Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Significance of Guru

Oh! Man, don’t live in thoughts…!!
Learn to live in God.

ArutperumJothi ArutperumJothi
Thaniperungkarunai ArutperumJothi
May God bless you all..!                                      
May all living beings live happily by God’s Grace!

1.It is fully a waste of time in searching a product, when you came to know Where to get the products which you need the  most. Likewise, After you got the Sarguru, you should do penance and try to get reach the “Moksha” instead of letting your mind waving here and there.

2. Guru himself will search and reach the Sishya. It is not needed to search a Guru But one  should have a stronger and qualified mind to attain Guru.

3. Guru is the most essential person for one who do penance. If a child goes nearby a pond, his/her mother will protect his/her child from getting fall into the pond. Likewise, A Guru will always give right directions to his sishya but also protecting him carefully.

4. Even though, God is everywhere, there is a special being nearer to Guru. Likewise,     Although, Wind is everywhere, it can be felt comfortable only under the tree shadows.

5. Even though, Shit is destroying under the sun’s rays, Air is very important to remove its bad smell. Likewise, One who do lots of penance over various yugas ,Minddusts will be cleaned by the Guru only.. So  it is very important to be with the Guru and acquiring his blessings. Guru will shower his blessings over good and truthfull students.(Here to be with Guru means followings the instructions of Guru.)

6. The True Guru is our life experiences only. Sorrow is also a Guru that will make us to move near God.

7. One should have fear and devotion to Guru. And also one should feel Guru as his close relation. The relationship should be like a relation between Mother (Guru) and a Child. Even though, Mother beats up or reject her child, at that time also, the child will cling to mother only. Likewise, one should behave with Guru.

8. Your love to Guru itself, won’t clean your Mind dusts. Fear and devotion to Guru under the base of “Gnana” is essential. One should surrender his mind, soul and body towards Guru. Likewise one who have faith and subservience mind, their mind dusts will be cleaned.

9. SarGuru wants always his Sishya’s spiritual development. Guru is giving sufferings to sishya to clean sishya’s weakness.  Even though one didn’t do any mistake, Guru may put him in a situation he has done that mistake. So, One who don’t let his mind waving in that situation will get spiritual development.

10. A Chicken which was born by artificial methods will die, if it is under unfavourable food and weather but a natural chicken will live whatever food it has and whatever weather it may be. Like a Natural Chicken, a Sishya living with Guru will face any situation with a same courage. No worldly matter can slave him. One who lives with Guru will always have spiritual power within him. (Here living with Guru is following Guru’s instructions)

11. Sometimes, Sishya will get possessiveness with Guru that cannot go that much easily. Sishya will expect Guru should be more affectionate with him only, if it was not done, there may be persons who find faults with Guru and may leave Guru. Serving without expectation is the only way to attain Guru’s affection.

12. God’s anger will be changed. Even God won’t help you to neutral the sins made by scolding Guru.

13. Everyone has Guru and God within themselves. But Beginners need Guru outside. If you got Guru in human form after some spiritual development, you won’t need Guru outside. After that One who do penance can see any materials with its deep philosophy and can move forward. A boy in a initial stages doing his studies due to his fear on his mother and his teacher. After he gets an ambition in his life. He is studying without sleep, food and entertainment. Before his fear towards his teacher and mother is not his weakness. Feeling of Ambition makes his inside Guru awake.

14. Although, One who surrender himself to Guru, he won’t be accepted by Guru if he is unqualified. Like that, without Guru’s mercy, one can’t find Guru. One who wants to know God’s feet should have politeness and subservience within him. He only gets Guru’s blessings but one with Ego won’t get blessings of Guru.

15. A man can say ”Me and God are one ”.But, He can’t say “Me and Guru are one” .Because Guru only  reveals you “Who you are??”.Guru gets that pride so Sishya should behave according to this to Guru.

16. The mother Hen will protect its young ones which can’t fly under its feathers. Likewise a Sarguru is protecting his Sishya who surrenders to Guru and sometimes Guru will point the mistakes and correct even the small mistakes of Sishya . Guru never let his sishya to develop a small egoism in him. If ego arises a Guru may punish his Sishya severely to avoid development of Ego in his Sishya.

