Monday, April 30, 2012

Who am I? (Body or Mind or Soul)

                   --Thiruvadi Theekshai - Holy feet initiation --

Arutpernjothi Arutpernjothi Thani perum karunai!!

When we were fetus in mother womb, we were small in size. We took food from mother's womb. After we take birth we have food from mother earth.

We grow our body by eating food/fruits/vegetables. We convert food to our human body. Cells / blood/ tissues/bones/nerves are created by the food and other five elements we eat. We have a potential to convert food to human. If food was out side(not eaten), making human body is impossible task. Have we ever thought about that great potential? Ignored it? Take it for granted?

We learn everything from others. After birth mother tells who is father/mother/relatives.. Parents feeds many other information. Friends feed what they know from others. Teachers give many knowledge about this world. What ever stored in us act as mind. Mind acts through our five senses. Our mind act based on the information stored. Five senses are eyes,ear,tongue,nose,skin.

Body is built by us, mind works based on the information within us.These two are our TOOLS. We have home/money/Car. Similarly we have body and mind. Is it not?

We are identifying others and our self with body and mind. Body and mind are our tools. We identify others with their tool.

Is it not a false/wrong life we are living?

Science says our body cells completely becomes new every ~7 years. Mind also keeps changing.We struggle our life with tools that are not permanent. Then what is permanent in this world? We eat sleep reproduce like animals.

We are not body and mind. Then who are we? We are The SOUL/Spirit/Athma. In Tamil its called as UYIR.There are many names give to SELF. We should not get confused.

But we have not experienced it, we experience our self as body and mind.

Soul is the one which convert food/air/water/.. to human body. It takes care to create all cells(blood,bone,nerve,...) in our body. Even in our sleep it takes care of the body with perfection. We have great potential within. But have we ever thought of it?

Souls can't be destroyed. Its a permanent one. Should not we realize that?

Soul is responsible for  Creation  Maintenance destruction of cells and many more activities.

In Hindu tradition we call it as BRAHMA VISHNU SIVAN. All are in our body. But we are searching this outside temples. Should n't we turn inward to see them?

If one dies, body lies in the ground, soul departs. "People say he left only body is lying here. Bury it". When condition of the body gets worse soul quits the body. We can't live in a home that's in very bad state. We look for some other house.Should not we know self before this death? Saints say it rare, very rare to attain the human birth.

We always look out side, that's what is taught to us. From our childhood we are taught to study well in school, get good marks and earn more money. Life was aligned to money/material. Though its important for the life, we made it as our life. Priority was given only for money.

No one has taught us to find who we are. We don't allow the children to ask these kinds of questions. Its very sad. We don't know that all suffering in life is due to lack of this knowledge.

Now we understood I'm Soul/Athma/Spirit. But we are not able to realize/experience that. Why?

We lived our life by looking outside and accumulated many things using mind. They all got stored in us. When we turn inward accumulations stored in us make us to look outside.We call these accumulations as KARMA(action). All sufferings in the life is because of the karmic accumulation.

Every one in this world want to live a happy life! How it will happen? By eating, drinking, sleep or sex? These are temporary. The end result is suffering. It is not everlasting and not infinite and considered to be very negligible when compared with divine bliss. Only realizing self will give infinite pleasure.

To live a happy life one should clear this karma first. How to clear that? Is there a way?  Is it possible?


One should know what Ramalinga vallalar done for people of this world.

In Vadalore(200 Kms from chennai, 30 Kms from Chidambaram, 106 kms from Thiruvannamalai)
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Ramalinga vallalar established a temple called Sathya Gnana Sabai. It is called as spiritual temple for this world. He built a temple to represent God as such. Unlike other temples,   Sathya Gnana Sabai symbolizes the body, soul and karma. There is a Lamp/Jothi inside the temple. 

There are 7 screens before the Jothi.
Temple       -  Body
7 screens    -  Karma, Maya, Ego
Lamp/Jothi  -  Soul.

