Saturday, July 7, 2018

Guru - the way

If your son/daughter made some mistake, will you ignore him for his mistake? We will try in all possible ways to make him come out of his mistake. Will God let down(discard) us for our mistakes? We might have done mistakes based on expression our karma and ignorance. If we realize the mistake and surrender to the holy feet of God, then we have solution for everything. We can get rid of all our karma. To achieve that we need grace of Guru.
God is like a law-maker(president/prime minister) He wont violate the laws. Guru is like our mother. If her son is murderer or thief or doing any mistakes, she wont compromise. Guru is mother to his disciples. Guru will look for all possible ways to overcome the problems/karmas of his disciple, will make him(guide) to clear their karma and mistakes. Guru always be with disciple, reduce the impact of karmic reactions. Only the guru makes the disciple pure. Only Guru can resolve all our karma. We have to cooperate to GURU.

We have to identify our mistakes and surrender to the feet of Guru.
Guru gives instructions to follow. We have to follow them first. We need do the penance(meditation) at thiruvadi and reach certain state. Only then they will join us and reduce the impact or intensity of our karma, alter the karma and save us. Without following the words of Guru, it is meaning less to blame God saying he didn't help in life to over come the problems.
You created all problems/karma in life, it's not intelligent to blame God. If we follow the words of Guru then we have exemption from our karma.
As God follows law-order, if you approach him, he will not violate the laws enforced by him. Guru is like a mother who save/protect you from your karma to realize god. Who ever its, whatever the status he has in society, if he has Grace of Guru only then he great person. Guru is sath sath para brahma. There is nothing else to say. There is no alternative explanation needed for Gurur brahmaa gurur vishnuh
Gurur devo maheshvarah Gurur saakshaat parabrahma. if we surrender to Good Guru we can overcome the cycle of birth-death.

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