Monday, July 1, 2013

Attention pleasure seekers!!

Marriages are made in heaven. We get a wife based on the some of the previous birth’s bonding we had. We do not know which birth’s bonding. We need to treat our wife with respect and care. One who ignores his wife and treats her badly is to considered as animal. One who considers his wife as his soul is the virtuous person. One who lives his life with only one wife is to be considered as a noble and meritorious person.

  One who scum to his lust is the biggest fool. One who leaves his vital seminal fluid will die suffering. We get sit-rin-bam (pleasure by the union of male and female, it is called sitrinbam because it is not everlasting and not infinite and considered to be very negligible when compared with divine bliss) by the disposal of seminal fluid and in this all of our 72000 naadis will vibrate. This pleasure we will get for very small time. After this only suffering result. We need to recharge our seminal fluid reserve after discharging it. Even in this union maintain a limit and be wise as advised by our seers and saints.

 Due to the lust seminal fluid will go down and will result in lose of Prana(life force).  With Penance the seminal fluid will go up and become Oojus. Our prana will be stabilized. If we live a virtuous life our body will be in good shape. If we scum to our lust and do illegal things we will get dreadful disease and our life will end. If we maintain disciple in our body and mind it will lead one to deathlessness.  This is truth.

As we seen earlier wife is better than one’s mother. Only a good wife can become a good mother. Father and mother were the one who has given us our physical body. They are to be considered as god’s seen by our eyes. But the supreme one is the one who has given the Mei(soul/spirit) in this Mei(body). This body as we know without realization or divine grace will be destroyed. Mother has only give us the body will be destroyed. 

A wife is the one who like the truth (Mei) in the Mei(body) can give pleasure to a husband in both body and soul. Only wife can give Chirinbam, mother can’t give chirinbam. Mother’s affection ends after giving birth and taking care till our adulthood. But wife affection comes from nowhere and exists till our death. Husband and wife relation is the one which cannot be separated.

Mother’s affection will be split among her children but wife’s affection is only to her husband. A mother carries the child only for 10 months. But wife comes from different family and gives affection and carries her husband in her mind throughout her life. So in all these cases wife is better than the mother. These facts very few know. This is truth.

A man’s life will be good or bad based on his wife character only. A virtuous wife with patience and good characters will be got by a husband who has done lot of good deeds in his early life. Such a person is the lucky one.

A husband and wife should live like two bodies and one soul. They should live like nail and flesh in the hand. The relationship should be like sacred couple vasuki and valluvan. The biggest thing a wife can get is that to be called Pathini (chaste women).  This belongs only to wife. A girl first becomes wife and then only mother. So wife is the best.  This is true, true and true.

Only because of wife does a husband gets pleasure. A man becomes husband after marrying a wife and unites with her with his body and consciousness and gets little pleasure called Chirinbam. This is truth.

Our soul is feminine  So spiritually we souls/spirits are females. Only the supreme lord is male. For all jeevatmas the supreme lord is the only husband. Union of Jeevatma and Paramatma is the supreme divine pleasure and bliss. This divine pleasure and bliss is called Perinbam (meaning everlasting and infinite pleasure).  This union is called as JeevaBrahaAaikiyam by the seers.

The pleasure we get in this world by our body is Chirinbam. The pleasure got by our soul when union with paramatma is perinbam(ecstasy). In this world we get pleasure because of wife. In the spiritual world also only when we become wife to the supreme lord we can get supreme divine pleasure and bliss.  So we should become very good wife to our lord.

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