17. One who looks a Sculptor casting a metal through hammer hitting, may think sculptor as a violent man. And the metal may also think “there is no person has more violence than this Sculptor. But the sculptor always thinks about the outcome of the metal and do the hammer hitting carefully every time. A True Guru will be like a Sculptor only.

 18. The statement “There is no god” is equal to a man saying “speaking through his tongue I have no tongue”. God is residing as a tree in a seed and butter in milk. Like that God is in everything.

19. If we pray mind meltingly to God, God will come near to us 1 step forward. But if God notices selfishness in us, he will go 1000 steps backward from us.it is easy to get fall down to a well, but it looks very difficult to climbing up from a well.

20. A devotee can see God within a sculpture but atheist can’t and will say, we should respect the sculptor (who makes it) not the sculpture. Atheist are saying like that due to their ignorance over the God policies and philosophies of praying sculptures.

21. A mother will tell to a child,” Don’t go nearby pond and don’t touch the fire”. Without respecting her words if child get fall to the pond or caught in the fire. We can’t blame the mother.

22. A lazy people only do nothing by saying “Everything will be taken care by God”. God has given us the knowledge to do actions wisely. We don’t need to be given knowledge if  Everything is taken care by God.

23. If someone thinks” All actions are happening by God’s desire”. Then it means “God is only stimulating us to do wrong things” this point of view is wrong. If someone thinks that “I am doing” he is only the responsible for the outcome of that action not God. If we believe” God stimulates us to do wrong things” then we should also believe that the hanging on death punishment will be given by God for that actions. Is it possible for us??

24. If you don’t see the God, is it right saying there is no God? Here many of us won’t see our paternal grandfather then can you believe your father don’t have his father??

25. We should tell our worries to world Hero God only. We should share our worries to someone. We can’t live without a support and let the support be our World Hero God.

26. Today’s friend may become tomorrow’s enemy. A qualified friend to be believed and to be  refuged is only God.

27. If you believe God what the God gets purpose from that?? Sun never needs the light of a candle. Those who believe God will get purpose.

28. Those who caught in the fired house or those who caught in the river without knowing swimming. How they react to be alive like that also we should have the urge to see the “Atma form of God” in ourselves by coming out from the “maya” of thinking ours as this body.

29.If we can’t open the lock, we will go the lock-opener shop to open the lock. Likewise, if we want to open the locks of desire and hatred, we should go to God to open it.

30.”I am also having the same Atma that resides in every living beings here”. ”Everything in this world is within me” “Others worries and sorrows also belong to me”. Those who learns this things from penance become “Gnani”.

31. We can see a “whole Completedness” in a saint or sage or “Gnani” rather than other normal human beings. Their mind is not like our mind because they are fully living together with Nature Mother. Our All minds are connected within their mind. Avatars are having great minds in them. They are simply being away from these two darks pure-impure and happy-sorrow. Avatars are incarnation of God.

32. Jesus was dead-locked on the cross. Lord Krishna was killed by an Archer. All these are 
happened with their permissions only. Without their permission no one even can’t go besides them. They can even fire those who approached to attack against them. But they did not, because they came here to guide us and to teach sacrifice.

33. Brown dhoti is a symbol of fire. Those who fired the body senses are eligible for wearing brown dhoti.

34. Knowing religious “Sasthras” only cannot make you to get divine wisdom. Medicine is bought to cure diseases. If we read the instructions of taking medicine itself won’t cure the disease. To cure disease you should take medicine. Likewise, Doing Penance is essential to get divine wisdom rather than knowing “Sasthras”.

35.Those who spend time in reading all “sasthra” without doing penance is like trying to live in a map of a house which is going to be built. Doing Penance is essential to get divine wisdom.

36. If we do reading “sashtras” all time, we can’t do penance. We will get desire to teach others ”I am the supreme God” ”So I don’t need penance” these thoughts will be generated in us. If we try to do penance, Mind will distract us from doing penance.

