Friday, August 9, 2013

How to attain light body?

When we do penance we have do with the eyes kept open. Doing Meditation with the eyes kept close is not penance.

(Gnana - Enligtenment) When we do penance with our eyes open we get five difficulties. They are called as Saakiram, Soppanam, Sulithi, Thuriyam and Thuriyathidam.

Gnana is not doing this blindly. It is not doing penance with closed eyes. Doing Penance by keeping our eyes opened is the state of Gnana.

If we close our eyes darkness will result. If we open our eyes light will be there. If we open our inner eye then we can see the supreme divine light. So we need to open both our external and internal eyes.Bible tells that eyes were the lamp of the body.

Our body which has more than half water in it, has to be dried out by increasing the divine light of our eyes and this is the achievement in Gnana/Enlightenment.

If you want to get darshan of supreme lord who is as supreme divine light then we need to increase the tiny divine light of our eyes by doing penance, and by this divine light we have convert our body which has more than half water in it as divine light and this is the benefit or attainment one gets by doing this penance.

Our body should shed all the water in it and the divine light should increase. If we do meditation on the divine light of our eyes by keeping our eyes open then because of the divine heat generated the water in the body will dry out and divine light will increase.

Right from the top of our head to our feet this divine pure heat will spread and will convert our physical handicapped body to divine light body.

Gnana Sarguru Sivaselvaraj
Kanya Kumari

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