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Quotes of Gnana sarguru sivaselvarj

Sathya gnana sabai is the temple of self realization established by vallalar.
Sirsabai and Porsabai in either side of sathya gnana sabai  is our eyes.
Real guru is one who explain the secret  where all our five senses subdue(adakkam)

Where is athma located? its present at the center of head as divine flame.
Don't we need to know the path to realize the Athma.

To do penance/Thavam one need not leave the family and goto forest.
No need to roam the world by wearing kaavi (Saffron) dress with beard and utraksha .
Marriage is not the obstacle for mukthi. You can start you peance now in your current status.

God is within you. Dont search him in outside temples, mountains and lakes.
One who does penance should eat only veg food. Should not starve for food.
He should eat minimal required food.

Siva destroys the tiripura means the Penance on Lotus feet.
Kaama (Lust)- Maaya (illusion) - ego are the three shits are the Thiripura.a

Why we fondle(konju-tamil) as kanne?
Male lovers calls his better half as Kanne?
Husband calls wife as Kanne?  (I think first three line can be removed as it is more relevant in Tamil)

We fall in the feet of elders and keep the hand in eyes?
In temple aradhana we pray the aarthi and keep hand in our eyes?
Bettle leaf and paaku in temple?
Coconut given for God has three eyes?
- eyes are lotus feet/padakamala of God

God is beyond the Body and mind.
Silence/mouna is the language of God.
One who destroyed the form of mind can realize and reach the God-ArutperumJothi.
Medicine for the birth-death disease is Divine light present in the eyes.
How to do Davam-meditation? It is not chating of mantras, not doing pooja
Not  doing yagna(yagam), Not doing pranayama or other yoga.
Its not troubling the body by any means. Davam/Penance means keeping our mind always in the divine consiousness/sensation got in the pupil of the eye through Deekshai from a Guru and doing nothing.

Bakthi yoga, Karma yoga, Raja Yoga are steps to obtain Gnana.
To obtain Gnana one should know sanathana dharma (Should Live a Compassionate, Virtuous and moral life).

Saivites praised God as Siva
vasinavites praised God as narayana
Like this Muslims, chiritstinas sikhs and jains praised with different names of ONE God - Divine Jyothi.
Gnana is to  realize this one God that is as Divine light.

There is a way  to live a blissful-prosperous life and realize God.
Do meditaion where the mind subdues easily.  Its our eyes where karmic accumulation present as veil.
Our mind orginates from the karmic veils present in Sukshuma in the eyes. Peance is not to allow the mind go out of eyes and make it to stay there. Mind subdue in its orgin easily. "Summa iru" (Doing Nothing and Just being in the divine light of the eyes) is the peance.  
Divine light present in our eyes is the Kundalini sakthi. This the divine secret.

Meditation at Pada kamala should not be done with eyes closed.
Our two eyes should be purified and opened along with the third eye.
Seek a gnan sarguru to obtain Thiruvadi upadesa/preaching.
Obtain deeksha and do penance with eyes open. To cross the samsara sakara stay with eyes open and with consciousness in the eyes.

In 24hrs of the day, we think about many things not related to us.
But we dont spend time to know athma which is resonsible for functioning of Body.
Then that day becomes useless.

Without Guru Grace one can never obtain Grace of God.
Disciple has to follow the Words of Guru as Veda.
Surrendering to Guru, Doing service to Guru is easy way for mukthi.

God is one -  This is accepted/preached  by all the relegions, siddhas/enlightened masters
God is one and he is experianced as of Jothi. He is within us a Athma.
Without him nothing happens in this world. This is the truth accepted everyone.
God - Vast grace light -  Omnipotent God is present in our body as tiny jothi.
This is the truth that needs to be realized by all human beings in this world.

You have father and mother in this world. Have you ever thought a Guru?
Only through Guru you can see and realize the God. Guru is para brahma.

From childhood you learned everything from others. They are not Guru.
Guru explains Who You Are?  He initiates(deeksha) you to realize  you self.
Search for a Guru who can Give Deeksha in Pada kamala.

God is not hidden from us.
Our karmic accumulation seperates us from God.
If we do penance/meditation on Lotus feet(pada kamala)
we can get rid of our karma then God will express from within.
Then we can live in bliss.

"The purusha, who is of the size of a thumb, resides in the body.
The purusha who is the size of a thumb is a light (jyoti) without smoke."
 Katha Upanishad (1.12-13)
In Katha Upanishad (1.12-13) answer by Lord Yama (God of Death) to Nachiketa is "God is present in our body in the place which can be measured in our thumbs.
In that place God is present in the form of smokeless divine flame!?"

Two things have to be noted here.
1 he is in human body
2 he resides within us as smokeless divine flame.

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