Monday, December 23, 2013

Periya Puranam recites 63 nayanmar

Periya Puranam recites 63 nayanmar’s history.

Think deeply about it, were there are only 63 devotees of God in our country?

There are millions and millions of holy, incomparable, genuine, eminent Gnanis/Saints in our country. Why sekkizhar(Sekkilaar) considered only 63 people?

These 63 people were born and brought up in different caste/groups. They were doing different types of businesses. They were in different stages/states. They were similar only in attaining the supreme lord. They lived with intense devotion, love and discipline.

63 Nayanmars:
1. Sundaramurthi Nayanar
2. Tiru Neelakanta Nayanar
3. Iyarpahai Nayanar
4. Ilayankudi Mara Nayanar
5. Maiporul Nayanar
6. Viralminda Nayanar
7. Amaraneedi Nayanar
8. Eripatha Nayanar
9. Enadinatha Nayanar
10. Kannappa Nayanar
11. Kungiliya Kalaya Nayanar
12. Manakanchara Nayanar
13. Arivattaya Nayanar
14. Anaya Nayanar
15. Murthi Nayanar
16. Muruga Nayanar
17. Rudra Pasupathi Nayanar
18. Tiru Nalai Povar Nayanar
19. Tiru Kurippu Thonda Nayanar
20. Chandesvara Nayanar
21. Tiru-Navukkarasar Nayanar
22. Kulacchirai Nayanar
23. Perumizhalai Kurumba Nayanar
24. Karaikal Ammaiyar
25. Appuddi Nayanar
26. Tiruneelanakka Nayanar
27. Nami Nandi Adigal
28. Tiru Jnana Sambandar
29. Eyarkon Kalikama Nayanar
30. Tiru Mula Nayanar
31. Dandi Adigal Nayanar
32. Murkha Nayanar
33. Somasira Nayanar
34. Sakkiya Nayanar
35. Sirappuli Nayanar
36. Siruthonda Nayanar
37. Cheraman Perumal Nayanar
38. Gananatha Nayanar
39. Kootruva Nayanar
40. Pugal Chola Nayanar
41. Narasinga Muniyaraiyar
42. Adipattha Nayanar
43. Kalikamba Nayanar
44. Kalia Nayanar
45. Satti Nayanar
46. Aiyadigal Kadavarkon Nayanar
47. Kanampulla Nayanar
48. Kari Nayanar
49. Ninra Seer Nedumara Nayanar
50. Mangayarkarasiyar
51. Vayilar Nayanar
52. Munaiyaduvar Nayanar
53. Kazharsinga Nayanar
54. Seruthunai Nayanar
55. Idangazhi Nayanar
56. Pugazh Tunai Nayanar
57. Kotpuli Nayanar
58. Pusalar Nayanar
59. Nesa Nayanar
60. Kochengat Chola Nayanar
61. Tiru Neelakanta Yazhpanar
62. Sadaya Nayanar
63. Isaijnaniyar

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One should have two GURUs ?

karana guruvai vittu kaariya guruvai kandu” ganapathi thasan explains the importance of kaariya guru in nenjari vilakkam

Each and every human has two gurus. One who gets the second guru will be able to attain God. 
There is no other way. 

We were discussing about kaariya guru. Kaarana guru is external guru. Kaariya guru is internal guru. 

We have to surrender to exteral/kaarana guru and know the meiporul. We have to do continuous penance and we can know the athma which responsible for all our actions!  It’s our determination and penance that decides the time to have the dharsan of athma in our body. 

The athma is in the sukshama form.  It is present in the physical body.  It’s is our second guru called as kaarana guru. After that kaarana guru (athma) guides us in each and every step of our development. For all the human beings his athma is the kaarana guru. 

If one follows the path of external guru - kaariya guru, first he will be able to get kaarna guru – dharsan of athma(self-realization) . Only this kaarana guru helps to realize it self. Then it will guide us to merge with almighty lord. 

With help of kaariya guru we will find the kaarna guru. Then it will lead to self-realization, after being that state, we will attain the state of God. That’s why siddhas and gnani iterated that only after self-realization God realization happens. Only after that we can attain moksha or death less life. We have to realize this! 

Gnana sarguru sivaselvaraj.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Quotes on enlightenment

 “God is present as light and if you walk in the light you will reach him” – Bible.
“Eyes were the lamp of our body. If your eyes were full of light then your whole part of body will be of light” – Jesus.
“Killer of Time is in my eyes, see it” – Saint ThiruNavukarasar.
Our Saint Vallalar in his ThiruVarutpa which has 6000 songs has mentioned about our eyes at innumerable place and tells clearly that the way to divinity is through the divine light of eyes.
“Oho My Eyes, Pupil of my eyes, Divine Light in the pupil of my eyes” – Saint Abhirami Pattar.
In KathaUpanishad the hero character Nachikaten asks the lord of death (called Yama) about our soul and lord. To this Yama answers “Lord is within every living human body in a place which is of the size of SinMudra in a form of smokeless divine flame.” Explanation to the phrase is given below:
Two things have to be noted here. One he is in human body and other he is in the form of smokeless divine flame.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Activate 100% brain

  • Who is compassionately taking care of our body/mind day and night without boredom ?
  • Who am i?  Body or mind?  Not able to explore beyond this? Why?  If body and mind belongs to you then what is stopping to know your self?
  • A sincere seeker should obtain this information. Many seeker got struck/entangled with fake gurus.  Don't waste time with them. 
  • All people should progress towards correct path. This is the wish of the Guru. So Guru explained all the secrets/code words.  
  • We see so many reviews to buy things in this world. But when it comes for spiritual journey we read what they say and see any reviews.
  • Why i took this birth?
  • Is there way to avoid death and birth?
  • What is fate? What is karma?
  • How to overcome fate/karma with intelligence?
  • How to know soul/self/spirit? 
  • What is the location of soul? 
  • How to see the soul divine light with in us?
  • Where to surrender mind? 
  • What is root cause(source) of the mind?
  • How to clear the obstacle to know self?
  • Is it possible to travel in this path without guru?
  • Is it possible to travel our self with 5% intelligence?

