human Birth

Realize Self and Lord

Dear soul,

Welcome!  You have taken birth as human in India where many number of saints live. You should be virtuous soul to take birth as human being. You have taken birth without any defects in the body, don’t you have to know reason for this birth and fulfill that?

Why we took this birth? Why we live as human in this world? How we should live this life!?  Where were we before our birth? What is our origin? How we came to this world? Our parents, parents parent, gave birth to the kids, lived the life in this world.  They died and left this world?  World was there before our birth.  Our parents, grandparents and our ancestors lived in this world. Is it not?
After our death our son, our grandson, son’s grandson are going to live?!  Our life is similar to running race. In this race we can live for 120 year to the maximum?!  But we humans live almost like an animal by addiction to bad habits and eating non-vegetarian food!?  People living like this can survive for only 70 years; it’s very rare cross that age.

Bible says “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”  Hindu Vedas says the same truth!? All Human beings take birth based the previous birth’s good and bad deeds. The karma of previous birth(s) decides our current life! This is truth! This is what our scriptures say!  Man who has taken birth with both good and bad karma is sinful person! What bible says is the truth! All saints in our country said the same!  Man is sinful – He forgot his soul and lives the life with body mind limitation. Lives like animal by eating, sleeping and reproducing. He ignores the great power that manages all functions in the body.  He identifies himself wrongly with his body and mind.

The karma which is root cause for birth and death varies from human to human! Birth taken and the life he lives depends on the karma!  No one can receive others karma!  It is we who decide how to live our life! Our children and relatives are the souls to which we had karmic relation in the previous births!? Once the karmic relation is over then they leave you and go! Really there is no relation between son and a father! This is real life! Karma is fate. Our ancestor referred karma as fate. Karma comes with soul and goes with soul on death. All the relationship is maintained by the society for living this world.

We took this birth with the grace of God!  The real father and mother of all living beings in this world is the almighty god! He is called Ammaiyappan(Mother-Father).  The physical body is given by our parents.  Soul is given by God!  God has given us this chance as human to realize our self.  Realize soul and god.

All human are unique because of the karma vinai. God classified as male and female physically but soul is same for all human!  All human souls of this world are similar to almighty god.  People varied by karma but by jeevan-soul all are same! Difference is due to karma. God is one! He is Paramathma!  He is also jeevathma who lives in the body of all types.

Oh people of this world, we are different by karmic accumulations, as soul we are same!  Don’t we need to realize that we are one by soul? How long our soul will be suffering due to mind which acts as per our karma? When soul will be liberated? Don’t we need to know our self?  Don’t we need to work to clear the karmic accumulation which is the obstacle to know self/soul? In this world we learnt each and everything from others.  From our birth we learnt from our mother, father, relatives, neighbor, friends, books and teachers.  Blindly we followed whatever they said.  Still following the same! When we took this birth we know only to cry. Don’t we need do penance on the holy feet of god?  Holy feet of god are our eyes.  While doing penance (Thiruvadi Davam after taking thiruvadi initiation) tears will flow and drench the whole body. Only committed penance will help you clear all the karmic accumulation and see the soul (yourself) and god.  We know only to cry and should obtain Gnana (divine wisdom) by crying (tears should flow like river by penance). See how god has created us excellently?

Soul takes care of our body and mind.  All complex activity (digestion, blood, nerves, brain, and heart) happens only when soul/athma is present in our body. Don’t we need to realize the god who gave soul to us, who is soul in our body? This is the purpose of our life! We took birth in this world to not to take any more births (stop the birth-death-birth chain).  We should not die in this birth to avoid next birth.  We should live a deathless life!  We have to become Siranjeevee!  All siddhas, saints, gnanis and religions accepted that god is one and he is vast grace divine light! Soul is tiny divine light which present in our body. This is the truth!

God is omnipresent, he who is glittering in all atoms, is present in our center of head as soul (divine light).  This is the truth told by all Vedas!!  God who is present in the center of our head he blesses us by expressing himself in our two eyes!  Bible says “Eye is the lamp of the body”.  The secret revealed by Kathopanishad is that lord is as smokeless divine light in our body and is expressing or displaying himself as divine light in our eyes!

