Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who is human?

"Eat,sleep and reproduce" are they human being's activities? Animals also doing the same!

It's rare to attain human birth - Lady saint Avvai. We should know why she told like that!

We took birth with no physical problem, shouldn't we attain the purpose of the life?

Did we take birth to die? or to live? Birth,death! Birth,death! In a birth death cycle!

If this happens can we call human beings as intelligent and Rational?

Who is human being?

Human being should be capable of making mind pleasant and matured. Its called rational.

How to make the mind matured?

Search for a guru who teaches this!

We are not here to die!  We took birth to live!

How to live?

Five big sins Lie - Murder - Robbery - Alcohol - Lust  should not be done, live with good habits.
Live a discipline life!

Don't eat fish, egg and other non-vegetarian food!  Don't spoil the body!

Don't consume alcohol, don't smoke, don't have drugs/Narcotics.

Don't give space for diseases!

Be loving to all living beings!

Talk truth always!

Live a monogamous life!

Leave the desire on Land, woman, materials!

Surrender in the holy feet(Thiruvadi) of god! ( Which present in our body!)

Then you will become a human being!

One who meditates/ponder is a human!

Noble man who buy in the name of benami, if Tsunami attacks, in the time of eye blink you will reach god/kailaayam/heaven.

"Vegetables are human food". One becomes loving only if he/she eat vegetables and fruits. Get more power. Only sathveegam, love, compassion can take us to god.

Its intelligent to avoid alcohol(faints the intelligence) and tobacco products.

Complete intelligence is Gnana!

"Who slays nought,- flesh rejects- his feet before
All living things with clasped hands adore Explanation"
 (All creatures will join their hands together, and worship him who has never taken away life, nor eaten flesh) Holy saint Thiru valluvar on Abstinence from Flesh

People with love and quality will have intelligence. One who has intelligence is human.

God is not in far away place. He is reachable to us. He is in the form of 'EIGHT'-'TWO'.
We have to reach him! Approach him with your feelings(unarvu)! Don't use your mind and fly in imagination!Do nothing(Stop your mind)! See the Eyes! With the open eyes we have to see.
Death comes if we close the eyes. Our eyes without any attachment holds the soul. One has to keep the mind in the pupil of the eyes.

Be hunger! Be alone! Open your eyes(with awareness)!

The light merged with pupil of our eyes. He is the God seen with our eyes.
If one prays the god present/glitter in the eye, two karma will be cleared from us.

To come out of  disease birth death cycle, two karma has to be cleared from us. To achieve that one has to follow the Gnana path. We should feel the light in the pupil of our eyes.

Do nothing is joy.

Leave the preaching of saints. To realizes self, follow the way preached by god!

Thatchinamoorthy appeared for sankaathi munivargal/saints, made them feel as it is. We have to follow the guru who said Do-Nothing. Lord muruga preached Saint arunagiri to Do-Nothing!

Ramalinga vallalar who sang more than 6000 songs, gives the feeling in the eyes,
his first songs says when to get pleasure of 'Do-Nothing'(Summa Iru).

So Do-Nothing!

(Written in Tamil by Gnana Sarguru Siva Selvaraj
                                    Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai
                                    Kannyakumari - India )

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