  • What is holy feet of God?
  • Where is to located in our body?
  • What is entry to soul?
  • How to do penance?
What vadalur Sathya Gnana Sabai represents?

Do you have these questions? Have you ever thought about this? 

We learnt everthing from others from our childhood.  So we need a guru to explain this and make to travel in the path of spirituality.

Guru can help a disciple on complete surrender.

Meet Gnana Sarguru at Kanyakumari.  Surrender and take THIRUVADI DEEKSHAI.

Do penance with OPEN EYE and obtain blessings of all siddhas and saints.

Only after clearing of brain with this penance will active 100% brain.  Its called blooming of 1008 lotus petals.

Turn inward! Know your real state  - joy/bliss.  Make others to live like that.

Live in bliss!  Bliss!  Bliss!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Service to Enlightenment

The people in these Sanmargams will just do donation of food and sing Thiruvarutpa. Still some people run the charity organizations of running school for the orphans, providing free shelter and home to the aged people and needy.

Some people also run news papers. They do lot of good social works. They are indeed very good, no doubt in it? We can appreciate the social service these organizations do.

But to do this we have rotary club and Lions club isn’t? Our Vallalar has thought something more and important than this, which is the Spiritual Education of Deathlessness. This is what the Sanmargis have to tell the world.

Realize meiporul. Do Thiruvadi thavam.

என் இனி நீர் சமரச சன்மார்க்க மெய் நெறியைக் கடைப்பிடித்து "மெய்ப்பொருள்" நன்கு உணர்ந்து எண்டகு சிற்றம்பலத்தே எந்தைஅருள் அடைமின்  இறவாத வரம்பெறலாம் இன்பமுறலாமே - ஞான சரியை.

Friday, August 9, 2013

How to attain light body?

When we do penance we have do with the eyes kept open. Doing Meditation with the eyes kept close is not penance.

(Gnana - Enligtenment) When we do penance with our eyes open we get five difficulties. They are called as Saakiram, Soppanam, Sulithi, Thuriyam and Thuriyathidam.

Gnana is not doing this blindly. It is not doing penance with closed eyes. Doing Penance by keeping our eyes opened is the state of Gnana.

If we close our eyes darkness will result. If we open our eyes light will be there. If we open our inner eye then we can see the supreme divine light. So we need to open both our external and internal eyes.Bible tells that eyes were the lamp of the body.

Our body which has more than half water in it, has to be dried out by increasing the divine light of our eyes and this is the achievement in Gnana/Enlightenment.

If you want to get darshan of supreme lord who is as supreme divine light then we need to increase the tiny divine light of our eyes by doing penance, and by this divine light we have convert our body which has more than half water in it as divine light and this is the benefit or attainment one gets by doing this penance.

Our body should shed all the water in it and the divine light should increase. If we do meditation on the divine light of our eyes by keeping our eyes open then because of the divine heat generated the water in the body will dry out and divine light will increase.

Right from the top of our head to our feet this divine pure heat will spread and will convert our physical handicapped body to divine light body.

Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj
Kanya Kumari

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thuvijan - unless born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God

This birth should be last one! Our Gnanis/Saints are showing way for that.

What is that? How? As we have already taken birth, we should obtain a Gnana sadguru, get preaching and Deekshai from them, and take a new birth in the subtle body(Suksumam). This is what is called here as rebirth(Not taking new birth after death).

We took birth with our physical body, and in order for us to take birth through consciousness in subtle body we need a SarGuru.

One who can reincarnate the subtle body is called the Guru.

Guru is the one who gives birth to our subtle body by giving initiation (Thiruvadi deekshai).

We who have taken birth in the physical body, taking birth again in the subtle body is reincarnation. This is how we reincarnate or take rebirth in this birth.

Only who realizes this will obtain gnanam.

Vedas talks about “Duvijan/Thuvijan” – one who takes two births.

Who is thuvijan? One who takes birth again! In the path of bakthi(devotion) when child attain age 8, they do a ritual called “upa nanaya.”One who gets upa-nayanam is called thuvijan. These days, it has just become a ritual.

Bible doubtlessly explains about rebirth.

“Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”  Unless born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God!? How?  One who had baptism is considered as born again. Only he can enter the kingdom of god.(Baptism should be done by divine fire and holy spirit/pure soul)

Baptism done with fire means it is the way for one to increase the divine fire (Agni) within themselves; it’s called as upa-nayanam.

We can see the same knowledge is preached in different languages! To enter into the kingdom of god one has to take birth again!

Thuvijan – One who takes birth again!

“Maatri pirakka vagai arintharillai” (Don’t know how to take birth again) this is told by Agasthiyar.

This is what happens in Thiruvadi theekshai. In this birth if we get initiated/deekshai from guru, it is called taking birth again. To get rid of death followed by birth, one has to take re birth in this present birth.