I reveal the secret, sathya hidden by many people with the grace of great saint Thiru Arut prakasa vallalar! Let each and everyone in this world attain gnana (know the soul and god)! Let everyone attain the birth right! Let everyone in this world reach holy feet of god! These are the goals of vallalar! Vallalar is inviting all the people in this world to attain deathless life!
We learnt each and everything from others. So we don’t we need a person who can help in spirituality? To attain gnana (know self and god), to attain self-realization we need someone to teach and guide us! He is called “GURU”!  For the people of this world to attain gnana there are four Vedas, Bible, Quran, Thirumadniram and Thiru arutpa. There are so many other books on spirituality! All the books show way (guides us) to know the one god who is in the form of divine light.
We are ready to listen when there is a Guru to teach the spirituality to us! Gnana guru is the one who helps us to know and realize this!  Gnana Sarguru is the one who lights the lamp of the divine light and removes the darkness/ignorance.  Come here to kanniyakumari!  Come to Thanga Jothi gnana sabai to lamp the divine light in you.

With the grace of Ramalinga swamigal Thiru Arut Prakasa Vallalar, this humble being understood that instead of giving food to thousand people if we show the way for one soul’s liberation it’s considered as ultimate service.  This humble being donates this knowledge to all people in this world. The greatest service is to help the seeker of God instead of giving food for so many people. The greatest service is to help a person in attaining self-realization! This humble being is helping all souls to know themselves!

Equality (Samarasam) taught by vallalar is that people of this world are children of god, should unite without discrimination of caste, religion, language!  Accept and embrace all kinds of people without any differences and try to merge with god vast grace light (from where we/soul came).   Practice makes a man perfect!  Penance will help you to know soul/self and god. This is Samarasa Sanmargam.

Four Vedas preaches this Samarasa Sanmaargam

Bible preaches this Samarasa Sanmaargam

Quran preaches this Samarasa Sanmaargam

Thirumandiram Thiruvaasagam Thiru arutpa  says the same.

All the scriptures preaches us to live in this world by knowing our self and god.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Open your eyes for Knowing soul and god

In Spirituality there are four main steps, They are

2. Kiriyai,
3.Yogam and

       The first 3 steps one will do with closed eyes. It will give one only smaller attainments or blessings and will not lead one to completeness.

       In the State of Gnana one has to do penance/meditation with eyes opened. If we close our eyes it is dark and if we open it , then there is light. We have to do meditation on divine light isin’t? So the penance should be done with open eyes. Whatever divine experience we get with opened eyes were the true one. Experiences got with our eyes closed were all illusions.

       For doing penance eyes has to be opened. It means two things. One physically our eyes has to be opened. Other thing is the layers of screen covering our eyes have to be removed. The door or the way has to be opened. So opening of our eyes also means the layers of karma which is like screen or door has to be opened. Only then we can get the vision of our soul and realize our self. We can get Gnana or divine wisdom.

Leaving the eyelids of the external eye and opening of the screen in the pupil of the internal eye is divine wisdom or Gnana.  Our Vallalar sings as “Will you open the divine door removing all the screens – Will you open the door of the Pupil”.

When a artist completes a painting or sculpts a sculpture, the last thing he does is opening of the eyes of the work. When the eyes were opened it means the painting or sculpture is completed.
In that way , for a human opening of the internal eye is the most important ambition in his life. In this birth the most important or significant event is opening of our internal eye, only after which one gets the purpose of the human birth.

Only if our eyes are (both external and internal) do we get the darshan of the divine flame. This humble being by the grace of supreme lord and by the grace of vallalar, was made to sit on the honorable seat of SadGuru and through Thiruvadi Deekshai or Nayana Deekshai , open the internal eyes of those who seek divinity.

All humans have father and mother, similarly one has to get a guru and from him get his internal eye to open and do penance and by this he has to improve his divine state. In order for the people to improve their divine state only our vallalar struggled a lot and still is still struggling. Inorder for all the people of the world to realize the oneness of soul and get the supreme state of deathless divine life only , our vallalar has made like me to give Deekshai.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Divine donation - Show path to soul and god

                India is a land of divine wisdom. There are innumerable saints who have taken birth here. There are innumerable holy places and temples here. In all these holy places offering of food or donation of food is considered holy and it happens regularly. The offering of food is called AnnaDhanam in Tamil. AnnaDhanam is now happening in almost all the temples. People of india know the importance of AnnaDhanam.

                   “All the places were ours and all the people are our brothers and sisters” Indian people live according to this passage. Hospitality and treating the guest with love is considered to be the greatest culture here. “One who gives food to a being is considered to be the one who has given soul to that being”. This is the culture practiced and followed in india. Till this day the world has praised the act of donating/offering food. Because of our punniya or good karma the great saint vallalar took birth among us. He is still living with us. He is living with us as divine light. He is the one who overcame death and attained divine light body.  The challenge he threw to the world is deathlessness and divine immortality and SaakaKalvi.

