Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hear - Contemplate - Experiance

What is Upadesam? The closest translation for this word in English is the teaching. Upadesam the word can be split in to two parts which is Upa + Desam. Upa means the guide as well as number two and Desha means place, which implies it is the guide to the destination or guide to the two place. What is this two place. We shall see subsequently.
What is Thiruvadi? Thiruvadi means holy feet – holy feet of the supreme lord. Thiruvadi Upadesha means guiding one or teaching one about the holy feet of the supreme lord. Thiruvadi Upadesha imparts the knowledge of the holy feet of the lord on our body and tells the means for self realization and god realization. This knowledge will be imparted by means of Sruthi (hearing), Yukthi (by analyzsis and thinking), Vaakiyaa (Reference to the holy scriptures by saints) and Anubava (experience).
Who are we? Are we this body and mind alone. When one dies all the physical body is there and we still call it as dead body. So what is that without which a body stops functioning and considered as dead. Something has left this body right. What is that! We call it Soul. Our saints and seers tells us we are the soul (Jeevatma). This soul is one which gives life to the body. So to answer the question “who are we“, we should know and realize our soul. This realization is called self-realization. Inorder to know and realize our soul first we should know “where is this soul located inside our body and what is it’s character.” If we know where it is then we can reach there isin’t? Let us do some analysis and use our limited intelligence and find out the probable place where it can be. We shall then verify our understanding with the sayings in the scripture.


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