This humble being(Gnana Sarguru SivaSelvaraj) obtained many children like this. Gnana deekshai – The day one gets the Thiruvadi deekshai(holy feet initiation) is day Rebirth. Taking a new birth in the subtle body is called re-birth. Through the eyes that has divine light, we took birth to meditate on this divine light in our eyes and attain the Supreme Lord, the vast grace light.

God is one - way is one - entry to soul and God is pupil of eyes(thiruvadi of God)

Who is the Guru?

Who is the Guru (Spiritual teacher)?

One who tells (or imparts) is the guru! Person who listens is the disciple! Disciple is called as Sishya or Sishyan in Indian literatures.

Guru is the one who helps to know the unknown. Disciple is the one who learns and understands without any doubts. We are still learning, right from our childhood

We have learnt everything from others. All are gurus. We have learnt so many things from the nature and other creatures. Are all these our gurus!? Then what is the reason to highlight the word guru? 

Guru is the one, who induces the intelligence, helps one to realize self and gives sensation (divine consciousness / feelings) in the eyes. Incomparable guru! Sadguru! Gnana guru! One needs to get that incomparable guru to realize self. One can come out of the birth death cycle only when one finds that guru. Sadguru shows the way to live an elegant, healthy and excellent life. Sadguru is the one who helps one to get rid of the birth cycle. Only such a person is called a Sadguru. Gnana guru makes progresses in a man who lives with ignorance, by inducing the intelligence, bringing them out of birth cycle. He feeds the feeling in the eyes and helps to make progress in the life. Incomparable guru is sadguru! Sadguru is Gnana guru! We have to obtain a guru to escape from this birth death cycle! Otherwise we’ll get struck in the birth cycle.

Whatever may be the environment one grows in, god always blesses us with a chance to realize him.

Though life is driven by the karma, God blesses every one and gives a chance to obtain Gnana.

Major contributions for one self-realization goes to Saints/Gnanis. This is the nature of Gnanis / Saints who attained deathlessness and have realized god. For all souls to realize the god, Gnanis / Saints helps and guides one to come out of the sufferings and bondage of karma and realize the Supreme Lord.

We need not know the Gnanis / Saints! They know us very well!? Gnanis / Saints don’t discriminate amongst people based on caste, religion, race, language and country!

Oho People come here!
Obtain Upadesam (Teaching)!
It’s important to get initiation (Tiruvadi Deekshai)!

The rarest birth of human is to attain the god. Don’t waste the time; come here to open your EYES. Gnanis and Supreme Lord will bless you.

For many people there is confusion in selecting the guru.

A group of people praise the Gnanis / Saints in their caste.

Another group of people praise the Gnanis / Saints in their religion.

Another group of people praise the Gnanis / Saints speaking their mother tongue.

Some group of people might be praising a saadhu, if they get mere benefits.

Crowd gathers for money.
Crowd gathers for fame.
Crowd gathers for curing diseases.
Crowd gathers for entertainment.

Like this people get struck and suffer due to lack of awareness. There are many imposters who make use of this and cheat people in a planned way. This situation should change.

The real guru is the one who shows the way to know “Who am I”- make one to realize himself and guide them.

“Wheel that is not cut down
 Mantra does not talk
 Flower that no one can reach
 Pooja that can be understood by mind”

If one knows to explain this, then he is eligible to make others realize God. He is the guru! One who makes others to realize the number 8 and 2 is the guru! One who shows way to add 8 with 2 is a real guru!

One who clearly explains the hidden truths and makes one to realize, is the guru!

This humble being, as a gnana guru with the blessings of Gnanis / Saints, gives deekshai/initaion for people who come to Samarasa Sutha Sanmarga Sathya Sangam established by Ramalinga vallal peruman in kanniyakumari and vadalore. 

This birth should be last one! Our Gnanis / Saints are showing way for that. What is that? How? As we have already taken birth, we should obtain a Gnana sadguru, get preaching and Deekshai from them, and take a new birth in the subtle body(Suksumam). This is what is called here as reincarnation.

We took birth with our physical body, and in order for us to take birth through consciousness in subtle body we need a SarGuru. One who can reincarnate the subtle body is called the Guru.

Look at soul with compassion. First liberate from your mind!

Jeeva karunyam is not only donating food to others, helping people in different ways!?  But it’s being compassionate on your soul, which suffers by death and birth!! Soul is permanent, it has no death!

Why there are sufferings in the life? What is the reason? How it happens? Don’t we need to know about happenings in our life? So suffering itself becomes permanent in many people’s life! Why? Don’t we need to find a way for living a happy life?
Show compassion to your soul in the way you show it to other souls!  Its Jeeva kaarunya!  Showing compassion to other living beings is called benevolence! Charity will help to liberate your soul! Look at your soul with compassion!? What is the way for your soul to get liberation?! To liberate the soul one should do contemplation! Ask these questions to yourself, who am i? From where I came?  Why i came to this world? Why there are sufferings in life? What is the solution for sufferings? From whom I should learn?

Find a guru who can give answer to all your questions! Surrender to that Gnana Sarguru! Obtain the preaching and attain Thiruvadi initiation! Request guru to give initiation! Find the way for your soul to get liberation!

This is the jeeva karunyam preached by siddhas saints.  Each and every saints loved his own soul and paid attention to their soul. After self-realization they obtained god realization. They got blessings from God! They did penance (Gnana Thavam) made their soul more powerful! Later they serviced human beings! Only the inner experience of soul and God can bring out the real compassion.

