Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who is GURU?

                                                       Who is GURU?

One who tells is guru! One who hears is Disciple/Student. Guru is the
one who make unknown to known. Disciple is the one who knows and realize

We are still learning from our birth. Goddess of education Sarasvathi is still

Known is a drop, unknown is an ocean was told by lady saint Avvaiyar.
We learn from many information from many people. Each and every one are guru.

We learn from nature and many living beings. All of them are guru.

Then why Guru is highlighted?  Why guru has given importance?

All living beings provides information to us. They provide information for our better living.

One who induces our intelligence,shows the path for self realization(Who am i)
and gives the feeling/consciousness in the EYES is called GURU.

Incomparable guru! Sathguru ! Gnana guru! We should get a guru who can show the way for
self realization, Only he can tell the way to get out of birth cycle.

Sathguru is the one who shows the way to live a healthy life and to come get out
of birth cycle.

A gnana guru is the one induces the thinking of ignorant people, creates feeling/consciousness
in the eyes, help them to progress in the life.

Incomparable guru is a sathguru! Sathguru is gnana guru. We are safe if we find a guru.
If we don't get then we'll get struck with birth cycle.

All human beings learn many things while growing physically.

All children are good when they take birth in this world. Then brought up decides whether he
becomes good and bad by character. Irrespective of the situation/environment we grow,
god gives the situation for self realization.

Even though karma drives the life, god helps/bless us in knowing self. Major contribution is
done by saints(gnani).  This is the nature of saints attained DEATHLESSNESS. These saints accompany
and help the souls which like to attain self realization. They help to get rid of the karma.

We need not see/realize these saints.  They know us better.

These saints don't differ people by caste,religion,language,country .
The whole world is my place; the whole humanity is my fraternity. This is the state of them.

My duty is to do the work assigned.

Saints help and bless the souls volunteerly, without expectations,differences.

Innumerable siddhar saints emerged in India. We should be proud of taking birth in our country. Ramalinga adigal Thiru Arut Prakasa vallalar Ramalinga swamigal incarnated in the last century. He attained highest possible level in the spirituality the DEATHLESSNESS.

This humble being's sathguru is Ramalinga swamigal. My guru Jothi Ramaswami desigar educated/preached me the Thiruvadi Gnana of  Ramalinga swamigal and gave the Deekshai. Practiced and achieved the teachings. I was embraced by Ramalinga swamigal. Before my guru Jothi Ramaswami desigar (Identified and shown to me by Ramalinga swamigal) attained samadhi, he made this humble being as GURU.

He made this humble being a matured soul and made me to write the book "KANMANI MALAI".
In next 12 years Ramalinga swamigal made this humble being as Guru.

He use me as tool, to do the work of guru. He gives the Deekshai residing in me.It's the punniya done by this humble being.  Blessed by saints and functioning as gnana guru. Doing the work given by Ramalinga swamigal. He helped to do the work elegantly.

Worldly people come here!
Get the preaching!
It's necessary to get Deekshai!

The rare birth as human is to realize god. Don't delay. Come and get eyes opened.

For many people there is a confusion in selecting a guru.

One group praises the sadu in their caste.
One group praises the sadu in their religion.
One group praises the sadu in their language.

If its told in Arabic, told in hibru, told in tamil,told in sanskirit, all saints preached about God.

World's first guru(Aadhi Guru) is Dhaksina moorthi. This is the Truth! After that
only son preached father(Muruga to shivan). Then it was preached to Saint Agathiyar
Saint Arunagiri.

Swami Ramalinga swamigal came in the same path, generation after generation.
Swami instructs by residing in me to give Deekshai.

One who give clear knowledge about self(who am i), make to realize self and guide
us is the true guru.

Wheel That was not cut,
Mandiram that doesnt talk
Flower that is not reached by others,

One who can explain this is can help to realize god.

Guru is one who reveals and make to realize the secrets. Giving deekshai by being a
guru with the blessing of enlightened masters.

clarity is to see the body of the guru
clarity is to tell name of the guru
clarity is to hear the words of guru
clarity is to think about guru

It was written in Tamil by
Gnana sathguru Siva Selvaraj

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clear karma and realize self

Trasnlated version.
Depends on the paava and punniya(karmic accumulation) we did, god gives the body and send us to the world. Body functions based on the karma, all are maya(illusion).  If we live in the current way body will be destroyed. 

He will destroy the body! Need to convert mortal body to immortal body.  We need to see the light in the pupil of the eye feel and mediate. Incomparable meditation (Summa Iru) Doing nothing. "Karma Yields the body"  said by enlightened master.

To attain immortal body there should be no karma.  To attain that we need to work on gnana.Do nothing!  Light in the pupil should be received from guru, realize and do the meditation.There will be progress in the meditation and clear/melt all the karma vinai(in the form of 7 screen) in the subtle form.  When karma vinai reduces, the pure light  increases.  It spreads all over the body.Physical body becomes light body! No more birth!  If there is not karma vinai then there is no birth!

Three types of  karma
1.  Prarabdha karma 
2   Sanchita karma 
3   Aakanmiyam

If  disciple gets initiated by guru and do the mediation then his prarabdha karma will get reduced. After getting initiation Theekshai from guru,  disciple lives discipline life. So there wont be Aakanmiyam.  Even if Aakanmiyam comes out, guru will take care and show grace to disciple.  When disciple do the mediation continuously,  light in the eye is increased/multiplied, gnana light increases. Sanchita karma will get reduced.  What ever sufferings disciple face, god will take care. 

We need to work to reduce the karma.  That's work of shiva! We need to increase the silence and do nothing with mind.  This is work if shiva.  If we surrender to the light in pupil of eye we can live life blissfully every day. We can live, make others live! Become guru and protect the whole world.

Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj.

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