Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Look at soul with compassion. First liberate from your mind!

Jeeva karunyam is not only donating food to others, helping people in different ways!?  But it’s being compassionate on your soul, which suffers by death and birth!! Soul is permanent, it has no death!

Why there are sufferings in the life? What is the reason? How it happens? Don’t we need to know about happenings in our life? So suffering itself becomes permanent in many people’s life! Why? Don’t we need to find a way for living a happy life?
Show compassion to your soul in the way you show it to other souls!  Its Jeeva kaarunya!  Showing compassion to other living beings is called benevolence! Charity will help to liberate your soul! Look at your soul with compassion!? What is the way for your soul to get liberation?! To liberate the soul one should do contemplation! Ask these questions to yourself, who am i? From where I came?  Why i came to this world? Why there are sufferings in life? What is the solution for sufferings? From whom I should learn?

Find a guru who can give answer to all your questions! Surrender to that Gnana Sarguru! Obtain the preaching and attain Thiruvadi initiation! Request guru to give initiation! Find the way for your soul to get liberation!

This is the jeeva karunyam preached by siddhas saints.  Each and every saints loved his own soul and paid attention to their soul. After self-realization they obtained god realization. They got blessings from God! They did penance (Gnana Thavam) made their soul more powerful! Later they serviced human beings! Only the inner experience of soul and God can bring out the real compassion.

Since God is of Supreme and ultimate compassion, the saints are naturally compassionate.
First find a way for your soul to liberate from the mind? You can help others only when you have enough wealth, isn’t!? Similarly Only when you soul is graced by god, you can be compassionate on all living being and help them?! The great soul Vallalaar did intense penance and blessed by lord of Arutperunjothi(vast grace light). Vallalar was graced to be in the state of God! After that vallalar was able to shower compassion on the plants as well that starves for the water! Love and compassion is expressed from within! To be a loving and compassionate person you have to make yourself compassionate and loving! You do the Gnana Thavam(penance) to achieve that!  Be compassionate on your soul! Vallalar paid attention to the soul!  Vallalar started his penance from the age of 9! He was doing with great determination! Penance gave the result! The God is more compassionate than mother. Arutperun jothi(vast grace light) overwhelmed vallalar with grace for the penance he did. The physical body got transformed to divine light body!

Jesus Christ also did intense penance (thavam) for many years and became son of Lord!  Jesus brought back the dead person alive! Many blind people obtained vision, many other miracles was done by Jesus!  All this happens when Jesus surrendered his soul-spirit to the lord to save him!!?

Prophet Mohammad also showed compassion-love on enemies by doing intense penance on Almighty Allah!   He planted love on hearts of people in Arab who were living in crookedness! He made people of Arab to pray Allah!  This is the power of his soul which is obtained by Thavam(penance). He showed compassion on people who threw stone at him! People realized their ignorance. He made them to realize God Allah! He paid attention to the great power with in and did the intense penance! That was how Prophet Mohammad became such a great person! Allah expressed himself as Mohammad’s soul!  This is called Jeeva kaarunyam!  Jesus prayed to God to forgive the humans who crucified him in the cross! This is called Jeeva kaarunyam! Expression of love by Jesus!

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