Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spiritual temple of this world

Till now no one in this world has constructed (established) a spiritual temple like satya gnana sabai! In all temples deities are kept in the physical form and people were praying that! This is at first step Bakthi!

But vallalar is only saint who wanted people of this world to know gnana(spirituality). God is divine light! He wanted show that symbolically as such! So he made a way to obtain jothi dharsan in the sathya gnana sabai!  The temple was constructed to symbolize our physical body! In the inner center of temple seven screens were placed. Jothi was placed behind the seven screens!  

Every month in the star POOSAM, people can see the jothi (soul)after clearing (removing) the seven screens. This jothi darsan is the inner experience when we do penance or thavam! ONE SHOULD EXPERIANCE THIS! THIS IS PURPOSE OF LIFE!!

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