Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What God cannot accomplish??

“Deivathaan aagathu eninum muyarchi than
Mei varutha kooli tharum” - Thirukural

Even if the God cannot accomplish one's effort will always born fruit. What this means?
We say god is almighty! If that's the truth, what valluvar conveys that god can't do it!? Here you can understand the significance of the guru's preaching!? God is vast grace light! It's there in the pupil of our eyes as tiny light!?God glitters as light in the tiny hole in the center of our pupil of eyes.

    The hole in the center of our eyes are closed with membrane, it hides the god which is our divinity. Thavam(penance) is the way to clear the membrane that closes the hole in the center of eye!? The membrane has to be melted and one will have auspicious sight of our soul. This is the penance that we have to do. God is here, inside. The path closed by membrane which is not accumulated by god!?

    We have to obtain deekshai from guru to remove/melt the membrane and do penance.  It's our effort. We have to do with intense effort, divine light as manure, multiply the light to melt the membrane that hides the tiny path!?

This membrane - occlusion; Thiruarutprakasha Vallalar Ramalinga swamigal shows jothi dharsan with the seven screens in Sathya Gnana Sabai at Vadalore. Human should see the auspicious sight of his soul within himself, Vallalar externally symbolizes this as Sathya Gnana Sabai. 

    This is the eminence of Vallalar! All saadhus told this knowledge in many encrypted way.     Vallal perumaan purely expressed the internal state with an external object for the people of this world to understand and realize, to live a deathless life with a great Compassion.    

    The membrane is the seven screens; this is clearly explained and graced in the Thiruarutpa – Arutperunjothi agaval.  In saiva sithantham this is told as bakthi. Pathi – God, Pasu – Soul-Anma, One has to clear the obstruction (attachment/Paasam) for the soul(pasu) to reach(pathi) god . (Paasam)Attachment is of three (shits) types – Ego, Karma, Maya! To clear these three shits one has to surrender to Sivam.

 Sivam mean Light!?

   If we get hold of the light, 3 shits (paasa thirai) will get cleared, soul can reach the god! Vallalar knows this very minutely, realized this and shown the way, constructed Sathya Gnana Sabai, shown jothi dharsan for people of this world to attain deathlessness. He blessed us with grace. Vallalar showered the grace with compassion!  Philanthropist of Arul/grace is vallalar! My work is to preach all these knowledge and provide initiation/deekshai for soul realization. With active support all great saadhus, guided by Vallalar, being as guru, this humble being provides initiation/deekshai.Deekashi is to preach and realize how we should put some effort – to do the thavam.

Sanadhana Dharma 
Gnana Sarguru SivaSelvaraj
Thanga Jothi Gnana sabai

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