Since God is of Supreme and ultimate compassion, the saints are naturally compassionate.
First find a way for your soul to liberate from the mind? You can help others only when you have enough wealth, isn’t!? Similarly Only when you soul is graced by god, you can be compassionate on all living being and help them?! The great soul Vallalaar did intense penance and blessed by lord of Arutperunjothi(vast grace light). Vallalar was graced to be in the state of God! After that vallalar was able to shower compassion on the plants as well that starves for the water! Love and compassion is expressed from within! To be a loving and compassionate person you have to make yourself compassionate and loving! You do the Gnana Thavam(penance) to achieve that!  Be compassionate on your soul! Vallalar paid attention to the soul!  Vallalar started his penance from the age of 9! He was doing with great determination! Penance gave the result! The God is more compassionate than mother. Arutperun jothi(vast grace light) overwhelmed vallalar with grace for the penance he did. The physical body got transformed to divine light body!

Jesus Christ also did intense penance (thavam) for many years and became son of Lord!  Jesus brought back the dead person alive! Many blind people obtained vision, many other miracles was done by Jesus!  All this happens when Jesus surrendered his soul-spirit to the lord to save him!!?

Prophet Mohammad also showed compassion-love on enemies by doing intense penance on Almighty Allah!   He planted love on hearts of people in Arab who were living in crookedness! He made people of Arab to pray Allah!  This is the power of his soul which is obtained by Thavam(penance). He showed compassion on people who threw stone at him! People realized their ignorance. He made them to realize God Allah! He paid attention to the great power with in and did the intense penance! That was how Prophet Mohammad became such a great person! Allah expressed himself as Mohammad’s soul!  This is called Jeeva kaarunyam!  Jesus prayed to God to forgive the humans who crucified him in the cross! This is called Jeeva kaarunyam! Expression of love by Jesus!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Attention pleasure seekers!!

Marriages are made in heaven. We get a wife based on the some of the previous birth’s bonding we had. We do not know which birth’s bonding. We need to treat our wife with respect and care. One who ignores his wife and treats her badly is to considered as animal. One who considers his wife as his soul is the virtuous person. One who lives his life with only one wife is to be considered as a noble and meritorious person.

  One who scum to his lust is the biggest fool. One who leaves his vital seminal fluid will die suffering. We get sit-rin-bam (pleasure by the union of male and female, it is called sitrinbam because it is not everlasting and not infinite and considered to be very negligible when compared with divine bliss) by the disposal of seminal fluid and in this all of our 72000 naadis will vibrate. This pleasure we will get for very small time. After this only suffering result. We need to recharge our seminal fluid reserve after discharging it. Even in this union maintain a limit and be wise as advised by our seers and saints.

 Due to the lust seminal fluid will go down and will result in lose of Prana(life force).  With Penance the seminal fluid will go up and become Oojus. Our prana will be stabilized. If we live a virtuous life our body will be in good shape. If we scum to our lust and do illegal things we will get dreadful disease and our life will end. If we maintain disciple in our body and mind it will lead one to deathlessness.  This is truth.

As we seen earlier wife is better than one’s mother. Only a good wife can become a good mother. Father and mother were the one who has given us our physical body. They are to be considered as god’s seen by our eyes. But the supreme one is the one who has given the Mei(soul/spirit) in this Mei(body). This body as we know without realization or divine grace will be destroyed. Mother has only give us the body will be destroyed. 

A wife is the one who like the truth (Mei) in the Mei(body) can give pleasure to a husband in both body and soul. Only wife can give Chirinbam, mother can’t give chirinbam. Mother’s affection ends after giving birth and taking care till our adulthood. But wife affection comes from nowhere and exists till our death. Husband and wife relation is the one which cannot be separated.

Mother’s affection will be split among her children but wife’s affection is only to her husband. A mother carries the child only for 10 months. But wife comes from different family and gives affection and carries her husband in her mind throughout her life. So in all these cases wife is better than the mother. These facts very few know. This is truth.

A man’s life will be good or bad based on his wife character only. A virtuous wife with patience and good characters will be got by a husband who has done lot of good deeds in his early life. Such a person is the lucky one.

A husband and wife should live like two bodies and one soul. They should live like nail and flesh in the hand. The relationship should be like sacred couple vasuki and valluvan. The biggest thing a wife can get is that to be called Pathini (chaste women).  This belongs only to wife. A girl first becomes wife and then only mother. So wife is the best.  This is true, true and true.

Only because of wife does a husband gets pleasure. A man becomes husband after marrying a wife and unites with her with his body and consciousness and gets little pleasure called Chirinbam. This is truth.

Our soul is feminine  So spiritually we souls/spirits are females. Only the supreme lord is male. For all jeevatmas the supreme lord is the only husband. Union of Jeevatma and Paramatma is the supreme divine pleasure and bliss. This divine pleasure and bliss is called Perinbam (meaning everlasting and infinite pleasure).  This union is called as JeevaBrahaAaikiyam by the seers.

The pleasure we get in this world by our body is Chirinbam. The pleasure got by our soul when union with paramatma is perinbam(ecstasy). In this world we get pleasure because of wife. In the spiritual world also only when we become wife to the supreme lord we can get supreme divine pleasure and bliss.  So we should become very good wife to our lord.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spiritual teaching of vallalar

Sanmaakee is one who attains deathless life

All human beings in this world are children of God!

Pasithiru! Thanithiru! Vilithiru! You can attain Gnana!

God is one! He is lord arut-perun-jothi!

Worship of minor and sacrificial offering by killing animals is forbidden.

Should not have superstitious!

Do anna-thanam as much as possible!

Donate the knowledge of spirit/soul!

At any cost don’t eat non vegetarian food.

Smoking, Alcohol habits are forbidden!

All living beings should live in bliss!