Because of vallalar whatever has been hidden as divine secret has come to light. He gave all the divine wisdom in his poems and in his teachings. It is impossible to comprehend his compassion.  In our Tamil Land innumerable saints have taken birth. It is our  punniya/good karma to have taken birth in this holy tamil land. In this land only the saint Ramanujar without heeding his Guru’s word (his guru asked him to keep the divine knowledge he taught to be kept as secret) he told the divine knowledge he learned to everyone for the sake of spiritual upliftment of all the humans. He is the great human and saint  who without caring for creed, caste and religion dispersed the divine knowledge to everyone. For this divine philanthropist sri sri Ramanujar my obeisance in crores and crores. For the humble person like me if saint vallalar is like one eye then sri sri Ramanujar is like other eye.

It is saint vallalar who has revealed the meaning of Sathya Gnana Sabhai to the whole world by his divine poem Thiru-arutpa and through the way of eye. Vallalar is the divine philanthropist who has donated the divine wisdom for the whole world and to the humanity. There is no one equivalent to him in divine donation. So for all the divine knowledge and wisdom is kept hidden in Vedas and were highly codified. Vallalar is the one who after deciphering it told to the entire world without any thing hidden. It is his divine grace by which i was asked to do this divine donation through my books. This is true. So for by my 24 books i have revealing all the divine secrets and divine wisdom to the whole world. This is very true. I feel very happy to know that this humble being is also one of the reason to donate this divine wisdom to all by means of internet. My obeisance in crores to my guru and great saint vallalar for making me to do this divine donation.

“Do the Act of Donation” – Saint Tamil Poet Avayaar. Here by donation she means divine donation only. It is better to donate the knowledge about the divine truth and means to attain divinity then to donate material things. It is the greatest donation one can do by showing others the way to realize themselves and attain divine bliss and divine immortality. Telling others the way to realize them and god is the greatest divine donation one can do. So do this divine donation. Do this divine donation till you live. Tell to everyone about the divine truth (soul) present within them. Tell everyone the way to achieve this divine wisdom. Tell everyone this is the only thing that is only truth. These things were called divine donation.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pramatma(Supreme Lord) - Jeevatma(Soul)

If Pramatma (Supreme Lord) is supreme infinite divine light then Jeevtma (Soul) is tiny divine light is it not?

This tiny divine light which is of the size of tip of the needle is available as our soul and is accessible in our two eyes. This is divine secret. Divine Truth. In the Puruana it is said that Godess Paarvathi did penance on lord shiva standing in the tip of the needle.

So if we keep our vision fixed in the centre of the pupil of the eyes in a region which is of the size of tip of needle, then lord siva will appear out as divine light and shower his grace. This is the inner meaning of story in the Purana.

One of the Siddhar sings in this following way “Come let us roam in the forest which is of the size of needle tip”.

How can there be a forest of the size of needle tip or how can a needle tip become a forest. The tiny divine light of the size of needle tip is present in the center of pupil in our eyes. If we enter inside this divine light it will expand and become very vast space. This is what our Siddhar is singing in his song.

All the seers and saints have conveyed the above information that the Supreme Paramatma has become a tiny divine light and is present and accessible as jeevatma in the center of pupil in our two eyes and is of the size of needle tip. This information is conveyed as “Answers to Questions” or as “Code Words” or as “Symbols” or as “hidden things”.

Even our great saint vallalar also has sung as “Oh My Eyes, Oh my Pupil of Eyes and Oh my divine light in my Pupil of the eyes”.

Even the great saint Abirami Pattar also sings “ Pupil of Eyes, Divine light in the pupil of the eyes” (In Tamil it is Maniyaae, Maniyin Oliyaae..).

This divine light in the Pupil of our eyes , this divine light in our right eye is Coded as SunLight of our body and the divine light in our left eye is coded or called as Moon light by many siddhars.

The brave Tamil Poet Mahakavi Bharathiyar in his song openly reveals this secret as “Burning Light in our two eyes were Sun and Moon, Oho my dear”.

