Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spiritual teaching of vallalar

Sanmaakee is one who attains deathless life

All human beings in this world are children of God!

Pasithiru! Thanithiru! Vilithiru! You can attain Gnana!

God is one! He is lord arut-perun-jothi!

Worship of minor and sacrificial offering by killing animals is forbidden.

Should not have superstitious!

Do anna-thanam as much as possible!

Donate the knowledge of spirit/soul!

At any cost don’t eat non vegetarian food.

Smoking, Alcohol habits are forbidden!

All living beings should live in bliss!

Compassion on souls is the real worship of God.

World to live in peace there should be union of people with compassion.

To know yourself, you should have Jeeva kaarunya discipline.

Surrender to Gnana Guru and obtain preaching and Thiruvadi deekshai!

One who follows this will obtain moksha!

Our eyes are holy feet of God!

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