Compassion on souls is the real worship of God.

World to live in peace there should be union of people with compassion.

To know yourself, you should have Jeeva kaarunya discipline.

Surrender to Gnana Guru and obtain preaching and Thiruvadi deekshai!

One who follows this will obtain moksha!

Our eyes are holy feet of God!

Cin-Mudra what actually it means?

God who is of divine light and sound is showering grace upon us and his grace can be realized from the place of Cin-Mudra  Know and realize what is Cin-Mudra and do penance there with silence. This is the message that lord thatchinaa murthy is conveying to the humans with his form.

The divine message that lord thatchinaa murthy bought is “Keep you eyes open and be just present without any action”. This is what told by thatchinaa murthy without any speech. This is the secret wisdom of divinity.

Vedas tells the same truth in coded and hidden way. The lord who is present everywhere is of the form of divine light. With this divine light divine sound is also present and this divinity is present in human body in the place of cin-mudra. If we cling on to this sinmudra and be just there we can realize and reach the supreme lord. 

Sana kaathi sages came to know this and by following this they realized him and reached him and attain divine blissfull immortal life.

In this the important thing is cin-mudra. This is the place in the human body through which he is accessible and we can reach him. This is the place in which we have to do penance. This is the place where we have to be just there. 

Lord as Thatchinaamurthy has bent his index finger and touching the middle line of the thumb with his other three fingers stretched out.

The Lord Ayyappa in sabarimala is also showering his grace in the sign of cin mudra. With cin mudra in your hand and if you turn your hands the region in which the index finger is touching the middle finger resembles like our eyes.

Our eye length is same as the length of thumb finger from the tip till the middle line. So cin-mudra means Eye and this has been represented in coded terms so that we may think and realize this.  To make us use our knowledge only these things were represented in coded form.

In KathaUpanishad the hero character Nichikethan asks the lord of death yama where the lord is residing in human body. To this lord yama replies the supreme lord is present in the human  body which is of the size of thumb and is present as smokeless divine flame. This is one more proof that eye is the way to reach god.

In our human body the length of thumb from tip to the middle line represents the eye as both are of same length. The lord who is of divine supreme flame and light is of flame without any smoke. He is expressed in our eyes as the divine light without any smoke. This is divine secret. 

Only if we get to know this we can be just there and do penance with our eyes opened as indicated by Thatchinaamurthy.

I (Ganan Sarguru siva selvaraj) am telling this divine secret to the whole world. Our eyes are the lamp of our body. The divine light present in our body is nothing but the supreme lord himself. One who does penance by constantly thinking  of the light of the eye with consciousness in the eye and with eyes open and with alertness and by just being there will see and realize the supreme lord. 

One who knows what sinmudra denotes and who just be there in the consciousness in the place of cin-mudra with the eyes open will get the pleasure of reaching the supreme lord.“Cling on to Thumb for getting divine pleasure and bliss” – Siddhar song. Showing cin-mudra they are indicating our eyes. So siddhars are asking us to cling on to our eyes for getting divine pleasure and bliss.

- Gnana Sarguru Siva Selvaraj

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spiritual temple of this world

Till now no one in this world has constructed (established) a spiritual temple like satya gnana sabai! In all temples deities are kept in the physical form and people were praying that! This is at first step Bakthi!

But vallalar is only saint who wanted people of this world to know gnana(spirituality). God is divine light! He wanted show that symbolically as such! So he made a way to obtain jothi dharsan in the sathya gnana sabai!  The temple was constructed to symbolize our physical body! In the inner center of temple seven screens were placed. Jothi was placed behind the seven screens!  

Every month in the star POOSAM, people can see the jothi (soul)after clearing (removing) the seven screens. This jothi darsan is the inner experience when we do penance or thavam! ONE SHOULD EXPERIANCE THIS! THIS IS PURPOSE OF LIFE!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Way to make the body immortal?

The body which is like a vessel has the MeiPorul soul in it and which is accessible through our eyes. 
This is the divine truth.  This soul which is tiny part of divinity is making itself available to one as the divine light present in our eyes. 

Since our eyes has this divine light it is called MeiPorul. Our human body has 72000 Naadis
(Literally Pulse in our body)  which is true. This truth is told by the saints. All these Naadis were linked to the place where our soul is residing. 

There are 7 basic (Aadaram in Tamil) sources/foundation in our body. For all these foundations/sources MeiPorul is the source.  Our Universe is made by the combination of five basic elements. Even our human body is also made up of 5 basic elements. This is also true/Mei.

As we have seen in our earlier chapters, eyes is the first organ to form inside our body. Blood, bones and skin were all fully formed by the help of divine light and heat in the eyes. 

Soul comes to our body after 3 months by the grace of the supreme lord. This soul and body will be united and fully developed at the end of 10 months or 270 days. 

When we are inside the womb of our mother we were depend on mother’s life for our living. When we come our we were separated from our mother and left alone in this world. When we realize that the purpose of our birth is to unite with the supreme one who made us to take birth as child , then we will survive.

The knowledge for the merger with the OnlyOne (Supreme) will be imparted by divine guru.  One has to offer his utmost respect and humbleness to such a guru, then he needs to realize one’s MeiPorul through him and then needs to do penance on one’s MeiPorul. One who does penance on the Meiporul with the guidance of the guru will be delivered.

One has two Eyes and each Eyes were represented as eight. Find the gate for the supreme in the two Eights and enter through this gate and you will find the supreme one and who enters through this gate will realize himself and gets the supreme divine bliss.

