Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Initiate for self realization - Vallalar

To know self(soul) one should surrender to a guru. With the knowledge and intelligence gathered by us,  its not possible to attain self realization. Only with help of guru one can attain that.

Visit Thanga Jothi Gnana sabai is located in Kanyakumari Tamilnadu. Guru Siva Selvaraj  initiating Thiruvadi deekshai to the disciples who wishes to realize self and god.

Thiruvadi initiation is given by Thiru Arutprakasha vallalar Ramalinga adigal. Guru is a tool for the great saint

Following are the steps one should do

1. Come to Kanyakumari.  via Nagercoil.
    From Chennai     650 Kms
    From Bangalore  660 Kms
    From Trivendram - 86 Kms
    From Nagercoil  - 15 Kms.

2. Take holy bath at junction of 3 oceans.  Its located behind  Bagavathi Amman temple

3.  Go to Bagavathi amman(vaalai) temple. Get blessings from mother of all souls Vaalai.

4.  Go to to gurus home.

Guru gives Thiruvadi Preaching/Upadesam.  Guru explains where is soul, what is the entry point, what are the obstacles, how to overcome?

Then as final step guru gives Thiruvadi initiation in the holy feet of god  in the EYES.

Once you get initiation you will be under the supervision of  Saint Ramalinga vallalar.

The knowledge given by guru has to be shared with all people. This is the wish of Vallalar. All people of
this world should know attain self realization and god realization. So share the value of self realization to as many people as possible. You will be blessed by vallalar.

You may need to spend 3-4 hrs at gurus home.

Guru lives with wife  and son 'Suyam Jothi'

Artuperunjothi Artuperunjothi
Thani perum karunai Artuperunjothi

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