Sunday, August 11, 2013

Activate 100% brain

  • Who is compassionately taking care of our body/mind day and night without boredom ?
  • Who am i?  Body or mind?  Not able to explore beyond this? Why?  If body and mind belongs to you then what is stopping to know your self?
  • A sincere seeker should obtain this information. Many seeker got struck/entangled with fake gurus.  Don't waste time with them. 
  • All people should progress towards correct path. This is the wish of the Guru. So Guru explained all the secrets/code words.  
  • We see so many reviews to buy things in this world. But when it comes for spiritual journey we read what they say and see any reviews.
  • Why i took this birth?
  • Is there way to avoid death and birth?
  • What is fate? What is karma?
  • How to overcome fate/karma with intelligence?
  • How to know soul/self/spirit? 
  • What is the location of soul? 
  • How to see the soul divine light with in us?
  • Where to surrender mind? 
  • What is root cause(source) of the mind?
  • How to clear the obstacle to know self?
  • Is it possible to travel in this path without guru?
  • Is it possible to travel our self with 5% intelligence?

  • What is holy feet of God?
  • Where is to located in our body?
  • What is entry to soul?
  • How to do penance?
What vadalur Sathya Gnana Sabai represents?

Do you have these questions? Have you ever thought about this? 

We learnt everthing from others from our childhood.  So we need a guru to explain this and make to travel in the path of spirituality.

Guru can help a disciple on complete surrender.

Meet Gnana Sarguru at Kanyakumari.  Surrender and take THIRUVADI DEEKSHAI.

Do penance with OPEN EYE and obtain blessings of all siddhas and saints.

Only after clearing of brain with this penance will active 100% brain.  Its called blooming of 1008 lotus petals.

Turn inward! Know your real state  - joy/bliss.  Make others to live like that.

Live in bliss!  Bliss!  Bliss!

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