Thursday, July 9, 2015

Understand about the Eyes

Eyes are the most non­ bodily part in the human body, the least bodily. 
If matter can become non­matter, then such is the case with eyes. Eyes are material, but simultaneously they are also non­ material. 

Eyes are a meeting point of you and your body.
Nowhere else in the body is the meeting so deep.
The human body and you are much separated, a great distance is there. 

But at the point of the eyes you are nearest to your body and the body is nearest to
you. That is why eyes can be used for the inner journey. A single jump from the eyes can lead you to the source. That is not possible from the hand, not possible from the heart, not possible from anywhere else in the body. From elsewhere you will have to travel long; the distance is great. But from the eyes a single step is enough to enter into yourself. That is why eyes have been used continuously in religious yogic and tantric practices.

The first reason is because you are nearest from there. That is why, if you know how to look into someone’s eyes, you can look into his depths. He is there. He is not so present anywhere else in the body, but if you can look into his eyes you will find him there. It is a difficult art to look into someone else’s eyes, and it comes to you only when you have taken a jump from your own eyes within; otherwise you cannot look. If you have not looked within beyond your own eyes, you cannot have a look into someone else’s eyes. But if you know how to look into the eyes, you can touch the depth of the person.

That is why only in love can you look straight and stare into another’s eyes. Otherwise, if you stare into someone’s eyes he will feel offended. You are trespassing; this is a trespass. You can look at the body ­ there is no trespass. But the moment you stare into somebody’s eyes, you are trespassing his
individuality, you are trespassing his individual freedom, you are entering him without any invitation. 

That is why there is a limit, and now the limit can be measured. At the most you can be allowed to look for three seconds. You can be allowed just a casual look and then you have to move your eyes; otherwise the other will feel offended. This is violent, because you can have a glimpse of his inner secrets, and that cannot be allowed. - - Osho

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