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Path to Attain the Supreme Lord

Path to Attain the Supreme Lord

Supreme Divine Grace Light! Supreme Divine Grace Light Supreme Merciful Supreme Divine Grace Light( ArutPerum Jyothi ! ArutPerum Jyothi ThanipPerum Karunai! ArutPerum Jyothi)
The Supreme Lord is there everywhere. There is not a single place without him. He is there in all places in this universe. Hence he is called Paramatma. Without him not even a single atom can move. He can be realized as supreme divine blissful light. All the saints and seers in this world have attested that the supreme Lord is one only.

The supreme Lord who is everywhere should be also in our body. Is it not. Yes he is there in our body as well. He is there in our body as our soul. Our soul which is called jeevatma is none but the supreme being paramatma only. This fact is also attested by all the saints and seers. Our body which is of the span of 8 (when measured with our hands finger by stretching

index and thumb fingers outside) has head as its topmost or most important organ. The supreme lord is present in our body in the center of the head as soul in the form of tiny divine light.
The center of the head is below the top of the head and above the inner tongue and the
supreme lord is glowing there. Our soul which is in the mentioned place in our body is
indestructible as it is part of the supreme lord.

The soul which is present in the center of the head is accessible through our eyes by two
Naadis (Veins or pulse) which connect our eyes to this place. So the divne light of the
soul is getting displayed in our two eyes.

The pupil of our eye resembles our beautiful world. It is round and solid. In the inner
center of our pupil there is a divine fire just like earth which has fire in it. This fire is
present in a small opening in the center of the pupil. This hole is of the size of tip of the
needle. This hole is covered by a small and thin layer.

This layer that is covering the divine fire which is in the center of the pupil is made of
three types of impurities. This we call as MumMala Thirai ( Literally Screen made of
three types of impurity). Our saint vallalar descripes this screen to be made of 7 layers.
(Can you now recollect, lord venkateswara can be reached after crossing 7 hills. In
Vaikunta You can get darshan of supreme lord Vishnu only if the 7 gates opens.). This
7 layers were the one that is hindering us to reach divinity or the supreme lord. If we
remove this screen by doing penance we can see our lord paramathma who is residing
with us as our soul.

To know about ourself it is intelligent to follow the way shown by the saints and seers
who have realized themselves and lord. The only way to reach the supreme lord who is residing in the center of the head on every one is to go through our eyes. Remember the words of Christ “Eyes were the light of the body. If your eyes were bright your entire body is brightfull and To reach god you need to walk through the light.). This is the only truth and only way to reach the supreme
being and realize oneself. The ultimate truth told by all saints and seers of this world is
this one only.

If our eyes is there as the light of our body , then by increasing this divine light we can
reach the lord of the supreme divine light. Is it not.We need to increase our divine fire glowing within us. For this the lord who is within us will bless us. The divine fire in each eyes were the Sun and Moon for our body. Saints have called this divine light in the eyes as 8 and 2. This light becomes as shiva and sakthi in right and left eyes. One who imparts or dispers this knowledge to all will attain divine wisdom.

The reason why these secrets were kept in coded form is to ignite the thinking of the
people. To make people realize themselves and help them to avoid the death and to
impart the knowledge in a clear way the knowledge is coded and kept. The saints wants
all people to become human first and then to become divine.

Saints were born in different parts of this world and they disseminated the divine
knowledge in all the languages. All have talked about how the lord is only one and how is
he available as supreme divine light. They have attested that he is present everywhere and
capable of everything. For humans he is as soul present in the central part of the head in
the human body he can be reached through our eyes.

By increasing the light in our eyes we can reach the supreme divine light in our body.
To do this we have to remove the screen which is hiding us from the divinity. By doing
penance we increase the divine light present within us. When we increase our divine light
by penance we go within us and we can see our lord as supreme divine light. With the
help of a guru and by we have to get the divine consciousness in our eyes. By meditating
on the divine light and the supreme lord with the help of this consciousness the divine fire
within us will increase.

Because of this tears will come out from our eyes like water falls. We need to take bath
in this holy water coming out from our eyes because of divine consiousness. This bath
is called GangaSnanam. You would have heard doing gangasnanam gets rid of one’s
sin. True Gangasnanam is the above described one only. When we further continue
our penance the screen covering our divinity will slowly start to melt. When this melts
completely we can have darshan of our supreme lord.

To win over our death, our saint Vallalar in Vadalur (TamilNadu in India) he has made
sathya Gnana Sabhai. Here there will be 7 screens beyond which there will a golden
light kept. He has symbolized the seeing of lord by removal of screen by Sathya Gnana

So to gain divine wisdom seek a guru. One who tells about the divine light of the eye and
gives you the divine consiousness in our eyes is the true guru. Only a true guru can help
you to reach the supreme lord. This process of initiation is called Thiruvadi Deekshai.
Thiruvadi means holy feet of lord. Deeksahi means initiation through fire. Only by
following this process one can attain divine wisdom.

Divine wisdom means complete knowledge. Complete Realization. Realization that I
am my soul and my soul nature is divine and I am part of the supreme lord is the divine

To avoid the repeated birth death cycle and freeing our soul from the miseries of this
cycle only way is to do the penance on his holy feet. The reason of our birth is due to
the karma that we have done in our previous birth. This karma is accumulated birth after
birth and is covering our divinity as the screen in the center of the eyes. This screen made
of three impurities and which is of 7 layers has to be removed by doing penance on the
divine light in our eyes.

By increasing our divine light by the above said penance our complete body will be
turned in to one that of divine light body when all our impurites were melted. This is the
purpose of our human birth and this should be our goal.This has been told by our seers from the beginning of time and this again was told to us in the last century by our saint Vallalar.

Imparting this divine knowledge to others is better than providing food to thousands of
people. The greatest service to a soul is showing the way to realize itself and acquire
divine wisdom. This is the best service one can do to a soul. Our saint Vallalar has shown the path through our eyes as the way to achieve immortality and remove three hold miseries of birth, disease and death. By his grace and by the divine light of the eyes one who can give you the divine consiouness in your eyes and helps you to do penance is the True SadGuru.

“One who always has his mind in the divine light of his eyes will be a Gnani”
For all the souls to be blissfull, the only way is go within oneself through the eyes to
realize and see the supreme lord.

English Translation of Guru Siva Selvaraj’s Speech

Also read the English Translation of the book “saakaKalvi in the link” which gives complete information of how to achieve immortality and realize oneself. Supreme Divine Grace Light! Supreme Divine Grace LightSupreme Merciful Supreme Divine Grace Light

( ArutPerum Jyothi ! ArutPerum JyothiThanipPerum Karunai! ArutPerum Jyothi)



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