Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clear karma and realize self

Trasnlated version.
Depends on the paava and punniya(karmic accumulation) we did, god gives the body and send us to the world. Body functions based on the karma, all are maya(illusion).  If we live in the current way body will be destroyed. 

He will destroy the body! Need to convert mortal body to immortal body.  We need to see the light in the pupil of the eye feel and mediate. Incomparable meditation (Summa Iru) Doing nothing. "Karma Yields the body"  said by enlightened master.

To attain immortal body there should be no karma.  To attain that we need to work on gnana.Do nothing!  Light in the pupil should be received from guru, realize and do the meditation.There will be progress in the meditation and clear/melt all the karma vinai(in the form of 7 screen) in the subtle form.  When karma vinai reduces, the pure light  increases.  It spreads all over the body.Physical body becomes light body! No more birth!  If there is not karma vinai then there is no birth!

Three types of  karma
1.  Prarabdha karma 
2   Sanchita karma 
3   Aakanmiyam

If  disciple gets initiated by guru and do the mediation then his prarabdha karma will get reduced. After getting initiation Theekshai from guru,  disciple lives discipline life. So there wont be Aakanmiyam.  Even if Aakanmiyam comes out, guru will take care and show grace to disciple.  When disciple do the mediation continuously,  light in the eye is increased/multiplied, gnana light increases. Sanchita karma will get reduced.  What ever sufferings disciple face, god will take care. 

We need to work to reduce the karma.  That's work of shiva! We need to increase the silence and do nothing with mind.  This is work if shiva.  If we surrender to the light in pupil of eye we can live life blissfully every day. We can live, make others live! Become guru and protect the whole world.

Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj.
Kaniyakumari. www.vallalyaar.com


  1. Thank you so much, I am in search.

  2. All the best. Please read all the blogs. If you know tamil please see the guru's video at http://sagakalvi.blogspot.in/2011/10/self-realization.html


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