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Only open eye meditation will lead to Gnana.

                           Only open eye penance will lead to Gnana.

                              Enter through Eye – See the God.

Paramathma is perfect and omnipresent. There no place without him. He spreads all over!  He is also called as param porul! He is God! He is almighty! Without God even an atom cannot move! He is a vast grace light! There is only one God, told by all saints-siddhas lived in this world.

God present in each and every atom of this Universe and the surrounding universal space.  He is divine light. He should be in our body, is it not?  Yes, He is in our body! He is in our body as soul/spirit/athma/uyir!  Paramatha expressed as tiny divine light as Jeevathma! All these are told by our saints who took birth in this world.

All human are of same height. Don’t be surprised! For all humans, body is measured in span of eight with their own hand.  All human’s height is 8 spans in their own hand.  Paramathma is present in the center of our head as soul - tiny divine light! 

Non-perishable divine light glitters, exist below the top of the head and above the inner tongue (uvula).  Is this not a feature of the almighty God?

 Soul is present in the center of head.  The divine light is expressed in our eyes through two naadis! One soul (divine light) is expressed in our pupil eyes as two (soul < two eyes)!

Pupil of our eyes is in spherical shape like earth. Similar to earth, pupil of eyes also has fire (divine light) inside.  There is a tiny hole in the center of the eye’s pupil. The hole in the center of our eyes is closed with a membrane!!

The tiny hole in the center of the pupil is closed by a membrane is three layered shits. Our saint vallalar explained this in great detail as seven layered screen.  Our athma/soul is hidden from us with this seven layered screen.  This seven layer screen is formed with KARMA-EGO-MAYA. If we clear this seven layered screen by the penance (davam), we can get the dharsan(vision) of our soul which is the paramathma! 

Where is our jeevan? What is its form? It’s intelligence to question and realize completely in the way shown by the saints.

The only way to reach the jeevan present in the center of our head is our eyes. Eyes have access to the jeevan.  It’s possible only through our eyes. This the truth preached by all saints of this world!

If eyes are lamp of the body, we can reach god – vast grace light by inducing the soul light using the light present in the pupil of eye. Is it not?

We have to increase the inner divine light! Eesan present within us will bless-grace us!  Our two eyes are sun and moon!  Our eyes are represented as number eight and two!  They are also called as Shiva and Sakthi! All these are code word for eyes. It’s called as pari-paasai. Once who shares this pari-paasai with everyone will obtain gnana.  One who shares this will know himself and god. 

To save people from death!  To ponder the code words of the saints! To make that knowledge of soul clear! To help people realize their soul!  Preach the knowledge of soul and god without any doubt. First one should become human than become divine. This is the grace shown by saints to people of this world.    

Saints emerged in different parts of this world, told that ‘God is one’ in their own languages. They told that God is divine light! He is omnipresent! God is almighty! God is glitters in human head as soul and express in two eyes! 

With the divine light expressed in the pupil of eyes, using the jeeva sakthi we have to reach the inner divine light. To clear the seven layered screen present in between eyes and soul, we have to increase pure heat. Pure heat will melt all seven screens.    Pure heat is generated by penance(thiruvadi davam) . Surrendering mind to God, surrender the mind to divine light in the eyes. The divine light in the pupil of eyes will traverse inside and reach the soul.  Then only we will have the dharsan(vision) of God.  This happens after guru’s preaching , initiation and continuous penance (meditation). Looseness is formed in the eyes! 

Looseness is increased in the eyes, tears drops from pupil of eyes like a waterfall.  On continuous effort of thiruvadi davam tears will drench the whole body.  This is called Ganges holy bath! With great determination one has to continue the penance in his eyes!  On continuous penance the inner divine light will multiply. It will melt the seven screens!  Once the obstacle is cleared, we’ll have dharsan(vision) of soul! 

For every human to overcome the death in the life, vallalar built the temple and clear seven screens in sathya gnana sabai.  Once seven screens are cleared within, you will get vision of golden divine light! Surrender to guru to know yourself and god, to obtain gnana.  One who explains about divine light in the pupil of eyes, feeds the feeling in the eyes is Gnana Sarguru! This is the only way to know self and god(gnana)!

Gnana is to obtain complete 100% intelligence! Clarity! One has to understand-realize – experience completely that I am soul – divine!  This is gnana!

Only way to liberate your soul from suffering due to many births – deaths is penance, to progress in the path of gnana one has to do penance.  Clearing the three shits, seven screens formed due to the karmic accumulation is the achievement in gnana! 

The needle tip opening in the Pupil of our eyes is blocked by a membrane.  This has to be cleared.  The inner divine light has to be multiplied; converting the defective body to the divine light body is achievement in gnana.

The saint vadalur ramalingar told the same gnana preached by all the saints lived in different periods. Sharing of this divine knowledge (Gnana Dhana) is greater service than feeding food for thousands of people!! The greater service to human is to help a soul to know him-self!  Donation of  gnana is greater than any forms dhana(donation)!

Is there a better service than helping people to overcome the death and showing the way to bring an end to birth-death cycle?  This is called Gnana Dhanaa! 

Vallalar shows way to live the deathless life! With grace of vallalar this humble being (Gnana sarguru Siva selvaraj) showing the way (Gnana Dhaana) in the pupil of eyes to see/realize the divine light. You are welcome! Obtain initiation for Gnana! Do the donation of gnana for people this world!

 Let all living beings live in a happy life!
 To obtain Thiruvadi Deekshai , surrender to guru!
One who eats non vegetarian food is an animal!
Respect saints! Live a discipline life!

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