Saturday, April 13, 2013

Divine donation - Show path to soul and god

                India is a land of divine wisdom. There are innumerable saints who have taken birth here. There are innumerable holy places and temples here. In all these holy places offering of food or donation of food is considered holy and it happens regularly. The offering of food is called AnnaDhanam in Tamil. AnnaDhanam is now happening in almost all the temples. People of india know the importance of AnnaDhanam.

                   “All the places were ours and all the people are our brothers and sisters” Indian people live according to this passage. Hospitality and treating the guest with love is considered to be the greatest culture here. “One who gives food to a being is considered to be the one who has given soul to that being”. This is the culture practiced and followed in india. Till this day the world has praised the act of donating/offering food. Because of our punniya or good karma the great saint vallalar took birth among us. He is still living with us. He is living with us as divine light. He is the one who overcame death and attained divine light body.  The challenge he threw to the world is deathlessness and divine immortality and SaakaKalvi.

Because of vallalar whatever has been hidden as divine secret has come to light. He gave all the divine wisdom in his poems and in his teachings. It is impossible to comprehend his compassion.  In our Tamil Land innumerable saints have taken birth. It is our  punniya/good karma to have taken birth in this holy tamil land. In this land only the saint Ramanujar without heeding his Guru’s word (his guru asked him to keep the divine knowledge he taught to be kept as secret) he told the divine knowledge he learned to everyone for the sake of spiritual upliftment of all the humans. He is the great human and saint  who without caring for creed, caste and religion dispersed the divine knowledge to everyone. For this divine philanthropist sri sri Ramanujar my obeisance in crores and crores. For the humble person like me if saint vallalar is like one eye then sri sri Ramanujar is like other eye.

It is saint vallalar who has revealed the meaning of Sathya Gnana Sabhai to the whole world by his divine poem Thiru-arutpa and through the way of eye. Vallalar is the divine philanthropist who has donated the divine wisdom for the whole world and to the humanity. There is no one equivalent to him in divine donation. So for all the divine knowledge and wisdom is kept hidden in Vedas and were highly codified. Vallalar is the one who after deciphering it told to the entire world without any thing hidden. It is his divine grace by which i was asked to do this divine donation through my books. This is true. So for by my 24 books i have revealing all the divine secrets and divine wisdom to the whole world. This is very true. I feel very happy to know that this humble being is also one of the reason to donate this divine wisdom to all by means of internet. My obeisance in crores to my guru and great saint vallalar for making me to do this divine donation.

“Do the Act of Donation” – Saint Tamil Poet Avayaar. Here by donation she means divine donation only. It is better to donate the knowledge about the divine truth and means to attain divinity then to donate material things. It is the greatest donation one can do by showing others the way to realize themselves and attain divine bliss and divine immortality. Telling others the way to realize them and god is the greatest divine donation one can do. So do this divine donation. Do this divine donation till you live. Tell to everyone about the divine truth (soul) present within them. Tell everyone the way to achieve this divine wisdom. Tell everyone this is the only thing that is only truth. These things were called divine donation.

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