Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thuvijan - unless born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God

This birth should be last one! Our Gnanis/Saints are showing way for that.

What is that? How? As we have already taken birth, we should obtain a Gnana sadguru, get preaching and Deekshai from them, and take a new birth in the subtle body(Suksumam). This is what is called here as rebirth(Not taking new birth after death).

We took birth with our physical body, and in order for us to take birth through consciousness in subtle body we need a SarGuru.

One who can reincarnate the subtle body is called the Guru.

Guru is the one who gives birth to our subtle body by giving initiation (Thiruvadi deekshai).

We who have taken birth in the physical body, taking birth again in the subtle body is reincarnation. This is how we reincarnate or take rebirth in this birth.

Only who realizes this will obtain gnanam.

Vedas talks about “Duvijan/Thuvijan” – one who takes two births.

Who is thuvijan? One who takes birth again! In the path of bakthi(devotion) when child attain age 8, they do a ritual called “upa nanaya.”One who gets upa-nayanam is called thuvijan. These days, it has just become a ritual.

Bible doubtlessly explains about rebirth.

“Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”  Unless born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God!? How?  One who had baptism is considered as born again. Only he can enter the kingdom of god.(Baptism should be done by divine fire and holy spirit/pure soul)

Baptism done with fire means it is the way for one to increase the divine fire (Agni) within themselves; it’s called as upa-nayanam.

We can see the same knowledge is preached in different languages! To enter into the kingdom of god one has to take birth again!

Thuvijan – One who takes birth again!

“Maatri pirakka vagai arintharillai” (Don’t know how to take birth again) this is told by Agasthiyar.

This is what happens in Thiruvadi theekshai. In this birth if we get initiated/deekshai from guru, it is called taking birth again. To get rid of death followed by birth, one has to take re birth in this present birth.

This humble being(Gnana Sarguru SivaSelvaraj) obtained many children like this. Gnana deekshai – The day one gets the Thiruvadi deekshai(holy feet initiation) is day Rebirth. Taking a new birth in the subtle body is called re-birth. Through the eyes that has divine light, we took birth to meditate on this divine light in our eyes and attain the Supreme Lord, the vast grace light.

God is one - way is one - entry to soul and God is pupil of eyes(thiruvadi of God)

Who is the Guru?

Who is the Guru (Spiritual teacher)?

One who tells (or imparts) is the guru! Person who listens is the disciple! Disciple is called as Sishya or Sishyan in Indian literatures.

Guru is the one who helps to know the unknown. Disciple is the one who learns and understands without any doubts. We are still learning, right from our childhood

We have learnt everything from others. All are gurus. We have learnt so many things from the nature and other creatures. Are all these our gurus!? Then what is the reason to highlight the word guru? 

Guru is the one, who induces the intelligence, helps one to realize self and gives sensation (divine consciousness / feelings) in the eyes. Incomparable guru! Sadguru! Gnana guru! One needs to get that incomparable guru to realize self. One can come out of the birth death cycle only when one finds that guru. Sadguru shows the way to live an elegant, healthy and excellent life. Sadguru is the one who helps one to get rid of the birth cycle. Only such a person is called a Sadguru. Gnana guru makes progresses in a man who lives with ignorance, by inducing the intelligence, bringing them out of birth cycle. He feeds the feeling in the eyes and helps to make progress in the life. Incomparable guru is sadguru! Sadguru is Gnana guru! We have to obtain a guru to escape from this birth death cycle! Otherwise we’ll get struck in the birth cycle.

Whatever may be the environment one grows in, god always blesses us with a chance to realize him.

Though life is driven by the karma, God blesses every one and gives a chance to obtain Gnana.

Major contributions for one self-realization goes to Saints/Gnanis. This is the nature of Gnanis / Saints who attained deathlessness and have realized god. For all souls to realize the god, Gnanis / Saints helps and guides one to come out of the sufferings and bondage of karma and realize the Supreme Lord.

We need not know the Gnanis / Saints! They know us very well!? Gnanis / Saints don’t discriminate amongst people based on caste, religion, race, language and country!

Oho People come here!
Obtain Upadesam (Teaching)!
It’s important to get initiation (Tiruvadi Deekshai)!

