Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thai Poosam - 2013

1  Sathya Gnana Sabai : Is the temple built by Thiru Arutprakasha vallalar. 
2  This represents Body - Soul - Karma,Ego, Maya.
3. Body is the temple, Deepam/Light present in the temple is SOUL
4. Maya ego karma are seven screens.

The purpose of life is know self/soul

All seven screens are opened and jothi is shown. This happens in poosam Star each month.

On thai poosam day - you can see SUN=MOON=JOTHI in the temple in one line.  This is inner experience. On has to understand this and realize this.

So only way to know self is Eyes.  Eyes are HOLY FEET OF GOD. Get Thiruvadi Preaching and initiation from guru know the JOTHI in you.

Please visit Vadalore - Tamilnadu on 

Jan-25-26-27-28 dates for THAI(Tamil Month) Poosam.

If you are spiritual seeker its a must place to see at this time!!

This is the place where Ramalinga Vallalar lived and attained Deatheless life and light body.

Vallalar still lives as divine light.

Places to see in vadalore
1 Sathiya Gnana Sabai
2 Siddhi valagam. - Excellent place for people doing spiritual sadana.

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