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What is death? How to prevent it?

When the birth taken by the soul ends we call it as death.  If we call birth as the beginning then the death is the end.
This is law of the world!  This is the nature!
The movement of our body or machine comes to an end, it stops it functions.
Some people die within a few days of birth. Some foetuses are delivered dead.  Some die after a few years of the birth. Some die after many years of their birth.
Do all human die in the same way or at the same time?  Taking birth and dying are not in the same way. Why? We are human races, isn’t?
Differences are in the karma. Karma is the reason for the birth, similarly karma is reason for the death!?
Reason for death is aakanmiya karma! This karma accumulated after birth!
Human beings take birth due to praraptha karma, if the human start working towards self realization then aakanmiya karma will not exist. How?
This is called achievement of gnana!  Can the death be prevented!? How?
When the soul departs the body we call it as death isn’t it? If soul didn’t depart from body?
One needs to understand the nature of the soul present in the body.  The achievement is to realize the soul and make it stay in the body.
Why does the soul leave the body? If body is not eligible to hold the soul then the soul leaves the body.
Spoiling our body is the main reason. Aging is the natural reason and self destruction of the body is another reason!
If the quality of the body is spoiled then soul leaves the body.
If we maintain our body in a better way, based on the teachings of enlightened masters then body won’t get spoiled and hence the soul won’t depart.
The main reason for soul to leave the body is consuming            non-vegetarian foods like eating of fish, egg, flesh of animal and birds. It’s equivalent to paying money to approach death.
         Eating Non-vegetarian food is not applicable for human beings! Our digestive system is not designed to digest the non-vegetarian foods.
         The organs of the human beings are spoiled by eating non vegetarian food.  Soon our digestive system will get spoilt.  Death approaches the human very fast. 
         In the human body – the liver structure is not designed to process the non vegetarian food.  God has created our system to eat vegetables and fruits.
When one violates the rule of the creator and acts against the law of the nature, he will meet the death very soon.
“One who considers all souls (uyir) as his soul” becomes mahathma. He becomes eligible to attain god’s grace.
One who kills the soul for flesh is an animal!  One who eats the flesh is a mobile burial ground! All enlightened masters in this world advised us to love all living beings.  They appraised us only to show affection to other living beings.  They didn’t advise to cut and eat the flesh.
To prevent the death, as a first step one should start eating the vegetarian food. Vegetarian food is the food of human beings.
When a living being is killed, germs infect the body and spreads all over easily.  
If one consumes the flesh,  the germs spreads all over the body and becomes root cause for new diseases.
People never learn from the bad experience!?
Our body parts are so tender. Meat reduces the immunity in our body.  Body will become so hard.
 “Who slays naught,- flesh rejects- his feet before
all living things with clasped hands adore” – Thriukural.
We need to lead a classic life as stated by the saint Thiruvalluvar.
The next habit that welcomes the death is consuming alcohol and drugs.
A drunken man loses his character.  A drunk person is not a human being but an animal!
All types of drugs spoil the liver, pancreas and the intestine in our body.  It worsens the functions of the organs.
If the body gets damaged, the soul can’t stay in the body.  Somehow human beings became mad and their mind started wavering. People consuming alcohol, smoking, and drug addicts never survived and they never lived a life as human.
We see advertisements like, the family will get affected when one consumes alcohol.  Alcohol is not good for both family and nation.  After seeing this advertisement shouldn’t people their mind. Government properties the alcohol shops, shouldn’t change after seeing these advertisements?
Drunken, this name is suitable for many people!
If you one wants to overcome death, then one should bring his mind in evenness. Mind should surrender itself to the thiruvadi to become pure.
We should not leave the mind to travel in its way, if we want to stop it then it has to be fixed in the correct state.
When a person addicted to the drugs, it spoils the mind, destroys the intelligence and spoils the awareness, he will never attain prosperity in the life.
Gnana will happen when intelligence improved.  When one addicted to something which spoils and  deludes the intelligence, how he can overcome the death?
We have banal intelligence! Negligible intelligence!  Don’t we have to work on it to improve?  Are we going to destroy the existing intelligence?  
One who contemplates is the human!  If one person is not able to think and remains in the unconsciousness state, then that person is a zombie.
A drunken makes himself as a dead person with high velocity.
Smokers also welcome the cancer gradually.  
Innocent people follow the stupid people’s blabber that the drugs can lead to ecstasy. They started consuming it and spoil themselves. If consumption of narcotic substances increases then nervous system will become weak. Then the person will become mad.
Siddas and saadus emphasized human beings many times to lead a disciplined life.  No one attained gnana by consuming drugs.
If a man wants to live as human being, if he wants to overcome the death then he should not have any bad habits. This is the teaching of siddhas.
It’s a social status for younger generation to  have alcohol.  Society’s depravation starts here.  
All the ways are open for human beings to get spoiled.
Hey! Human! Behave like a human!?
“If one’s body dies, he is dead bysoul
Won’t attain Gnana effectively
I get to know the way to grow the body
I grow the body, grown the soul. “

