Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jeeva samaadhi not a destination!

Many saints, the get the souls shrink ed in the Chakra of the body.

Body loose the external communication with the world, they get too much involved in samaadhi.

Obtaining the state of Samaadhi is not the great state in spirituality.

One has to realize the soul, be in that state of bliss with awareness.  (with open eye meditation)

The way to Deathlessness is to live with the awareness of the soul.

Yoga will lead to Samaadhi. So Ramalinga vallalar guides every one in Gnana.

He asked people not to get struck at Samaadhi, there are stages above that.

He wrote a song Gnana Sariyai, this tells how one should do meditation.

People can understand the compassion of Ramalinga Vallalar in that song.

One has to keep the mind in the Holy feet/Thiruvadi of the god. Do-Nothing.

So jeeva samaadhi is not a destination,  people should attain Deathlessness(light body)

Who is human?

"Eat,sleep and reproduce" are they human being's activities? Animals also doing the same!

It's rare to attain human birth - Lady saint Avvai. We should know why she told like that!

We took birth with no physical problem, shouldn't we attain the purpose of the life?

Did we take birth to die? or to live? Birth,death! Birth,death! In a birth death cycle!

If this happens can we call human beings as intelligent and Rational?

Who is human being?

Human being should be capable of making mind pleasant and matured. Its called rational.

How to make the mind matured?

Search for a guru who teaches this!

We are not here to die!  We took birth to live!

How to live?

Five big sins Lie - Murder - Robbery - Alcohol - Lust  should not be done, live with good habits.
Live a discipline life!

Don't eat fish, egg and other non-vegetarian food!  Don't spoil the body!

Don't consume alcohol, don't smoke, don't have drugs/Narcotics.

Don't give space for diseases!

Be loving to all living beings!

Talk truth always!

Live a monogamous life!

Leave the desire on Land, woman, materials!

Surrender in the holy feet(Thiruvadi) of god! ( Which present in our body!)

Then you will become a human being!

One who meditates/ponder is a human!

Noble man who buy in the name of benami, if Tsunami attacks, in the time of eye blink you will reach god/kailaayam/heaven.

"Vegetables are human food". One becomes loving only if he/she eat vegetables and fruits. Get more power. Only sathveegam, love, compassion can take us to god.

Its intelligent to avoid alcohol(faints the intelligence) and tobacco products.

Complete intelligence is Gnana!

"Who slays nought,- flesh rejects- his feet before
All living things with clasped hands adore Explanation"
 (All creatures will join their hands together, and worship him who has never taken away life, nor eaten flesh) Holy saint Thiru valluvar on Abstinence from Flesh

People with love and quality will have intelligence. One who has intelligence is human.

God is not in far away place. He is reachable to us. He is in the form of 'EIGHT'-'TWO'.
We have to reach him! Approach him with your feelings(unarvu)! Don't use your mind and fly in imagination!Do nothing(Stop your mind)! See the Eyes! With the open eyes we have to see.
Death comes if we close the eyes. Our eyes without any attachment holds the soul. One has to keep the mind in the pupil of the eyes.

Be hunger! Be alone! Open your eyes(with awareness)!

The light merged with pupil of our eyes. He is the God seen with our eyes.
If one prays the god present/glitter in the eye, two karma will be cleared from us.

To come out of  disease birth death cycle, two karma has to be cleared from us. To achieve that one has to follow the Gnana path. We should feel the light in the pupil of our eyes.

Do nothing is joy.

Leave the preaching of saints. To realizes self, follow the way preached by god!

Thatchinamoorthy appeared for sankaathi munivargal/saints, made them feel as it is. We have to follow the guru who said Do-Nothing. Lord muruga preached Saint arunagiri to Do-Nothing!

Ramalinga vallalar who sang more than 6000 songs, gives the feeling in the eyes,
his first songs says when to get pleasure of 'Do-Nothing'(Summa Iru).

So Do-Nothing!

(Written in Tamil by Gnana Sarguru Siva Selvaraj
                                    Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai
                                    Kannyakumari - India )

Meditation/Davam - Do Nothing

To attain clarity through enlightened guru one has to get Upadesam(preaching-Make things clear)
and Deekshai(initiation).

It has to be obtained as Gnana donation and start doing mediation(Davam).
  1. Suruthi(Learning)
  2. Yukthi(Analise/Contemplate)
  3. Experience 
All these three will take one to highest spiritual experience.

One has to obtain Gnana donation(Deekshai) read all Gnana books. He/she has to
get clarity by Yukthi, do mediation get experience of self and god.

How to do meditation(Davam)?  Doing Davam is not chanting mantras! Mediation
is not doing any Pooja or sacrifice. It's not doing Pranayama or Vaasi Yogam or any
other forms of Yoga.

One should not hurt or make his body feel worry.