One who constantly meditates on the single supreme lord who is displaying himself as divine light in our two eyes will realize him and with this realization the jeevathma can unite with the supreme paramatma. He will be called Jeevan Mukta.

if one can unite the two divine lights of his two eyes in to one (by meditating on the two divine lights) then one can see the supreme divine light in his third eyes which is closed for all the unrealized persons.

The divine syllable OM is composed of Aa, Uu and Imm. 

As we saw Aa represents 8 in tamil letter which is our right eye and Uu represents letter 2 which is our left eye and Imm is the third eyes which contains the soul in it. This third place or residence of soul is called by various names like Agnikkalai, Internal Eye, Divine Eye or Forehead Eye. This place is called forehead  because it is in the straight place from forehead inside.

Our body is not something which has to be left alone to be decayed. It has the capability to become truth/divine which is immortal. Since our body is containing the divine lord within it, it is not be considered as mere  stool. By the knowing the right way of making our body divine we can make our physical body as Mei(Truth/Immortal) by practising this right divine way.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Permanent solution to all problems in life

There is a permanent solution to all problems in our life.

All problems are due to good and bad virtue. Its karmic accumulation.
If we attempt to know self or soul, all the problems in life will go away.


The barrier to knowing self is the karmic accumulation. If we attempt to know soul then all
karma will be melted. This is what all our siddhas and saints wanted us to achieve.

What is that practice?

Thiruvadi davam or Holyfeet davam. or penance. Its the technique followed by siddhas/saints.
To do this practice you need a Guru.

How to get initiated?  

Meet Gnana Guru Sivaselvaraj  in Kanniya Kumari Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai.

Is it an ashram? 

No, vallalar says "NO" to ashram. Its Thanga Jothi Gnana sabai. Vallalar wanted us to make each every home as temple.Stay in the home and do this as family.

How its different from ashram?

Once you get initiation from GURU, there is no need to stay there, you will be under the supervision of GURU in sukshuma state. You can meet guru or talk to guru at any time.Only work of Guru is to preach-upadesam and give initiation.

How to get initated?

Goto to Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai Kanniyakumari Tamilnadu. Surrender to Guru and get initiation.

Time : 9 am - 11 am.

How to do the Thavam?
You should open your eyes and do. Guru will guide how to do.

The main discipline to follow.
1. Do not consume animal food
2. No alcohol
3. No smoking

What is the practice for Gnana?
 Don't use the mind to achieve Self realization.  SUMMA IRU - Do nothing with mind. Surrender mind to holy feet of GOD. Pupil of eyes.

  • God is one
  • God is in the form of divine light. He is called as  Arut perun jothi. 
  • Soul is a the tiny divine light. 
  • It is located in the center of head. 
  • Entry to the soul is pupil of eyes. Its called Thiruvadi or Holyfeet. 

So get initiated at Holy-feet from GURU. Guru guides disciple on any suffering due to karma.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Only open eye meditation will lead to Gnana.

                           Only open eye penance will lead to Gnana.

                              Enter through Eye – See the God.

Paramathma is perfect and omnipresent. There no place without him. He spreads all over!  He is also called as param porul! He is God! He is almighty! Without God even an atom cannot move! He is a vast grace light! There is only one God, told by all saints-siddhas lived in this world.

God present in each and every atom of this Universe and the surrounding universal space.  He is divine light. He should be in our body, is it not?  Yes, He is in our body! He is in our body as soul/spirit/athma/uyir!  Paramatha expressed as tiny divine light as Jeevathma! All these are told by our saints who took birth in this world.

All human are of same height. Don’t be surprised! For all humans, body is measured in span of eight with their own hand.  All human’s height is 8 spans in their own hand.  Paramathma is present in the center of our head as soul - tiny divine light! 

Non-perishable divine light glitters, exist below the top of the head and above the inner tongue (uvula).  Is this not a feature of the almighty God?

 Soul is present in the center of head.  The divine light is expressed in our eyes through two naadis! One soul (divine light) is expressed in our pupil eyes as two (soul < two eyes)!

Pupil of our eyes is in spherical shape like earth. Similar to earth, pupil of eyes also has fire (divine light) inside.  There is a tiny hole in the center of the eye’s pupil. The hole in the center of our eyes is closed with a membrane!!

The tiny hole in the center of the pupil is closed by a membrane is three layered shits. Our saint vallalar explained this in great detail as seven layered screen.  Our athma/soul is hidden from us with this seven layered screen.  This seven layer screen is formed with KARMA-EGO-MAYA. If we clear this seven layered screen by the penance (davam), we can get the dharsan(vision) of our soul which is the paramathma! 

Where is our jeevan? What is its form? It’s intelligence to question and realize completely in the way shown by the saints.

The only way to reach the jeevan present in the center of our head is our eyes. Eyes have access to the jeevan.  It’s possible only through our eyes. This the truth preached by all saints of this world!

If eyes are lamp of the body, we can reach god – vast grace light by inducing the soul light using the light present in the pupil of eye. Is it not?

We have to increase the inner divine light! Eesan present within us will bless-grace us!  Our two eyes are sun and moon!  Our eyes are represented as number eight and two!  They are also called as Shiva and Sakthi! All these are code word for eyes. It’s called as pari-paasai. Once who shares this pari-paasai with everyone will obtain gnana.  One who shares this will know himself and god. 

To save people from death!  To ponder the code words of the saints! To make that knowledge of soul clear! To help people realize their soul!  Preach the knowledge of soul and god without any doubt. First one should become human than become divine. This is the grace shown by saints to people of this world.    

