Sunday, August 2, 2015

Windows into reality, windows into God.

The art of cleansing your eyes. the art of dropping the dust that has gathered on the mirror of your consciousness. It is natural, dust gathers.

Man has been traveling and traveling for thousands of lives – dust gathers.

We are all travelers, much dust has gathered – so much so that the mirror has completely disappeared.

There is only dust upon dust, layers and layers of dust, and you cannot see the mirror.

But the mirror is still there – it cannot be lost, because it is your very nature.

If it can be lost then it will not be your nature.

It is not that you have a mirror: you ARE the mirror. The traveler is the mirror – he cannot lose it, he can only forget it. At the most, forgetfulness.

Again the religions are against the senses. They try to dull the senses and sensitivity. And the senses are your doors of perception, the senses are the windows into reality.

What is your eye? What are your ears? What is your nose? Windows into reality, windows into God.

If you see rightly, you will see God everywhere. So eyes have not to be closed, eyes have to be opened rightly. Eyes have not to be destroyed. Ears have not to be destroyed because all these sounds are divine.


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