Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pramatma(Supreme Lord) - Jeevatma(Soul)

If Pramatma (Supreme Lord) is supreme infinite divine light then Jeevtma (Soul) is tiny divine light is it not?

This tiny divine light which is of the size of tip of the needle is available as our soul and is accessible in our two eyes. This is divine secret. Divine Truth. In the Puruana it is said that Godess Paarvathi did penance on lord shiva standing in the tip of the needle.

So if we keep our vision fixed in the centre of the pupil of the eyes in a region which is of the size of tip of needle, then lord siva will appear out as divine light and shower his grace. This is the inner meaning of story in the Purana.

One of the Siddhar sings in this following way “Come let us roam in the forest which is of the size of needle tip”.

How can there be a forest of the size of needle tip or how can a needle tip become a forest. The tiny divine light of the size of needle tip is present in the center of pupil in our eyes. If we enter inside this divine light it will expand and become very vast space. This is what our Siddhar is singing in his song.

All the seers and saints have conveyed the above information that the Supreme Paramatma has become a tiny divine light and is present and accessible as jeevatma in the center of pupil in our two eyes and is of the size of needle tip. This information is conveyed as “Answers to Questions” or as “Code Words” or as “Symbols” or as “hidden things”.

Even our great saint vallalar also has sung as “Oh My Eyes, Oh my Pupil of Eyes and Oh my divine light in my Pupil of the eyes”.

Even the great saint Abirami Pattar also sings “ Pupil of Eyes, Divine light in the pupil of the eyes” (In Tamil it is Maniyaae, Maniyin Oliyaae..).

This divine light in the Pupil of our eyes , this divine light in our right eye is Coded as SunLight of our body and the divine light in our left eye is coded or called as Moon light by many siddhars.

The brave Tamil Poet Mahakavi Bharathiyar in his song openly reveals this secret as “Burning Light in our two eyes were Sun and Moon, Oho my dear”.

Sage Agasthiyar in his book ThuraiAriVillakam breaks this secret wisdom of divinity as  “When you look at the place which is hot and where the lord is dancing, There both sun and moon will be visible”

What is the two thing that is with heat and burning , Only Our two eyes has heat and light in it isin’t. So our eyes only are the sun and moon in our body. The supreme lord is of divine flame or Jyothi and when we look at the place where he is dancing then both the sun light and moon light will be visible, this is what all the saints and seers have told decisively. 
Paramatma has become as Jeevatma and in our two eyes is present in two states.
Uniting this two states or two divine lights of our eyes is what is Penance. Vallalar tells how one has to do penance as “Thinking & Thinking with Consciousness and with relaxed and calm mind and with full love and bathing with overflowing tears from the eyes”. Vallalar says this is the way of doing penance. Thinking of our eyes and thinking of the divine light in our eyes and with consciousness that is got in the eyes, with the mind fixed in the consciousness your mind will become calm and relaxed. When this calmness and relaxation increases, then compassion will blossom. Because of we fixing our mind on the divine light in the eye there will be increase in sensation in the eyes which result in tears overflowing. If we keep on continuing this penance as said, the divine light in our eyes will increase. Slowly it will spread throughout our body and will convert this physical destructible body to divine light body.

This is the noblest penance. The divine art of making Jeeva(soul) as Siva. Everyone in this world should learn this divine art. This is the only way for us our jeevatma which is of tiny divine light to reach the supreme infinite divine light which is paramatma the supreme lord.
 - Gnana Sarguru sivaselvaraj

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