One has to open the door - Thiruvadi/Holy feet of this temple-body, remove all seven screens to
see the Jothi/Soul.

Now we don't know how to do that. From childhood we always learn from others. If we don't know physics we ask physics teacher. If we don't know how to prepare food we ask mother. Same we need to take help from someone who knows this. Find someone who is having this as experience. Vallalar advised people to 
seek a perfect teacher and get the center of the eyes(pupil) opened.

That 'someone' is called GURU.  He is spiritual teacher.

MATHA(mother) PITHA(father) GURU(teacher) Deivam(God). We know father and mother, next
step is to surrender to Guru and realize the soul/spirit and God.

When we have karma(impure) God won't let us near to him. We should do THAVAM/Penance with help of Guru to clear the karma. Once karma is cleaned we are eligible to see our self and God.

VEDAM/KURAN/BIBLE/BAGAVATHGEETHA and many other scriptures says God is light.

RAMAMLINGA VALLALAR says God as Arut-perun-jothi. A vast - grace - light.  Our soul is a tiny bit of that vast light. A small jothi.

Only after realizing the soul we can see the God. Till that time God is an imagination.

To realize self, we should know where is soul in our body.

God being compassionate on his children has kept the soul in a safe place.  Where?

As per the songs of siddhas, experienced masters and saints, head is the most important part of our body. All five senses are in our head. The head is the safe place covered with skull. Soul is present in head. Soul is in the meeting point of five senses in our head. Our five senses are the ways to interact with the world. These are doors in our body.

Since soul is a tiny light in center of head and expressed in one of our five senses. we have to use a sense that is related to light. What is that sense?


The light of the soul is expressed in our eye. The pupil of eye has a tiny hole. We need to open the blocked hole with help of GURU.

There are 4 steps in spirituality.

SARIYAI      - Going to holy places.
KRIYAI        - Chant Matras/Holy words
YOGAM       - Breathing exercises, yoga ....
GNANAM.   - Knowing god through self.

In first three steps above we'll use mind. All the activities happens using the mind. The last and final step Gnanam we should not use the mind!  What to do with the mind? Surrender the mind to holy feet of God. 
Its called pupil of eyes. Is it possible to surrender?  Yes! Its possible after we take holy feet initiation from the Guru. 

When our mind start working, karma will keep increasing. So we should stop the mind. So one should meet the guru get initiated for self realization. Guru will guide us with compassion.

This is technique was followed by Siddhas/Saints.

This initiation is called THIRUVADI/HOLY FEET THEKSHAI.


Once initiated from guru, we should DO NOTHING(SUMMA IRU -Tamil), surrender the mind in the holy feet of God. EYES!!! Do Thavam with determination. Karma will get cleared by the pure heat generated. Tears will flow like a river and drenches the body.  This what vallalar told in the song Gnana Sariyai.

There are 7 layers before the soul. Vallalar represented this in VADALORE TEMPLE(sathya gnana sabai) as 7 screens. All 7 layers has to be destroyed by penance. The light in the eyes travels and reaches the soul.
All 72000 naadis are opened and purified with the pure heat of Thavam(meditation).  1008 petal lotus blooms in the brain. Bliss! Bliss! 

Significance of Guru. 
Guru brahmaa 
Guru vishnuh
Guru devo maheshvarah
Guru saakshaat para-brahma tasmai shree gurave namah

Guru is parabrahma. Para-brahma is Vast grace light.

Guru being with us, helps to clean all the karmas. Only we need to do is DO NOTHING(SUMMA IRU). Every thing will happen in suksuma.

When God appears before you, first thank the guru, then thank God. If you were not clean God will not
come near to you. Guru's work is incomparable.

Take bath in the meeting point of three oceans in Kanniya Kumari. Pray vallai - Bagavathi amman(mother of all souls). Meet guru on or before 9 am on any day with prior appointment, obtain upadesam(preaching) Thiruvadi Deeskhai(Initiation). 

