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Who is the Guru?

Who is the Guru (Spiritual teacher)?

One who tells (or imparts) is the guru! Person who listens is the disciple! Disciple is called as Sishya or Sishyan in Indian literatures.

Guru is the one who helps to know the unknown. Disciple is the one who learns and understands without any doubts. We are still learning, right from our childhood

We have learnt everything from others. All are gurus. We have learnt so many things from the nature and other creatures. Are all these our gurus!? Then what is the reason to highlight the word guru? 

Guru is the one, who induces the intelligence, helps one to realize self and gives sensation (divine consciousness / feelings) in the eyes. Incomparable guru! Sadguru! Gnana guru! One needs to get that incomparable guru to realize self. One can come out of the birth death cycle only when one finds that guru. Sadguru shows the way to live an elegant, healthy and excellent life. Sadguru is the one who helps one to get rid of the birth cycle. Only such a person is called a Sadguru. Gnana guru makes progresses in a man who lives with ignorance, by inducing the intelligence, bringing them out of birth cycle. He feeds the feeling in the eyes and helps to make progress in the life. Incomparable guru is sadguru! Sadguru is Gnana guru! We have to obtain a guru to escape from this birth death cycle! Otherwise we’ll get struck in the birth cycle.

Whatever may be the environment one grows in, god always blesses us with a chance to realize him.

Though life is driven by the karma, God blesses every one and gives a chance to obtain Gnana.

Major contributions for one self-realization goes to Saints/Gnanis. This is the nature of Gnanis / Saints who attained deathlessness and have realized god. For all souls to realize the god, Gnanis / Saints helps and guides one to come out of the sufferings and bondage of karma and realize the Supreme Lord.

We need not know the Gnanis / Saints! They know us very well!? Gnanis / Saints don’t discriminate amongst people based on caste, religion, race, language and country!

Oho People come here!
Obtain Upadesam (Teaching)!
It’s important to get initiation (Tiruvadi Deekshai)!

The rarest birth of human is to attain the god. Don’t waste the time; come here to open your EYES. Gnanis and Supreme Lord will bless you.

For many people there is confusion in selecting the guru.

A group of people praise the Gnanis / Saints in their caste.

Another group of people praise the Gnanis / Saints in their religion.

Another group of people praise the Gnanis / Saints speaking their mother tongue.

Some group of people might be praising a saadhu, if they get mere benefits.

Crowd gathers for money.
Crowd gathers for fame.
Crowd gathers for curing diseases.
Crowd gathers for entertainment.

Like this people get struck and suffer due to lack of awareness. There are many imposters who make use of this and cheat people in a planned way. This situation should change.

The real guru is the one who shows the way to know “Who am I”- make one to realize himself and guide them.

“Wheel that is not cut down
 Mantra does not talk
 Flower that no one can reach
 Pooja that can be understood by mind”

If one knows to explain this, then he is eligible to make others realize God. He is the guru! One who makes others to realize the number 8 and 2 is the guru! One who shows way to add 8 with 2 is a real guru!

One who clearly explains the hidden truths and makes one to realize, is the guru!

This humble being, as a gnana guru with the blessings of Gnanis / Saints, gives deekshai/initaion for people who come to Samarasa Sutha Sanmarga Sathya Sangam established by Ramalinga vallal peruman in kanniyakumari and vadalore. 

This birth should be last one! Our Gnanis / Saints are showing way for that. What is that? How? As we have already taken birth, we should obtain a Gnana sadguru, get preaching and Deekshai from them, and take a new birth in the subtle body(Suksumam). This is what is called here as reincarnation.

We took birth with our physical body, and in order for us to take birth through consciousness in subtle body we need a SarGuru. One who can reincarnate the subtle body is called the Guru.

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