Saints emerged in different parts of this world, told that ‘God is one’ in their own languages. They told that God is divine light! He is omnipresent! God is almighty! God is glitters in human head as soul and express in two eyes! 

With the divine light expressed in the pupil of eyes, using the jeeva sakthi we have to reach the inner divine light. To clear the seven layered screen present in between eyes and soul, we have to increase pure heat. Pure heat will melt all seven screens.    Pure heat is generated by penance(thiruvadi davam) . Surrendering mind to God, surrender the mind to divine light in the eyes. The divine light in the pupil of eyes will traverse inside and reach the soul.  Then only we will have the dharsan(vision) of God.  This happens after guru’s preaching , initiation and continuous penance (meditation). Looseness is formed in the eyes! 

Looseness is increased in the eyes, tears drops from pupil of eyes like a waterfall.  On continuous effort of thiruvadi davam tears will drench the whole body.  This is called Ganges holy bath! With great determination one has to continue the penance in his eyes!  On continuous penance the inner divine light will multiply. It will melt the seven screens!  Once the obstacle is cleared, we’ll have dharsan(vision) of soul! 

For every human to overcome the death in the life, vallalar built the temple and clear seven screens in sathya gnana sabai.  Once seven screens are cleared within, you will get vision of golden divine light! Surrender to guru to know yourself and god, to obtain gnana.  One who explains about divine light in the pupil of eyes, feeds the feeling in the eyes is Gnana Sarguru! This is the only way to know self and god(gnana)!

Gnana is to obtain complete 100% intelligence! Clarity! One has to understand-realize – experience completely that I am soul – divine!  This is gnana!

Only way to liberate your soul from suffering due to many births – deaths is penance, to progress in the path of gnana one has to do penance.  Clearing the three shits, seven screens formed due to the karmic accumulation is the achievement in gnana! 

The needle tip opening in the Pupil of our eyes is blocked by a membrane.  This has to be cleared.  The inner divine light has to be multiplied; converting the defective body to the divine light body is achievement in gnana.

The saint vadalur ramalingar told the same gnana preached by all the saints lived in different periods. Sharing of this divine knowledge (Gnana Dhana) is greater service than feeding food for thousands of people!! The greater service to human is to help a soul to know him-self!  Donation of  gnana is greater than any forms dhana(donation)!

Is there a better service than helping people to overcome the death and showing the way to bring an end to birth-death cycle?  This is called Gnana Dhanaa! 

Vallalar shows way to live the deathless life! With grace of vallalar this humble being (Gnana sarguru Siva selvaraj) showing the way (Gnana Dhaana) in the pupil of eyes to see/realize the divine light. You are welcome! Obtain initiation for Gnana! Do the donation of gnana for people this world!

 Let all living beings live in a happy life!
 To obtain Thiruvadi Deekshai , surrender to guru!
One who eats non vegetarian food is an animal!
Respect saints! Live a discipline life!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Purpose of Human Birth

Purpose of Human Birth

Realize Self and Lord

Dear soul,

Welcome!  You have taken birth as human in India where many number of saints live. You should be virtuous soul to take birth as human being. You have taken birth without any defects in the body, don’t you have to know reason for this birth and fulfill that?

Why we took this birth? Why we live as human in this world? How we should live this life!?  Where were we before our birth? What is our origin? How we came to this world? Our parents, parents parent, gave birth to the kids, lived the life in this world.  They died and left this world?  World was there before our birth.  Our parents, grandparents and our ancestors lived in this world. Is it not?
After our death our son, our grandson, son’s grandson are going to live?!  Our life is similar to running race. In this race we can live for 120 year to the maximum?!  But we humans live almost like an animal by addiction to bad habits and eating non-vegetarian food!?  People living like this can survive for only 70 years; it’s very rare cross that age.

Bible says “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”  Hindu Vedas says the same truth!? All Human beings take birth based the previous birth’s good and bad deeds. The karma of previous birth(s) decides our current life! This is truth! This is what our scriptures say!  Man who has taken birth with both good and bad karma is sinful person! What bible says is the truth! All saints in our country said the same!  Man is sinful – He forgot his soul and lives the life with body mind limitation. Lives like animal by eating, sleeping and reproducing. He ignores the great power that manages all functions in the body.  He identifies himself wrongly with his body and mind.

The karma which is root cause for birth and death varies from human to human! Birth taken and the life he lives depends on the karma!  No one can receive others karma!  It is we who decide how to live our life! Our children and relatives are the souls to which we had karmic relation in the previous births!? Once the karmic relation is over then they leave you and go! Really there is no relation between son and a father! This is real life! Karma is fate. Our ancestor referred karma as fate. Karma comes with soul and goes with soul on death. All the relationship is maintained by the society for living this world.

We took this birth with the grace of God!  The real father and mother of all living beings in this world is the almighty god! He is called Ammaiyappan(Mother-Father).  The physical body is given by our parents.  Soul is given by God!  God has given us this chance as human to realize our self.  Realize soul and god.

All human are unique because of the karma vinai. God classified as male and female physically but soul is same for all human!  All human souls of this world are similar to almighty god.  People varied by karma but by jeevan-soul all are same! Difference is due to karma. God is one! He is Paramathma!  He is also jeevathma who lives in the body of all types.