The rarest birth of human is to attain the god. Don’t waste the time; come here to open your EYES. Gnanis and Supreme Lord will bless you.

For many people there is confusion in selecting the guru.

A group of people praise the Gnanis / Saints in their caste.

Another group of people praise the Gnanis / Saints in their religion.

Another group of people praise the Gnanis / Saints speaking their mother tongue.

Some group of people might be praising a saadhu, if they get mere benefits.

Crowd gathers for money.
Crowd gathers for fame.
Crowd gathers for curing diseases.
Crowd gathers for entertainment.

Like this people get struck and suffer due to lack of awareness. There are many imposters who make use of this and cheat people in a planned way. This situation should change.

The real guru is the one who shows the way to know “Who am I”- make one to realize himself and guide them.

“Wheel that is not cut down
 Mantra does not talk
 Flower that no one can reach
 Pooja that can be understood by mind”

If one knows to explain this, then he is eligible to make others realize God. He is the guru! One who makes others to realize the number 8 and 2 is the guru! One who shows way to add 8 with 2 is a real guru!

One who clearly explains the hidden truths and makes one to realize, is the guru!

This humble being, as a gnana guru with the blessings of Gnanis / Saints, gives deekshai/initaion for people who come to Samarasa Sutha Sanmarga Sathya Sangam established by Ramalinga vallal peruman in kanniyakumari and vadalore. 

This birth should be last one! Our Gnanis / Saints are showing way for that. What is that? How? As we have already taken birth, we should obtain a Gnana sadguru, get preaching and Deekshai from them, and take a new birth in the subtle body(Suksumam). This is what is called here as reincarnation.

We took birth with our physical body, and in order for us to take birth through consciousness in subtle body we need a SarGuru. One who can reincarnate the subtle body is called the Guru.

Look at soul with compassion. First liberate from your mind!

Jeeva karunyam is not only donating food to others, helping people in different ways!?  But it’s being compassionate on your soul, which suffers by death and birth!! Soul is permanent, it has no death!

Why there are sufferings in the life? What is the reason? How it happens? Don’t we need to know about happenings in our life? So suffering itself becomes permanent in many people’s life! Why? Don’t we need to find a way for living a happy life?
Show compassion to your soul in the way you show it to other souls!  Its Jeeva kaarunya!  Showing compassion to other living beings is called benevolence! Charity will help to liberate your soul! Look at your soul with compassion!? What is the way for your soul to get liberation?! To liberate the soul one should do contemplation! Ask these questions to yourself, who am i? From where I came?  Why i came to this world? Why there are sufferings in life? What is the solution for sufferings? From whom I should learn?

Find a guru who can give answer to all your questions! Surrender to that Gnana Sarguru! Obtain the preaching and attain Thiruvadi initiation! Request guru to give initiation! Find the way for your soul to get liberation!

This is the jeeva karunyam preached by siddhas saints.  Each and every saints loved his own soul and paid attention to their soul. After self-realization they obtained god realization. They got blessings from God! They did penance (Gnana Thavam) made their soul more powerful! Later they serviced human beings! Only the inner experience of soul and God can bring out the real compassion.

Since God is of Supreme and ultimate compassion, the saints are naturally compassionate.
First find a way for your soul to liberate from the mind? You can help others only when you have enough wealth, isn’t!? Similarly Only when you soul is graced by god, you can be compassionate on all living being and help them?! The great soul Vallalaar did intense penance and blessed by lord of Arutperunjothi(vast grace light). Vallalar was graced to be in the state of God! After that vallalar was able to shower compassion on the plants as well that starves for the water! Love and compassion is expressed from within! To be a loving and compassionate person you have to make yourself compassionate and loving! You do the Gnana Thavam(penance) to achieve that!  Be compassionate on your soul! Vallalar paid attention to the soul!  Vallalar started his penance from the age of 9! He was doing with great determination! Penance gave the result! The God is more compassionate than mother. Arutperun jothi(vast grace light) overwhelmed vallalar with grace for the penance he did. The physical body got transformed to divine light body!

Jesus Christ also did intense penance (thavam) for many years and became son of Lord!  Jesus brought back the dead person alive! Many blind people obtained vision, many other miracles was done by Jesus!  All this happens when Jesus surrendered his soul-spirit to the lord to save him!!?

