Sunday, April 14, 2013

Open your eyes for Knowing soul and god

In Spirituality there are four main steps, They are

2. Kiriyai,
3.Yogam and

       The first 3 steps one will do with closed eyes. It will give one only smaller attainments or blessings and will not lead one to completeness.

       In the State of Gnana one has to do penance/meditation with eyes opened. If we close our eyes it is dark and if we open it , then there is light. We have to do meditation on divine light isin’t? So the penance should be done with open eyes. Whatever divine experience we get with opened eyes were the true one. Experiences got with our eyes closed were all illusions.

       For doing penance eyes has to be opened. It means two things. One physically our eyes has to be opened. Other thing is the layers of screen covering our eyes have to be removed. The door or the way has to be opened. So opening of our eyes also means the layers of karma which is like screen or door has to be opened. Only then we can get the vision of our soul and realize our self. We can get Gnana or divine wisdom.

Leaving the eyelids of the external eye and opening of the screen in the pupil of the internal eye is divine wisdom or Gnana.  Our Vallalar sings as “Will you open the divine door removing all the screens – Will you open the door of the Pupil”.

When a artist completes a painting or sculpts a sculpture, the last thing he does is opening of the eyes of the work. When the eyes were opened it means the painting or sculpture is completed.
In that way , for a human opening of the internal eye is the most important ambition in his life. In this birth the most important or significant event is opening of our internal eye, only after which one gets the purpose of the human birth.

Only if our eyes are (both external and internal) do we get the darshan of the divine flame. This humble being by the grace of supreme lord and by the grace of vallalar, was made to sit on the honorable seat of SadGuru and through Thiruvadi Deekshai or Nayana Deekshai , open the internal eyes of those who seek divinity.

All humans have father and mother, similarly one has to get a guru and from him get his internal eye to open and do penance and by this he has to improve his divine state. In order for the people to improve their divine state only our vallalar struggled a lot and still is still struggling. Inorder for all the people of the world to realize the oneness of soul and get the supreme state of deathless divine life only , our vallalar has made like me to give Deekshai.


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