Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One should have two GURUs ?

karana guruvai vittu kaariya guruvai kandu” ganapathi thasan explains the importance of kaariya guru in nenjari vilakkam

Each and every human has two gurus. One who gets the second guru will be able to attain God. 
There is no other way. 

We were discussing about kaariya guru. Kaarana guru is external guru. Kaariya guru is internal guru. 

We have to surrender to exteral/kaarana guru and know the meiporul. We have to do continuous penance and we can know the athma which responsible for all our actions!  It’s our determination and penance that decides the time to have the dharsan of athma in our body. 

The athma is in the sukshama form.  It is present in the physical body.  It’s is our second guru called as kaarana guru. After that kaarana guru (athma) guides us in each and every step of our development. For all the human beings his athma is the kaarana guru. 

If one follows the path of external guru - kaariya guru, first he will be able to get kaarna guru – dharsan of athma(self-realization) . Only this kaarana guru helps to realize it self. Then it will guide us to merge with almighty lord. 

With help of kaariya guru we will find the kaarna guru. Then it will lead to self-realization, after being that state, we will attain the state of God. That’s why siddhas and gnani iterated that only after self-realization God realization happens. Only after that we can attain moksha or death less life. We have to realize this! 

Gnana sarguru sivaselvaraj.

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