Saturday, July 21, 2018

Value of Guru - Adi shankara

Body is handsome, wife is attractive, fame spread far and wide, 

wealth enormous and stable like Mount Meru; 

but of what consequence are all these, 

if the mind is not riveted in devotion to the lotus feet of Guru? 

Really of what use is all this, what use, what use?

Wife, wealth, son, grandson, and the like, house, relations, 
even if all these are there fate is certain, of what consequence is 
one’s life if his mind is not devoted to the feet of Guru? 
Ascertain, what use is any possession, person or object? 
Of what use, of what use, of what use indeed?

All the Vedas are mastered and ever present on the lips; likewise, knowledge of all the sciences is well gained. he ability to write prose or verse is also present. Even then, of what ultimate benefit is all this, if one’s mind does not devoutly rest on the feet of Guru? By whose grace along can one’s soul be liberated? Of what use, of what use, of what use indeed?
I am honoured well even in far off places, held in high esteem in my own locality; in good conduct and noble deeds there is no one to excel me. If one has occasion to think like this, of what avail is it if the mind is not steeped in devotion and humility towards the feet of the Guru from whom alone can flow wisdom and immortality?

Your feet may be worshipped constantly even by the great kings and emperors of the world for reason of your greatness and scholarship; but of what real consequence is that if the mind is not graced by the blessing of unflinching devotion to the Guru, by whose loving ‘touch’ alone can redemption and peace be realized?

Of what avail if one has enough merits to think my fame has already spread in several places due to my unique generosity and a result, all things of the world stand within my easy reach? For, the virtue and quality that count ultimately is only one’s unflinching loyalty and devotion towards the Guru whose blessings are the ultimate factor for realization of Truth by a devoted seeker.

The mind may have turned away from external delights through dispassion and from attainments like Yogic concentration, possessions like horses and the like, the enchanting face of the beloved, in short, the entire wealth of the earth; yet it will be of no real merit if the mind is not absorbed in piety and devotion to the feet of Guru. Bereft of this devotion, of what benefit is anything, of what benefit, of what benefit?

Even if I find in my possession precious stones or pearls and well decorated and dressed lovable bride, yet if my mind is not absorbed in devotion to the lotus feet of the Guru, of what use is any other possession?

The mind may have lost its charm to live in forests, and likewise in the house; may have lost all desire to achieve whatever; even the concern for the body’s welfare may have been outlived; the most invaluable treasure of the world may not hold any allurement. Even then, of what avail are all these if the supreme devotion to the Guru is not held by the aspirant? Determine, of what use? of what use?


Guru Ashtakam 

Whoever reads, studies and recites this Ashtaka on Guru and remains devoted and attentive to the sayings of the Guru, he, no matter if he is a holy person, ascetic, king, neophyte, or householder, attains his coveted object, namely the supreme abode of Brahman, the unassailable seat of immortality.

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