Davam/Meditation is to know Who Am I? through a Gnana Sarguru and
receive Gnana donation from him. Feel what was given by guru and 'Do Nothing'.
One has to try this!

To know where god is and what are the seven screens, what is the meaning of Sathya Gnana Sabai
one has to read the book <a href='http://www.vallalyaar.com/?p=975'>Deathless education</a>

After getting Deekshai in eyes from Guru, there will be feeling in the eyes. One has to
think that, feel that resilience and be in that feeling and do nothing. After that tears
in the eye will fall like a water fall and drench whole body.

If one do Davam like this, he will get lots of experiences. As told by Ramalinga Vallal peruman
in his Gnana Sariyai song, if one do this Davam, we can get good treasures! Deathlessness! No more birth! We can merge with the lord/paramaathma/Vastlight Arutperum Jothi. We can merge with light!
We can get  ecstasy/bliss.

This is Davam/meditation. Gnana should be attained in this way. Gnana is self realization.

To do Davam one need not go to forest! Need not runaway from the family life.
Need not wear saffron color dress. Need not grow beard and wear Rudrakshara and roam
around the world. We should not hurt our body and make suffering in the body.

Don't show hatred on food and make leaves as food. Don't chant mantras with
difficulty. To summarize one should DO NOTHING(SUMMA IRU). Need not do anything.

Marriage is not a barrier for Gnana! In the current state of your living,
what ever work you do, one has to do the Davam(after getting Deekshai from guru) for 30
minutes or 60 minutes a day.

Justice, Discipline and honesty will enhance your Davam! Do not disguise yourself.

Get rid of all bad habits.(Eating animal food, smoking, drinking alcohol)

God is within you, don't seek god in temple(worship places), pond and mountain.
(Bible says Kingdom of god is within)

People doing Davam should eat only vegetarian food.
The who tries for self realization should not be hunger. He/she
atleast has to eat veryless.

Davam should get improved and  one should merge with god, self realization is the first
step. One has to be hunger(being deterministic) for self realization.

People lost confident on Davam, after seeing the saints doing Davam/mediation is the
Puraana stories. People started thinking we can't do Davam like this. People thought
that they have to take another birth to attain that. Lost their confident. 
There are many people like this.

People of this world, don't loose confidence! There are many saints who lived for
welfare of the people. There are many Gnana books. Don't worry.  Due to the bad time
Gnanm was hidden for many years! Swindle done by selfish people.

Gnana light Thiru Arut Prakasha vallalar took birth in this world. To clear the ignorance, 
idiocy of human, he had shown a good path!!

Vallalar has showered the compassion!! People started knowing Gnana. Started

Vallalar came to this world! Taught about Gnana! Did work for Gnana! Won his goal!
Obtained light body!!!

He with great compassion, taught the deathless education to all human being!

Now he is teaching that eduction via this humble being(Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj).
Path of Gnana is simple and easy.

Do Gnana donation, Due to that one will get good virtues. After that Davam will enhance
and attain self&God realization. Live in escatsy. Donation of Gnana and doing Davam are the way to attain Gnanam!

Gnana Donation and Gnana Davam will help to reach god.
Meditation - Summa Iru in tamil. 

Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj
Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai.
Kanniya Kumari
Tamil Nadu

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Arutperum jothi  Arutperum jothi 
Thaniperum karunai Arutperum jothi

 As per all scriptures God is light.

Bible says God is Light, Kingdom of GOD is within.
Koran says Allah is Light.
Bagavath Geetha, Veda says God is light.

The way to enter his kingdom is our EYES.

God is one
He differ by his activities.

Hide in Maya

One human seen in many ways. Though he is a single being,
He is identified in many ways.
A man is son to his mother.
Husband to wife.
Father to his son

Ramalinga Vallalar says Religion won't  help to know self(soul) and god.

He is showing an easy way.


Surrender to Holy feet.

Since kingdom of god is within, then holy feet of god should be in our body.

We use our five senses to communicate to outer world.

They are doors to self.

Sense related to light is  ???????

That is the holy feet. 


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Self realization an infinite happiness.

Money(Economic leaders) rules the world. Every one needs money. 

 People don't have value. But only money.

Unless people are really valued, this kinds of problems are not going to be solved.
(Adulteration, Robbery, Kidnap, Rape, Cheat , .....)

We are in search of happiness. Money gives material happiness.
This is an western influence. They don't have this knowledge of self realization.

India is rich in spiritual knowledge.  No one is ready to know this due to some reasons.

Only self realization can give infinite(endless) happiness.

Value of human know only by self realization.

Why self realization?

We are not this body and mind.
We create this body and mind. These two are our properties.
We identify our self and others with Physical body or mind.

The life we are living is wrong.

The soul(uyir) is the power that create/destroy/maintain our body cells.
It controls our complex body.

