Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to open 1008 petal lotus ?

Eye is the entry to self.

Arutprakaasa vallalar has preached how, what a man should from the morning
to evening in the title 'Nithya Karma Vithi'.

If one removes the dirt/shit in the body then he can live a healthy life!? if one removes the dirt/sin
from the mind he can live a deathless life!?

The dirt in our body, is the phlegm that is present in the top of our head sharsadara(crown chakra).
This can be removed only by people who are doing davam/penance. If we remove this, the idle brain
will start working.

The only way to remove the phlegm from the head is doing davam(penance)! We need to get
preaching from the guru and realize the light present in the Mei Porul(truth) the Thiruvadi - holy feet of god - our eyes. We have do davam(penance) by thinking,realizaing the light present in the eyes.

Pure heat will be generated in the eyes. That pure heat will travel towards the place AGNI(place of soul) using the internal naadis.

From there it will traverse towards sahasradara. When pure heat increases, phlegm frozen in our top of the head for long time will get melted with this heat.  It will come out through nose and throat. Depending on the phlegm present in the head, one has to do penance vigorously.

"Davam seivaarkku avam oru naalumillai" - One who does penance will never have problem.

The penance that we do, the gnana heat generated through our eyes will reach sharsadara, due to the heat the phlegm will melt and come down. This is inner experience.

When the phlegm present in the head, the brain will have light vibration, (non working part) start functioning progressivly. Phlegm covered brain will loose the weight and start bloom like a flower.

The closed lotus petals will start opening/blooming. Since the brain is 1008 small parts its called as
1008 petal lotus.

The pure light, golden light emerges and shines, vallalar calls it as 1008 golden temple.

For all human beings the golden temple present in the head will exhibit  the light without any differences. The light is called ARUTPERUNJOTHI. If one has divine vision of Arutperumjothi,he will attain deathlessness.

We took so many births.  Here after we should avoid the play of karma that
will give birth again! With this birth we have to search the way to not to take another birth.

Lets realize the light present in the eyes and enhance ourselves. Come here people of this world!!!!!

Gnana sarguru  Sivaselvaraj
Thanga Jothi Gnana sabai  (Golden light gnana sabai)

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