Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thuvijan - unless born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God

This birth should be last one! Our Gnanis/Saints are showing way for that.

What is that? How? As we have already taken birth, we should obtain a Gnana sadguru, get preaching and Deekshai from them, and take a new birth in the subtle body(Suksumam). This is what is called here as rebirth(Not taking new birth after death).

We took birth with our physical body, and in order for us to take birth through consciousness in subtle body we need a SarGuru.

One who can reincarnate the subtle body is called the Guru.

Guru is the one who gives birth to our subtle body by giving initiation (Thiruvadi deekshai).

We who have taken birth in the physical body, taking birth again in the subtle body is reincarnation. This is how we reincarnate or take rebirth in this birth.

Only who realizes this will obtain gnanam.

Vedas talks about “Duvijan/Thuvijan” – one who takes two births.

Who is thuvijan? One who takes birth again! In the path of bakthi(devotion) when child attain age 8, they do a ritual called “upa nanaya.”One who gets upa-nayanam is called thuvijan. These days, it has just become a ritual.

Bible doubtlessly explains about rebirth.

“Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”  Unless born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God!? How?  One who had baptism is considered as born again. Only he can enter the kingdom of god.(Baptism should be done by divine fire and holy spirit/pure soul)

Baptism done with fire means it is the way for one to increase the divine fire (Agni) within themselves; it’s called as upa-nayanam.

We can see the same knowledge is preached in different languages! To enter into the kingdom of god one has to take birth again!

Thuvijan – One who takes birth again!

“Maatri pirakka vagai arintharillai” (Don’t know how to take birth again) this is told by Agasthiyar.

This is what happens in Thiruvadi theekshai. In this birth if we get initiated/deekshai from guru, it is called taking birth again. To get rid of death followed by birth, one has to take re birth in this present birth.

This humble being(Gnana Sarguru SivaSelvaraj) obtained many children like this. Gnana deekshai – The day one gets the Thiruvadi deekshai(holy feet initiation) is day Rebirth. Taking a new birth in the subtle body is called re-birth. Through the eyes that has divine light, we took birth to meditate on this divine light in our eyes and attain the Supreme Lord, the vast grace light.

God is one - way is one - entry to soul and God is pupil of eyes(thiruvadi of God)

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