Saturday, July 21, 2018

value of Guru 2

Guru suggests – gu means darkness, ru means dispeller – dispelling darkness. How to dispel darkness? You cannot kick the darkness out of a place because darkness is not an existence by itself. Darkness is absence of light. We value light for the clarity that it brings us. 

The reason why there has always been so much importance and stress on a Guru is that without a Guru, you cannot transform yourself. It is possible to work towards what you know, but how can you transform yourself into something that you don’t know?

Guru is not a person, but a certain possibility. It is not that only certain people get access to this possibility. Everyone may not have access to the person, but anyone who truly longs, always has access to this energy.

Being with a Master is never comfortable because he will break all your limitations and ideologies. Knowing the person or having access to the person can be on many levels. Having access to the possibility is only because of the longing that one may have. 

 If you really want to make use of a Guru’s Presence, you must be willing to allow that Presence to overwhelm you, to overpower you, to destroy you in one way. At least for those few moments that you are with him, you should no longer be yourself. What you consider yourself to be, should be absent in his Presence.

A Guru creates his personality in such a way that people don’t know whether to love it or to hate it…

That which is not in your experience cannot be taught to you intellectually. To take a person from one dimension of experience to another dimension of experience, you need a device which is of a higher level of intensity and energy. That device is what we call as Guru. The Guru-shishya relationship is on an energy basis. A Guru is touching you in a dimension where no one else can touch you. There are many ways to move your energies to Ajna. But from Ajna to Sahasrar, there is no particular way to do anything. It is just a jump. It is because of this that the Guru-shishya relationship has been held as the most sacred relationship in this culture. If you have to take this jump, you need deep trust – otherwise, it is not possible.

~ Sadguru

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