Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Way to make the body immortal?

The body which is like a vessel has the MeiPorul soul in it and which is accessible through our eyes. 
This is the divine truth.  This soul which is tiny part of divinity is making itself available to one as the divine light present in our eyes. 

Since our eyes has this divine light it is called MeiPorul. Our human body has 72000 Naadis
(Literally Pulse in our body)  which is true. This truth is told by the saints. All these Naadis were linked to the place where our soul is residing. 

There are 7 basic (Aadaram in Tamil) sources/foundation in our body. For all these foundations/sources MeiPorul is the source.  Our Universe is made by the combination of five basic elements. Even our human body is also made up of 5 basic elements. This is also true/Mei.

As we have seen in our earlier chapters, eyes is the first organ to form inside our body. Blood, bones and skin were all fully formed by the help of divine light and heat in the eyes. 

Soul comes to our body after 3 months by the grace of the supreme lord. This soul and body will be united and fully developed at the end of 10 months or 270 days. 

When we are inside the womb of our mother we were depend on mother’s life for our living. When we come our we were separated from our mother and left alone in this world. When we realize that the purpose of our birth is to unite with the supreme one who made us to take birth as child , then we will survive.

The knowledge for the merger with the OnlyOne (Supreme) will be imparted by divine guru.  One has to offer his utmost respect and humbleness to such a guru, then he needs to realize one’s MeiPorul through him and then needs to do penance on one’s MeiPorul. One who does penance on the Meiporul with the guidance of the guru will be delivered.

One has two Eyes and each Eyes were represented as eight. Find the gate for the supreme in the two Eights and enter through this gate and you will find the supreme one and who enters through this gate will realize himself and gets the supreme divine bliss.

One who constantly meditates on the single supreme lord who is displaying himself as divine light in our two eyes will realize him and with this realization the jeevathma can unite with the supreme paramatma. He will be called Jeevan Mukta.

if one can unite the two divine lights of his two eyes in to one (by meditating on the two divine lights) then one can see the supreme divine light in his third eyes which is closed for all the unrealized persons.

The divine syllable OM is composed of Aa, Uu and Imm. 

As we saw Aa represents 8 in tamil letter which is our right eye and Uu represents letter 2 which is our left eye and Imm is the third eyes which contains the soul in it. This third place or residence of soul is called by various names like Agnikkalai, Internal Eye, Divine Eye or Forehead Eye. This place is called forehead  because it is in the straight place from forehead inside.

Our body is not something which has to be left alone to be decayed. It has the capability to become truth/divine which is immortal. Since our body is containing the divine lord within it, it is not be considered as mere  stool. By the knowing the right way of making our body divine we can make our physical body as Mei(Truth/Immortal) by practising this right divine way.


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