Contact GURU: More details are available at our website. 

Be blessed by Vallalar.


  1. Wonderful ... He also:

  2. What gurus like Nithyananda, Premananda etc! Stop giving glory to gurus. They are mortal men having everything similar to normal human beings. The Bible does not in anyway appreciate or exalt human but constantly reiterates that man is nothing more than dust. Gurus as mentioned by you are knowledgeable, they do their duty and leave. They DO NOT serve to be a stepping stone to access God. God is personal and does not require a third person like guru. I would recommend you to rethink your views and concentrate on God alone.

  3. If a mother is bad, we don't say all mothers are bad. But when it comes to Guru, bad reputation is applied to all Gurus.

    People generally don't think at all. They are influenced by media and preachers.

    In India NUNS are raped by fathers. Have people stopped going to church? Are all fathers in church are holy spirits? Are they eligible to do baptism? Holy water is holy when done by holy spirit.

    Bible and Qur'an says you can't talk directly god, one has to talk via prophet. Guru is similar to prophet. Gurus realized self and God. So we have to use them as stepping stone.

    There are many false prophets every where.

    Have you ever met a guru? How can you say guru is not required?

    It may be applicable for normal living(non spiritual people), if you want to know your spirit/soul you need a guru.

    There are many good things taught in bible. like....
    'Kingdom of god is within'

    Unless one turn spiritual, he/she can't understand requirement of guru.

    We and animals EAT/SLEEP/REPRODUCE. The difference is human can attain self/spirit/soul realization but animals can't. What life people are living now?

  4. Bible says...
    “I indeed baptize you in water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you in the Holy Spirit and in fire.”

    Ramalinga vallalar who attained highest possible state DEATHLESSNESS
    (made his body light) in spirituality. He gives the initiation via guru.

  5. I Completly agree with sivamjothi's view. Because one person we can't blame everyone. Even during jesus period so many false prophts were there.

    If one is true and sincere he will be definitely shown a good guru by the supreme lord as only through guru a man can reach the supreme lord.

    That is why lord use to send so many prophets during all times. If one belives in lord and is sincere he never needs to fear for any bad guy will deceive him.

  6. Dear Brother John, please come out of cocoon of a religion.

    India is specialized for spirituality.

    Being in India, you one should be ready to know complete knowledge about Spirituality. Don't read one book and come to a conclusion. The history says Jesus Christ had learnt spirituality from India.

    Unlike other saints Ramalinga vallalar says God is ONE. He says religions/caste/ashrams/... will not help to attain self and god realization.

  7. We should not discount our potentials nor give away our powers.

    Gurus are important/necessary for those who encounter difficulties finding their way to Source - the kingdom of God is here and now and within us. We are all small gods learning to reconnect to the Godhead.

    The word Religion comes from the root word religare, which means to tie together - that which puts together, binds - a reconnection. So religion is a tool that leads us back to Source through infinite paths/ways/journeys which of course can be accomplished with or without gurus depending on our timeline, light quotient ...

  8. We have not realized who we are! we don't know who we are! Only guru can help. Its not discriminating own power, but surrender to the greater source of power(guru) to clear the obstacle.

    One should know following
    who am i?
    where is soul?
    what is the way to realize that?
    what are the obstacles?
    How to clear?

    Without guru its very tough. it may take any number of births.

    From childhood, we have learnt all things from others.we don't know mother our self. we had learnt from our mother. Please think this deeply. we learnt from books, teacher.. nothing we know ourself. with this knowledge its tought to know new dimension ourself. we have to surrender to guru to know this. guru is one who experianced self and god.

    Though religion is first step. one should not get struck there.

    In current situations religions encourage violence. Relegions are theory. they don't have experience of god.

    Goal of human should be knowing self. What is the life we are living without knowing self?

  9. shall we know who was the guru for Vallalar?who was the guru for jesus?

  10. I dont know the guru of vallalar or jesus. Knowing that will not add value in seeking i think...


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