Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What is the duty of vallalar?

      “Panneri(many ways) samayangal madangal endridumor
       Pava neri ithuvarai paraviya thithanaal
      Sennneri arinthilar iranthiran thulogor
      Seri iyru(dark) adainthnar aathalin ini nee
      Punneri thavirnthoru  pothuneri yenum
      Van puthamuthu arukindara sutha sanmaarga
      Nanneri seluthuga endra en arase
     Thani natarasa en sarguru maa maniye” -Vallalar

    There are many ways and religions formed in this world. Still people do not know the real way to self realization and deathlessness. People die in darkness, you go ahead and lead the eminent way called sanmargam.   This was told by nataraja sarguru maa mani to Vallalar. Many religions, many ways were formed in this world, but people died in darkness without knowing/realizing Sanathana dharma. To save the people from the wrong path, Thiru Arutprakasha Vallalar was graced by god and came to this world. To tell this world about the good path suttha sanmargam a common way to attain the bliss, sanathana dharma, god sent Vallalar to this world. Vallalar took birth in this world on 1823-Oct-05(Star Chittirai, Tamil month purataasi) attained light body on 1874-Jan-30 and filled in this existence.

Vallalar attained the state of god by filling himself in this world and galaxy.
    “Ulagamelaam potra olivadi vanaagi
     Ilaga arul seithaan isainthe – thilagan ena
     Naane sanmargam nadathukiren nam perumaan
    Thane endkkuth thanithu” – Thiruarutpa

    Almighty our god graced to make me a light body (luminous) to be praised by this world.  Sanmaargam which is a sanathana dharma is driven by me with the grace of god told by vallal perumaan. In Thiru-Arutpa(graced this for people of this world) Vallal perumaan advised us how to pray the god. 

Vallalar identify the people who are spiritually interested. He pulls those people to right track and guide them.

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