Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Self realization an infinite happiness.

Money(Economic leaders) rules the world. Every one needs money. 

 People don't have value. But only money.

Unless people are really valued, this kinds of problems are not going to be solved.
(Adulteration, Robbery, Kidnap, Rape, Cheat , .....)

We are in search of happiness. Money gives material happiness.
This is an western influence. They don't have this knowledge of self realization.

India is rich in spiritual knowledge.  No one is ready to know this due to some reasons.

Only self realization can give infinite(endless) happiness.

Value of human know only by self realization.

Why self realization?

We are not this body and mind.
We create this body and mind. These two are our properties.
We identify our self and others with Physical body or mind.

The life we are living is wrong.

The soul(uyir) is the power that create/destroy/maintain our body cells.
It controls our complex body.

We have a technology that converts the BANANA to HUMAN.

We should realize the soul.

We know all these... Still not able to realize the soul.  Why?


How to clear???


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