Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jeeva samaadhi not a destination!

Many saints, the get the souls shrink ed in the Chakra of the body.

Body loose the external communication with the world, they get too much involved in samaadhi.

Obtaining the state of Samaadhi is not the great state in spirituality.

One has to realize the soul, be in that state of bliss with awareness.  (with open eye meditation)

The way to Deathlessness is to live with the awareness of the soul.

Yoga will lead to Samaadhi. So Ramalinga vallalar guides every one in Gnana.

He asked people not to get struck at Samaadhi, there are stages above that.

He wrote a song Gnana Sariyai, this tells how one should do meditation.

People can understand the compassion of Ramalinga Vallalar in that song.

One has to keep the mind in the Holy feet/Thiruvadi of the god. Do-Nothing.

So jeeva samaadhi is not a destination,  people should attain Deathlessness(light body)

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