Oh people of this world, we are different by karmic accumulations, as soul we are same!  Don’t we need to realize that we are one by soul? How long our soul will be suffering due to mind which acts as per our karma? When soul will be liberated? Don’t we need to know our self?  Don’t we need to work to clear the karmic accumulation which is the obstacle to know self/soul? In this world we learnt each and everything from others.  From our birth we learnt from our mother, father, relatives, neighbor, friends, books and teachers.  Blindly we followed whatever they said.  Still following the same! When we took this birth we know only to cry. Don’t we need do penance on the holy feet of god?  Holy feet of god are our eyes.  While doing penance (Thiruvadi Davam after taking thiruvadi initiation) tears will flow and drench the whole body. Only committed penance will help you clear all the karmic accumulation and see the soul (yourself) and god.  We know only to cry and should obtain Gnana (divine wisdom) by crying (tears should flow like river by penance). See how god has created us excellently?

Soul takes care of our body and mind.  All complex activity (digestion, blood, nerves, brain, and heart) happens only when soul/athma is present in our body. Don’t we need to realize the god who gave soul to us, who is soul in our body? This is the purpose of our life! We took birth in this world to not to take any more births (stop the birth-death-birth chain).  We should not die in this birth to avoid next birth.  We should live a deathless life!  We have to become Siranjeevee!  All siddhas, saints, gnanis and religions accepted that god is one and he is vast grace divine light! Soul is tiny divine light which present in our body. This is the truth!

God is omnipresent, he who is glittering in all atoms, is present in our center of head as soul (divine light).  This is the truth told by all Vedas!!  God who is present in the center of our head he blesses us by expressing himself in our two eyes!  Bible says “Eye is the lamp of the body”.  The secret revealed by Kathopanishad is that lord is as smokeless divine light in our body and is expressing or displaying himself as divine light in our eyes!

I reveal the secret, sathya hidden by many people with the grace of great saint Thiru Arut prakasa vallalar! Let each and everyone in this world attain gnana (know the soul and god)! Let everyone attain the birth right! Let everyone in this world reach holy feet of god! These are the goals of vallalar! Vallalar is inviting all the people in this world to attain deathless life!
We learnt each and everything from others. So we don’t we need a person who can help in spirituality? To attain gnana (know self and god), to attain self-realization we need someone to teach and guide us! He is called “GURU”!  For the people of this world to attain gnana there are four Vedas, Bible, Quran, Thirumadniram and Thiru arutpa. There are so many other books on spirituality! All the books show way (guides us) to know the one god who is in the form of divine light.
We are ready to listen when there is a Guru to teach the spirituality to us! Gnana guru is the one who helps us to know and realize this!  Gnana Sarguru is the one who lights the lamp of the divine light and removes the darkness/ignorance.  Come here to kanniyakumari!  Come to Thanga Jothi gnana sabai to lamp the divine light in you.

With the grace of Ramalinga swamigal Thiru Arut Prakasa Vallalar, this humble being understood that instead of giving food to thousand people if we show the way for one soul’s liberation it’s considered as ultimate service.  This humble being donates this knowledge to all people in this world. The greatest service is to help the seeker of God instead of giving food for so many people. The greatest service is to help a person in attaining self-realization! This humble being is helping all souls to know themselves!

Equality (Samarasam) taught by vallalar is that people of this world are children of god, should unite without discrimination of caste, religion, language!  Accept and embrace all kinds of people without any differences and try to merge with god vast grace light (from where we/soul came).   Practice makes a man perfect!  Penance will help you to know soul/self and god. This is Samarasa Sanmargam.

Four Vedas preaches this Samarasa Sanmaargam

Bible preaches this Samarasa Sanmaargam

Quran preaches this Samarasa Sanmaargam

Thirumandiram Thiruvaasagam Thiru arutpa  says the same.

All the scriptures preaches us to live in this world by knowing our self and god.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Open your eyes for Knowing soul and god

In Spirituality there are four main steps, They are

2. Kiriyai,
3.Yogam and

       The first 3 steps one will do with closed eyes. It will give one only smaller attainments or blessings and will not lead one to completeness.

       In the State of Gnana one has to do penance/meditation with eyes opened. If we close our eyes it is dark and if we open it , then there is light. We have to do meditation on divine light isin’t? So the penance should be done with open eyes. Whatever divine experience we get with opened eyes were the true one. Experiences got with our eyes closed were all illusions.

       For doing penance eyes has to be opened. It means two things. One physically our eyes has to be opened. Other thing is the layers of screen covering our eyes have to be removed. The door or the way has to be opened. So opening of our eyes also means the layers of karma which is like screen or door has to be opened. Only then we can get the vision of our soul and realize our self. We can get Gnana or divine wisdom.

Leaving the eyelids of the external eye and opening of the screen in the pupil of the internal eye is divine wisdom or Gnana.  Our Vallalar sings as “Will you open the divine door removing all the screens – Will you open the door of the Pupil”.

When a artist completes a painting or sculpts a sculpture, the last thing he does is opening of the eyes of the work. When the eyes were opened it means the painting or sculpture is completed.
In that way , for a human opening of the internal eye is the most important ambition in his life. In this birth the most important or significant event is opening of our internal eye, only after which one gets the purpose of the human birth.

Only if our eyes are (both external and internal) do we get the darshan of the divine flame. This humble being by the grace of supreme lord and by the grace of vallalar, was made to sit on the honorable seat of SadGuru and through Thiruvadi Deekshai or Nayana Deekshai , open the internal eyes of those who seek divinity.

All humans have father and mother, similarly one has to get a guru and from him get his internal eye to open and do penance and by this he has to improve his divine state. In order for the people to improve their divine state only our vallalar struggled a lot and still is still struggling. Inorder for all the people of the world to realize the oneness of soul and get the supreme state of deathless divine life only , our vallalar has made like me to give Deekshai.


Where is lotus feet?