Saturday, July 21, 2018

Value of Guru

  1. Even if the Guru is wrong, if your devotion is there you can never go wrong.
  2. The Guru Tattva is placed even higher than Lord Shiva Himself! 
  3. What are the benefits of having the Guru in life?  When you consciously acknowledge the Guru, that is when you learn more. You also might have experienced, that in life sometimes you feel stuck and the Guru’s presence moves you through, so that you don’t get stuck. Events, situations, concepts can all make one feel stuck. Firstly, one does not even know that one is stuck. Guru’s presence makes you realize that you are stuck, and helps you move.
  4. Moving from where we are stuck to having the flow in life towards its ultimate goal is the second benefit of having a Guru.
  5. The Guru principle or Guru-tattva will give you that which is good for you and not everything that you want.
  6.   Guru does not let you remain in an illusory world but helps you wake up and look at what is the ultimate reality of the universe. That is freedom or liberation.
  7. Self-effort is only in the conscious mind. For the subconscious mind you cannot put an effort. You need someone else or some other higher power to influence that. In fact to turn the unconscious mind into the super-conscious mind one definitely needs help and therefore nature has provided tradition of masters
  8. There are some who are very sensible but not sensitive and there are some who are very sensitive but not sensible. That wisdom which brings the balance in life is the Guru principle.
  9. Guru is essential. Leading from darkness to light, from known to unknown
  10. Guru expects nothing from you, except your well being and progress in path.
  11. Guru does not stuff knowledge to you, but kindles life force in you.

by Sri Sri

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