37.There is no use of reading “sashtras” a whole lifetime. No one eats a sack of sugar to know the taste of sugar. It’s enough to taste a small amount of sugar.

38. If a grain in barn thinks like “Everything is within me “,”I won’t bow to sand to grow”. If it is not sowed it losts the opportunity of growing and producing lot of seeds that will be useful for others. But it is eaten by a rat in the barn itself. One who only has knowledge of “Sashtras” be like a grain in the barn. How they can use that knowledge in a proper way without penance?? Like a parrot they can say that ”I am the Supreme God” ”I am the Supreme God” only but of no use.

39. A wound will be put medicine only after cleaning the wounded areas otherwise it can’t be cured. Likewise firstly, we should clear Our Ego by devotion to God and then we should make divine wisdom there. Then only we attain Spiritual development.

40. Butter won’t get spoiled when it is melted to Ghee. If Butter denies to melt into Ghee with that Ego “I am Butter”, it will be spoiled .Likewise our mind should be melted with devotion. The devotion can melt and clean our Ego and Mind dusts from us.  

41. Our Mind – a thief is always waiting for a right moment to slave us.

42. If you get a ticket from a conductor itself is not enough. You should keep safe the ticket and should be shown to the ticket-checker if he checks unless you will be got down from the bus. Likewise, Getting “Upadesam” and “Deetsai” itself is not enough. You should do penance and do follow the instructions of Guru to attain spiritual ambition.

43. Even though, we give lots of food and love to the cat. It will steal something when we unnoticed. Mind is also like a cat.

44. With patience, One can live a spiritual life.

45. A chair won’t blame anyone when any number of humans is sitting on it. Likewise, one should maintain patience when any number of human is showing anger to them and should learn to forgive them .Orelse,There is no use of doing penance.

46. Ego starts from desire and selfishness. It is not happening default but created by us.

47. Without controlling the taste of tongue, we can’t feel the taste of heart (spiritual experience).

48. Our patience is well examined when we are waiting for a meal.

49. Spider creates a web and reside there. It never go for searching food and the insects (food) caught themselves in the web.

50. One who do penance should not cry for the worldly mortal things. He should cry for God through lotus feet of God.

51. One couldn’t cross a small river. How can he going to cross an ocean??

52. One who cleans his mind dusts through his tears. He can only smile from the heart. Then only he can get true happiness.

 53. Every living being has Lotus feet of God. But it will shine only through penance.

54. We have both Lotus feet of God and Worldly mortal matters. If we choose Lotus feet of God, we can live happily.

55. Those who felt Lotus feet of God through spiritual experience, this whole world becomes his asset. Then he can experience “everything in this world” is within him.

56. A small child without dress do not make any wrong feeling in our mind .Like that, we should try to see everyone in this point of view. Everything depends upon our mind.

57. We should talk to others about spiritual matters only, if they interested, they will listen otherwise they may get away. We don’t waste our time.

58. A son wants to study M.B.B.S abroad, but his parents did not allow him to study abroad. Without their permission, he studied and became a doctor .He can now save thousands of lives from death and even his parents. Through his selfishness, the world will get good purpose from him. This is not a mistake.

59. If we fall down to a pit, we don’t blame our eyes like “you didn’t guide me well”. We are tolerating our mistakes of eyes. Likewise, we should tolerate other’s mistakes and should show mercy to them.

60. Guru only can clean our bad nature or we should have good “samaskaras” from the birth itself. A fox will think that” here after I won’t howl on seeing dog”. But seeing dog it will forget and will howl at that time. Our nature is also like that only.

61. Bad nature don’t go anywhere. It can be cleaned by our good thoughts.

62. Oh my dear Childrens, “God is wholecompletedly existing within everything in this world, in a nice cool wind blowing, in the sky,in the moon’s light. The Human species ambition is to know and experience the God only. Get away from all the worldly mortal matters and spread the spiritualism to everywhere in this world”

Do Donation..!!                                                                                                    Do Penance..!!

                  Be polite to Guru..! Open your eyes…! Do nothing and be there…!

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