Sage Agasthiyar in his book ThuraiAriVillakam breaks this secret wisdom of divinity as  “When you look at the place which is hot and where the lord is dancing, There both sun and moon will be visible”

What is the two thing that is with heat and burning , Only Our two eyes has heat and light in it isin’t. So our eyes only are the sun and moon in our body. The supreme lord is of divine flame or Jyothi and when we look at the place where he is dancing then both the sun light and moon light will be visible, this is what all the saints and seers have told decisively. 
Paramatma has become as Jeevatma and in our two eyes is present in two states.
Uniting this two states or two divine lights of our eyes is what is Penance. Vallalar tells how one has to do penance as “Thinking & Thinking with Consciousness and with relaxed and calm mind and with full love and bathing with overflowing tears from the eyes”. Vallalar says this is the way of doing penance. Thinking of our eyes and thinking of the divine light in our eyes and with consciousness that is got in the eyes, with the mind fixed in the consciousness your mind will become calm and relaxed. When this calmness and relaxation increases, then compassion will blossom. Because of we fixing our mind on the divine light in the eye there will be increase in sensation in the eyes which result in tears overflowing. If we keep on continuing this penance as said, the divine light in our eyes will increase. Slowly it will spread throughout our body and will convert this physical destructible body to divine light body.

This is the noblest penance. The divine art of making Jeeva(soul) as Siva. Everyone in this world should learn this divine art. This is the only way for us our jeevatma which is of tiny divine light to reach the supreme infinite divine light which is paramatma the supreme lord.
 - Gnana Sarguru sivaselvaraj

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Where to surrender?

God is almighty, his omnipresent, vast grace light god expressed in our pupil of eyes!!    We have to get initiated (deekshai) by Gnana guru in the entry point of our body pupil of two eyes. We need to surrender our mind in the pupil of eyes, remember the feelings and do the thavam.
    On continuously effort of penance, looseness is formed and tears in the eye will flow like a river. One should continue with this effort!!  Then divine light in the pupil eye will expand gradually! This happens due to the rotation of the pupil. Since mind present there in the pupil of eye, this will happen!! Light/jothi present in the two pupils of eyes will expand, travel inside and reach the soul which is called as Agni kalai, which is located just below the top of head and above uvula (inner tongue)!!

    “Vinnin rilinthu vinai keedaai meikondu
     Thannindra thaalai thalaikaaval munvaithu
      Unnin rukkiyo  ropilla ananadak
      Kan nindru kaati kalimaruth thane” – Thirumandiram

    This one song can substitute whatever is told in this book(Sanathana Dharma by guru)! This one song is enough to explain about sanaathana dharma.! In our eyes, right eye is sun, left eye is moon, If one does penance on these two eyes, light in both eyes will expand and travel inside , reaches the Agni kalai-Soul. This is merging of three divine lights. Jothi patham! Thiruvadi!! For the disciple being in this state and doing penance, light gradually spreads in 72000 Naadi and nerves present all over the body!!

    Body will be purified! Won't get any disease! Body will be strengthened! Mind will be matured! Will get god's grace! He will get blessings from all saints.You will be blessed with the sight of the soul. Jothi tharisanam. Seven screens will be cleared, soul will glitter!  Soul will navigate up and reach the top of head, called Sahasrara.(Sathya gnana sabai represents seven screens) Once it reaches the top of head(sahasrara) intelligence will be brightened! (Para veli) Outer space can be seen! Then you can roam in empty space (vetta veli). Bliss, bliss, only bliss!

What is the duty of vallalar?

      “Panneri(many ways) samayangal madangal endridumor
       Pava neri ithuvarai paraviya thithanaal
      Sennneri arinthilar iranthiran thulogor
      Seri iyru(dark) adainthnar aathalin ini nee
      Punneri thavirnthoru  pothuneri yenum
      Van puthamuthu arukindara sutha sanmaarga
      Nanneri seluthuga endra en arase
     Thani natarasa en sarguru maa maniye” -Vallalar

    There are many ways and religions formed in this world. Still people do not know the real way to self realization and deathlessness. People die in darkness, you go ahead and lead the eminent way called sanmargam.   This was told by nataraja sarguru maa mani to Vallalar. Many religions, many ways were formed in this world, but people died in darkness without knowing/realizing Sanathana dharma. To save the people from the wrong path, Thiru Arutprakasha Vallalar was graced by god and came to this world. To tell this world about the good path suttha sanmargam a common way to attain the bliss, sanathana dharma, god sent Vallalar to this world. Vallalar took birth in this world on 1823-Oct-05(Star Chittirai, Tamil month purataasi) attained light body on 1874-Jan-30 and filled in this existence.