Prophet Mohammad also showed compassion-love on enemies by doing intense penance on Almighty Allah!   He planted love on hearts of people in Arab who were living in crookedness! He made people of Arab to pray Allah!  This is the power of his soul which is obtained by Thavam(penance). He showed compassion on people who threw stone at him! People realized their ignorance. He made them to realize God Allah! He paid attention to the great power with in and did the intense penance! That was how Prophet Mohammad became such a great person! Allah expressed himself as Mohammad’s soul!  This is called Jeeva kaarunyam!  Jesus prayed to God to forgive the humans who crucified him in the cross! This is called Jeeva kaarunyam! Expression of love by Jesus!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Attention pleasure seekers!!

Marriages are made in heaven. We get a wife based on the some of the previous birth’s bonding we had. We do not know which birth’s bonding. We need to treat our wife with respect and care. One who ignores his wife and treats her badly is to considered as animal. One who considers his wife as his soul is the virtuous person. One who lives his life with only one wife is to be considered as a noble and meritorious person.

  One who scum to his lust is the biggest fool. One who leaves his vital seminal fluid will die suffering. We get sit-rin-bam (pleasure by the union of male and female, it is called sitrinbam because it is not everlasting and not infinite and considered to be very negligible when compared with divine bliss) by the disposal of seminal fluid and in this all of our 72000 naadis will vibrate. This pleasure we will get for very small time. After this only suffering result. We need to recharge our seminal fluid reserve after discharging it. Even in this union maintain a limit and be wise as advised by our seers and saints.

 Due to the lust seminal fluid will go down and will result in lose of Prana(life force).  With Penance the seminal fluid will go up and become Oojus. Our prana will be stabilized. If we live a virtuous life our body will be in good shape. If we scum to our lust and do illegal things we will get dreadful disease and our life will end. If we maintain disciple in our body and mind it will lead one to deathlessness.  This is truth.

As we seen earlier wife is better than one’s mother. Only a good wife can become a good mother. Father and mother were the one who has given us our physical body. They are to be considered as god’s seen by our eyes. But the supreme one is the one who has given the Mei(soul/spirit) in this Mei(body). This body as we know without realization or divine grace will be destroyed. Mother has only give us the body will be destroyed. 

A wife is the one who like the truth (Mei) in the Mei(body) can give pleasure to a husband in both body and soul. Only wife can give Chirinbam, mother can’t give chirinbam. Mother’s affection ends after giving birth and taking care till our adulthood. But wife affection comes from nowhere and exists till our death. Husband and wife relation is the one which cannot be separated.

Mother’s affection will be split among her children but wife’s affection is only to her husband. A mother carries the child only for 10 months. But wife comes from different family and gives affection and carries her husband in her mind throughout her life. So in all these cases wife is better than the mother. These facts very few know. This is truth.

A man’s life will be good or bad based on his wife character only. A virtuous wife with patience and good characters will be got by a husband who has done lot of good deeds in his early life. Such a person is the lucky one.

A husband and wife should live like two bodies and one soul. They should live like nail and flesh in the hand. The relationship should be like sacred couple vasuki and valluvan. The biggest thing a wife can get is that to be called Pathini (chaste women).  This belongs only to wife. A girl first becomes wife and then only mother. So wife is the best.  This is true, true and true.

Only because of wife does a husband gets pleasure. A man becomes husband after marrying a wife and unites with her with his body and consciousness and gets little pleasure called Chirinbam. This is truth.

Our soul is feminine  So spiritually we souls/spirits are females. Only the supreme lord is male. For all jeevatmas the supreme lord is the only husband. Union of Jeevatma and Paramatma is the supreme divine pleasure and bliss. This divine pleasure and bliss is called Perinbam (meaning everlasting and infinite pleasure).  This union is called as JeevaBrahaAaikiyam by the seers.

The pleasure we get in this world by our body is Chirinbam. The pleasure got by our soul when union with paramatma is perinbam(ecstasy). In this world we get pleasure because of wife. In the spiritual world also only when we become wife to the supreme lord we can get supreme divine pleasure and bliss.  So we should become very good wife to our lord.

Where is lotus feet?