Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meditation/Davam - Do Nothing

To attain clarity through enlightened guru one has to get Upadesam(preaching-Make things clear)
and Deekshai(initiation).

It has to be obtained as Gnana donation and start doing mediation(Davam).
  1. Suruthi(Learning)
  2. Yukthi(Analise/Contemplate)
  3. Experience 
All these three will take one to highest spiritual experience.

One has to obtain Gnana donation(Deekshai) read all Gnana books. He/she has to
get clarity by Yukthi, do mediation get experience of self and god.

How to do meditation(Davam)?  Doing Davam is not chanting mantras! Mediation
is not doing any Pooja or sacrifice. It's not doing Pranayama or Vaasi Yogam or any
other forms of Yoga.

One should not hurt or make his body feel worry.

Davam/Meditation is to know Who Am I? through a Gnana Sarguru and
receive Gnana donation from him. Feel what was given by guru and 'Do Nothing'.
One has to try this!

To know where god is and what are the seven screens, what is the meaning of Sathya Gnana Sabai
one has to read the book <a href='http://www.vallalyaar.com/?p=975'>Deathless education</a>

After getting Deekshai in eyes from Guru, there will be feeling in the eyes. One has to
think that, feel that resilience and be in that feeling and do nothing. After that tears
in the eye will fall like a water fall and drench whole body.

If one do Davam like this, he will get lots of experiences. As told by Ramalinga Vallal peruman
in his Gnana Sariyai song, if one do this Davam, we can get good treasures! Deathlessness! No more birth! We can merge with the lord/paramaathma/Vastlight Arutperum Jothi. We can merge with light!
We can get  ecstasy/bliss.

This is Davam/meditation. Gnana should be attained in this way. Gnana is self realization.

To do Davam one need not go to forest! Need not runaway from the family life.
Need not wear saffron color dress. Need not grow beard and wear Rudrakshara and roam
around the world. We should not hurt our body and make suffering in the body.

Don't show hatred on food and make leaves as food. Don't chant mantras with
difficulty. To summarize one should DO NOTHING(SUMMA IRU). Need not do anything.

Marriage is not a barrier for Gnana! In the current state of your living,
what ever work you do, one has to do the Davam(after getting Deekshai from guru) for 30
minutes or 60 minutes a day.

Justice, Discipline and honesty will enhance your Davam! Do not disguise yourself.

Get rid of all bad habits.(Eating animal food, smoking, drinking alcohol)

God is within you, don't seek god in temple(worship places), pond and mountain.
(Bible says Kingdom of god is within)

People doing Davam should eat only vegetarian food.
The who tries for self realization should not be hunger. He/she
atleast has to eat veryless.

Davam should get improved and  one should merge with god, self realization is the first
step. One has to be hunger(being deterministic) for self realization.

People lost confident on Davam, after seeing the saints doing Davam/mediation is the
Puraana stories. People started thinking we can't do Davam like this. People thought
that they have to take another birth to attain that. Lost their confident. 
There are many people like this.

People of this world, don't loose confidence! There are many saints who lived for
welfare of the people. There are many Gnana books. Don't worry.  Due to the bad time
Gnanm was hidden for many years! Swindle done by selfish people.

Gnana light Thiru Arut Prakasha vallalar took birth in this world. To clear the ignorance, 
idiocy of human, he had shown a good path!!

Vallalar has showered the compassion!! People started knowing Gnana. Started

Vallalar came to this world! Taught about Gnana! Did work for Gnana! Won his goal!
Obtained light body!!!

He with great compassion, taught the deathless education to all human being!

Now he is teaching that eduction via this humble being(Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj).
Path of Gnana is simple and easy.

Do Gnana donation, Due to that one will get good virtues. After that Davam will enhance
and attain self&God realization. Live in escatsy. Donation of Gnana and doing Davam are the way to attain Gnanam!

Gnana Donation and Gnana Davam will help to reach god.
Meditation - Summa Iru in tamil. 

Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj
Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai.
Kanniya Kumari
Tamil Nadu

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