Vallalar attained the state of god by filling himself in this world and galaxy.
    “Ulagamelaam potra olivadi vanaagi
     Ilaga arul seithaan isainthe – thilagan ena
     Naane sanmargam nadathukiren nam perumaan
    Thane endkkuth thanithu” – Thiruarutpa

    Almighty our god graced to make me a light body (luminous) to be praised by this world.  Sanmaargam which is a sanathana dharma is driven by me with the grace of god told by vallal perumaan. In Thiru-Arutpa(graced this for people of this world) Vallal perumaan advised us how to pray the god. 

Vallalar identify the people who are spiritually interested. He pulls those people to right track and guide them.

Kundalini sakthi

God is present in between eye brow (puruva matthi) told by our elders! People got confused and don't know what is the meaning of it. There are many paripaasai (Code Words) to confirm that god-light is light in the pupil of eyes.

“Purumathi ethenrakkaal parapiramma maanathoru anda uchi” Siddar said.Para brahmam is the light called as crown of cosmic. Pattinathar said in his songs, it's beautiful like universe (andam). Pupil of eye is like earth. Crown is center part of it.

One who realizes this will obtain gnana!? It's not Aagna chakra which is between two eye brows!?“Kaiyaravillatha nadukkan purava pootu”, this is the truth sung by Vallalar.

People say kundalini has to be raised. They say kundalini sakthi is below the stomach. Ignorant people! In yogam that is one in six chakras. This is what gnanis said! Pupil of eye is like sphere, like earth. It has fire – light in it. You are that – soul – athman – with god's qualities.

You are the light present in the pupil of the eyes. This sakthi has to be raised. Kundu (sphere) + anal (light) + nee (you) = Kundalini. Preaching is to explain and understand about that! Almighty, omnipresent god, atom inside an atom is god Arutperunjothi(Vast grace light). He dwells in our body at center of pupil as tiny light.

This is gnana upadesam(preaching)! One who preaches this is Gnana guru! One makes others to feel is sarguru!

Come here to get preaching!

Come here to realize yourself!

Come here to obtain light!

What God cannot accomplish??

“Deivathaan aagathu eninum muyarchi than
Mei varutha kooli tharum” - Thirukural

Even if the God cannot accomplish one's effort will always born fruit. What this means?
We say god is almighty! If that's the truth, what valluvar conveys that god can't do it!? Here you can understand the significance of the guru's preaching!? God is vast grace light! It's there in the pupil of our eyes as tiny light!?God glitters as light in the tiny hole in the center of our pupil of eyes.

    The hole in the center of our eyes are closed with membrane, it hides the god which is our divinity. Thavam(penance) is the way to clear the membrane that closes the hole in the center of eye!? The membrane has to be melted and one will have auspicious sight of our soul. This is the penance that we have to do. God is here, inside. The path closed by membrane which is not accumulated by god!?

    We have to obtain deekshai from guru to remove/melt the membrane and do penance.  It's our effort. We have to do with intense effort, divine light as manure, multiply the light to melt the membrane that hides the tiny path!?

This membrane - occlusion; Thiruarutprakasha Vallalar Ramalinga swamigal shows jothi dharsan with the seven screens in Sathya Gnana Sabai at Vadalore. Human should see the auspicious sight of his soul within himself, Vallalar externally symbolizes this as Sathya Gnana Sabai. 

    This is the eminence of Vallalar! All saadhus told this knowledge in many encrypted way.     Vallal perumaan purely expressed the internal state with an external object for the people of this world to understand and realize, to live a deathless life with a great Compassion.    

    The membrane is the seven screens; this is clearly explained and graced in the Thiruarutpa – Arutperunjothi agaval.  In saiva sithantham this is told as bakthi. Pathi – God, Pasu – Soul-Anma, One has to clear the obstruction (attachment/Paasam) for the soul(pasu) to reach(pathi) god . (Paasam)Attachment is of three (shits) types – Ego, Karma, Maya! To clear these three shits one has to surrender to Sivam.

 Sivam mean Light!?

   If we get hold of the light, 3 shits (paasa thirai) will get cleared, soul can reach the god! Vallalar knows this very minutely, realized this and shown the way, constructed Sathya Gnana Sabai, shown jothi dharsan for people of this world to attain deathlessness. He blessed us with grace. Vallalar showered the grace with compassion!  Philanthropist of Arul/grace is vallalar! My work is to preach all these knowledge and provide initiation/deekshai for soul realization. With active support all great saadhus, guided by Vallalar, being as guru, this humble being provides initiation/deekshai.Deekashi is to preach and realize how we should put some effort – to do the thavam.

Sanadhana Dharma 
Gnana Sarguru SivaSelvaraj
Thanga Jothi Gnana sabai

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