We have a technology that converts the BANANA to HUMAN.

We should realize the soul.

We know all these... Still not able to realize the soul.  Why?


How to clear???


God is one - Arutperunjothi(Grace light)

God is one.  He is called Arutperunjothi. Grace light!!

This truth is mentioned in Veda/Kuraan/Bible.

Ramalinga Vallalar attained Deathlessness.  He is still alive as light.

He  is doing all five duties to bring the soul in the path of light. 
He has mentioned this in the Arutperunjothi Agaval.

What are five duties done by god?
  1.  Creation
  2.  Maintain
  3.  Destroy 
  4.  Hide in maya
  5.  Bless
If god bless/grace a tiny object, it can perform these 5 duties. Souls after certain level in spirituality can do these 5 jobs.

There is no multiple god in this world.

Vallalar advised us to pray only the grace light (Arutperunjothi).

Spirtual Places Near Kanniya Kumari(Cape Comorin)

The image attached to this blog will have spiritual places near Kanya Kumari - Tamil Nadu India.

These places are powerful temples and Jeeva samadhi.

These places are suggested by Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj.

Kanniya kumari amman is called Vaalai by siddars.

With her grace one can cross certain level in spiritual journey.

Peer Mohamad a sufi saint lived for more than 300 years.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gnana Herbs by Ramalinga vallalar


In the Nithya karma vithi (Vallalar's Prose) Ramalinga adigal advised following..

1. Eclipta alba   - 4 parts(KARISAALI)


2. Solanum trilobantum. - 1 part (Thuthuilai)

3. Mukia maderaspatana  - 1 part (Musumusukai)

4. Cumin Powder           - 1 part

How to mix?

Powders of above herb should be mixed. 
Eclipta alba                    -  200 gm
Solanum trilobantum       -  50 gm
Mukia maderaspatana    -  50 gm
Cumin Powder               -  50 gm

Where to buy?

These powders are available in Kaadhi Craft shops in Tamil Nadu. 
Available in Vadalore.

How to use?

1 portion of water
1 portion of milk.
1/2 tea spoon for a person

Mix in a vessel, heat till whole(1 portion of water + 1 portion of milk) liquid become 1 portion. 

Add sugar(not white color one)

Drink this early morning in empty stomach.

What are the benefits?

1. Clears the sputum in head
    (Expectorated matter; saliva mixed with discharges from the respiratory passages;
        in ancient and medieval physiology it was believed to cause sluggishness)
2. Cures cold, cough , Asthma
3. Teeth related issues
4. Balances vatha pitha kapa

Tamil version

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Manumurai Kanada vaasagam - Introspection

Manumurai Kanada vaasagam – Thiruarutpa
Might I have ever made noble’s mind tremble!
Might I have ever not lent a hand for someone, drowning in         river flow?
Might i have ever humiliated others by offensive arguments?
Might i have ever blocked the ways for means?
Might i have ever stopped people who offer donations?
Might i have ever done wrongs with no justice?
Might i have ever wrangled with a friend who is keen on?
Might i have ever been a spy for a burglar?
Might i have ever hatched up against genial friendship?
Might i have ever wrecked life by avil tongue?
Might i have ever held up citizens by increased taxes?
Might i have ever dug up not the drinking water pond?
Might i have ever made poor's stomach burn and starve?
Might i have ever said "NO" to a beggar?
Might i have ever assisted people who slaughter living beings?
Might i have ever put on flesh by eating flesh?
Might i have ever lied for material concern?
Might i have ever demolished public domicile?
Might i have ever deceived people by tricks?
Might i have ever hurt a lovable person?
Might i have ever reduced the wages for a labor rendered?
Might i have ever chopped up a tree, which is ease for hot son??
Might i have ever noticed not the famished faces?
Might i have ever destroyed other crops on enmity?
Might i have ever messed up a family by means tongue?
Might i have ever betrayed someone hidden on fear?
Might i have ever annoyed someone educated?
Have i ever fasted up a calf without feeding milk?
Might i have ever shilly-shallied to honor a Guru?
Might i have ever forgotten to pay the guru's fee?
Might i have ever caged a bird to be scared of?
Might i have ever pointed out fault in the song of the senior?
Might i have ever sold rice mixing with sand and stone?
Might i have ever discouraged a person who undergoes asceticism?
Might i have ever locked up a shrine's door?
Might i have ever angrily yelled at Siva’s (God's) devotee?
Might i have ever disregarded sanctified sages/saints?
Might i have ever scolded my parents?
Might i have ever overlooked parental advice?
Might i have ever been arrogant indicting god?
I don’t know...
What might i have sinned?
What... might i have sinned?
Why did such a fate hit me badly?

He recited what human beings should not do.            
One should not do above sins and live a excellent life. 


Where is lotus feet?