Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kundalini sakthi

God is present in between eye brow (puruva matthi) told by our elders! People got confused and don't know what is the meaning of it. There are many paripaasai (Code Words) to confirm that god-light is light in the pupil of eyes.

“Purumathi ethenrakkaal parapiramma maanathoru anda uchi” Siddar said.Para brahmam is the light called as crown of cosmic. Pattinathar said in his songs, it's beautiful like universe (andam). Pupil of eye is like earth. Crown is center part of it.

One who realizes this will obtain gnana!? It's not Aagna chakra which is between two eye brows!?“Kaiyaravillatha nadukkan purava pootu”, this is the truth sung by Vallalar.

People say kundalini has to be raised. They say kundalini sakthi is below the stomach. Ignorant people! In yogam that is one in six chakras. This is what gnanis said! Pupil of eye is like sphere, like earth. It has fire – light in it. You are that – soul – athman – with god's qualities.

You are the light present in the pupil of the eyes. This sakthi has to be raised. Kundu (sphere) + anal (light) + nee (you) = Kundalini. Preaching is to explain and understand about that! Almighty, omnipresent god, atom inside an atom is god Arutperunjothi(Vast grace light). He dwells in our body at center of pupil as tiny light.

This is gnana upadesam(preaching)! One who preaches this is Gnana guru! One makes others to feel is sarguru!

Come here to get preaching!

Come here to realize yourself!

Come here to obtain light! 


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