This Thirumandiram recited by Thirumoolar is called as Tamil mantra. It’s called as Tamil veda. As recited by incomparable saint thirumoolar, we’ll live in a good path to grow the body, good character and grow our souls with immortality.

The next reason for death is lust.  A man with lust on woman and lives with sexual enjoyment will die soon. 
God is beyond one’s mind. Mind works on senses.One who lives in sensual pleasure will not attain god which is a heavenly bliss.  
The example for destruction due to lust on woman is the epic Ramayana.  Raavana lost the blissful life due to lust on woman.
Our epics and stories teaches us many lessons on this. We should have limited sensual delight.
We are living with woman, woman gave birth to us, and so we should renounce desire on woman.  This is intelligence!
One should not hate the woman! It was told to renounce desire on woman! One male should live with one female and vice versa! This is the culture of India.  Our culture! This is our way of living.
Woman dedicated her life to her husband; she dedicated her life to her husband!  Our holy land is known for woman living for her husband.
Sanathana dharma originated from our mother land which teaches the ways of living in this world.
“If not family life, it’s not right way of living”
“Live with one husband”  

This is the eminent and excellent discipline thought by lady saint Avvaiyar.
“Twice a day
  Twice a week
  Twice a month
  Twice a year”
If one lives in this way, he/she can live without diseases and lives without death, this is told by saints.

Excretion should be done twice a day.
Take oil bath twice a week.
Monthly twice one can have intercourse with spouse.
Yearly twice one should consume medicine to vomit.
If anyone follows this, he can live a physically healthy life for 100 years.

There are many teachings like this. Our ancestors have told many rules to avoid the diseases.
“One having a lustful looks at a woman, he will die.
One having a respectful look at woman he will attain gnana”

Our saints looked at women as their mothers.  Before attaining gnana they praised woman as vaalai kumarai-kanni. This is our culture.
How one can feel death?! There are 3 states faint-sleep-death. Fainting is when consciousness gets out of the track. Struggling of the soul leads to faintness.  For a very short time he becomes unconscious.
Sleep - This is time for our organs to take rest.  Soul becomes unconscious. It’s time to rest the soul in the middle of the body with very less consciousness.
Death is when soul no longer can stay in the body, it leaves the body. Is death in our hand!?  Can we stop it!?
We should be in a state where akanmya karma will not affect us, which is the root cause for death.  We should cautious enough to avoid the soul departing the body. 
God has kept our soul in a safe place in our body.  It’s intelligent to keep it safely at that place.
 Gnana is to make the soul to be there forever, and this is the achievement of gnana! This is the result of Davam!
Reason for taking birth is not to attain death! We took birth to overcome the death! That is called Gnana.
This is what is conveyed in Sanathana dharma. All human beings should work hard to avoid death.
Saint RamalingaVallalar says “One who sleeps and forgets to wake up” is a dead person.
In this world human beings run behind food. People live to eat, he earns money for that.  All human beings knowingly or unknowingly live to eat. Human beings take birth to eat. 
Without knowing the reason for the birth, human runs behind the food.  Face all the problems in the life and die!
“One should not die” is the teaching of siddhas.
“One who attains deathlessness” is sanmarkee.

- Gnana sarguru Sivaselvaraj
   Thanga Jothi Gnana sabai
   Kanniya kumari,

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